Briogeo vs Olaplex: WHAT to Know Before Buying!

Damaged, thin, weak, brittle hair is too common. If you regularly color your hair or put it through chemical processes, you’re not safe from these hair issues. Fortunately, there are quite a number of treatments that can help resolve these issues. You can color your hair in peace and still enjoy smooth, shiny hair. Olaplex … Read more

Is Head and Shoulders Bad For Your Hair?

Over the course of years, Head and Shoulders shampoo has been rated as one of the best anti-dandruff hair products and it is renowned for keeping hair healthy and suiting a range of hair types. Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioner are products that are easy to incorporate into your self-care routine and online information … Read more

Is Conair A Good Brand?

Conair is an American company based in Stamford. It is a well-known and loved company for its quality, inexpensive personal care products, small appliances, and other beauty products for individuals and professionals, as well. However, the company is mostly renowned for its variety of hair-care products, including hair straighteners and flat irons. Is Conair a … Read more

Is Head and Shoulders a Good Brand? A Quick Guide

Is head and shoulders a good brand? Well, Head and Shoulders is a popular dandruff shampoo that has been on the market for decades. While it is still extremely popular, it does have a few drawbacks. However, it provides wonderful relief from itching, flaking, and irritation, the most common symptoms of dandruff, and also helps … Read more

Is Nexxus a Good Brand?

Nexxus is one of the leading brands in the beauty and personal care industry; they provide everything from hair care to skincare, Nexxus has been around for over 30-years. And their commitment to innovation and quality has not wavered. They are one of the higher-end brands for hair care, but that doesn’t mean that all … Read more

Can You Use Jergens Ultra Healing On Your Face?

When it comes to personal hygiene products, we’ve all had moments when we want to multipurpose a product that’s designed for a specific use. Many times it seems obvious that this can be done safely. But there’s always a slight level of discomfort that comes with possibly violating the manufacturer’s instructions. Jergens Ultra Healing cream … Read more

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