Olaplex vs Pureology: Which of them Should You Choose?

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Olaplex has one of the best products out there if you’re looking to repair your hair bond. The product comes with a patented formula that’s very effective.

In fact, it’s so effective that many other companies try to copy the formula, which has resulted in a lot of conflict and lawsuits in the past few years. 

If Olaplex is that good, why look for alternatives in the likes of Pureology and more? Well, the Olaplex product is a little expensive. While it’s proven, not everyone can afford the product, especially considering that it’ll be done at a salon where they will charge their own. 

But is the Pureology shampoo as good? I don’t think so. But can it get the job done? Yes, possibly. 

Before concluding though, let’s compare both brands:

Olaplex vs Pureology: A Quick Comparison

Pureology helps in cleansing and moisturizing color-treated hair while Olaplex stabilizes the bond so that they don’t break down during the hair dye process.

If you want to protect your hair from damages from chemical services, it’s good to choose Olaplex.

Olaplex vs Pureology: Background Information

About Olaplex Hair Treatment 

If you struggle with hair breakage, dryness and dullness, Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment come to help you to restore your hair’s health.

This product has been scientifically proven to strengthen hair roots, make the fibers softer and shinier, and minimize frizz and breakage. Here is a closer overview of its features and properties.

1. Paraben-free and phosphate-free

Olaplex hair perfector has a safe composition that does not include paraben and phosphate. While they are safe for moderate use, paraben-containing haircare products can irritate the scalp and weaken the hair if used frequently.

Similarly, phosphate can dry the hair and fade its color. Having none of these compounds, Olaplex guarantees that you will not face these issues.

2. Repairs and strengthens the hair

Olaplex No 3 Treatment is specifically designed for people struggling with brittle and dry hair and even hair loss.

To prevent your weak fibers from breaking and falling, use this hair perfector to strengthen them and protect them from within. A couple of months of using it regularly will get your hair fully recovered, strong and healthy.

3. Prevents tangling

Tangling is a result of dry, coarse, and stiff hair.

Once applied to your locks, the Olaplex protector softens them and makes them more resilient and sleek. It minimizes the risk of unwanted tangles, and even if your hair gets knotted, you will find it extremely easy to untangle it.

4. Restores luster

You can also use this magic product to restore the natural luster of your hair. Improper hair care makes the hair dry, dull, and unattractive over time.

You want to switch to a high-quality hair treatment that nourishes your locks and improves their definition and visual appeal. Olaplex has the needed compounds to restore the healthy condition of your hair and make it splendidly shiny.

5. Perfect for all types of hair

Olaplex No 3 hair perfector features a universal haircare formula that tends to all types of hair. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, be sure this product will help to restore its vitality and beauty.

While it’s originally made for damaged hair, feel free to use it for maintenance purposes as well. Just make sure you don’t use it more often than recommended by the product’s instructions.

How to take it?

Use this product two to three times a week if your hair suffers severe breakage and dryness. If you want just to maintain your healthy hair, take Olaplex once a week. It will be enough to prevent your locks from becoming dull, dry, and weak.

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Pureology Hydrate Moisturizing Shampoo

The Pureology Hydrate Shampoo is formulated for those who dye their hair. It’s suitable for use on color-treated hair and comes in a formula packed with green tea, lavender, and patchouli.

It also comes with a conditioner that helps keep your hair moisturized and more manageable. The shampoo is sulfate-free, creamy and able to provide superior moisture to the hair.

The Jojoba content in the shampoo helps hydrate hair while green tea promotes a healthy scalp.

It has a generous lather, which means you’ll need to only use a little for more wash. You can use it on colored-treated hair and medium to thick dry hair. It’ll also help restore hair to its normal state from damage and frizz.

If you’re suffering from dry hair, then this product is suitable for you

Final Words on Choosing Olaplex or Pureology

There is a significant difference between Pureology and Olaplex. Olaplex, like other plexes, is designed to work on the structural components of hair bonds.

When they break down, Olaplex can help rejuvenate them and sustain them during a coloring process.

Pureology, on the other hand, makes shampoos, conditioners, and similar products that are used on a day-to-day basis for keeping the hair in tip-top condition.

As you can see, looking at both products should be more of a compliment than a comparison. You can use both products or go with one depending on whether you’re trying to maintain natural or permed hair.

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