The Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri Hair Dryer [An In-depth Product Review]

If you’re like most women, you’d have bought many things for your hair. Shampoos, combs, relaxers, and a lot of other accessories.

If you take your hair beauty very important, you know that hair dryers are also a very important tool to have in your toolset. Aside from the fact that they help your hair dry faster, they also let you manage your hair easily.

One of these wonderful hair products is the Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri Hair Dryer. Why you might pay a lump sum for it, it’s an awesome hair investment that’ll stay with you for a very, very long time.

Therefore, if you’re a serious hair connoisseur, this item is a must-have.

Long gone are the days of the regular hard hat dryer which often needs books propped under it to get the height correct for use.

Or better yet, gone are the days when YOU had to stack up numerous couch pillows to sit on yourself in order to fit comfortably under the dryer!

The Pibbs Kwik Dri is a professional, salon dryer with an adjustable, standing arm that can be rolled around from place to place at the user’s leisure.

So what makes this hair dryer any better than other traditional hardhats/tabletop dryers? One word: performance.

A Quick Overview of the Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri Hair Dryer

Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri Hair DryerThe Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri Hair Dryer lives up to its name: Kwik Dri.

This is one of the reasons that these dryers are so popular in salons. The Pibbs Kwik Dri slashes drying times remarkably!

If you want to cut down on the time you spend in your deep conditioning sessions or anytime you want to dry your hair, then you need a powerful hairdryer.

And what powerful hairdryer there is other than the Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri Hair Dryer.

It comes with a sophisticated hood that’ll take a variety of roller sizes and will fit around the head and go deep into all sections of the hair once it’s on.

You can tilt the hood down, sideways, or up to make it easy when you’re drying. This makes it easy for you to dry under the unit.

You don’t need to twist too much under the Pibbs dryer to get good circulation. You certainly don’t need to rotate to avoid hot spots.

The Pibbs 514 is simply too powerful for that to happen. When working, the dryer keeps your hair under a blanket of gentle, warm heat from all angles and directions. This makes for superior drying performance.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll find a lot of great features in this unit.

Give the Pibbs Kwik Dri a try!

The Positives

1. Amazing Portability

The Pibbs Kwik Dri 514 hairdryer is a free-standing piece of salon equipment that features a rolling wheelbase.

These wheels allow the user to move the dryer comfortably to any place in the home and use any chair of any height the user wishes.

You can roll the Pibbs Kwik Dri into your office, up to your favorite chair in the living room, or even sit at the kitchen table under your Pibbs dryer. Try that with a standard hardhat dryer!

2. Heating and Drying Performance

Anyone who has ever sat under a traditional tabletop dryer knows that these dryers have “hot spots”. These are areas where the dryer blows super hot air and cool spots where the dryer barely circulates.

This uneven heating problem can cause inconsistent results, which can affect your determination to deep condition. With the Pibbs Kwik Dri, you shouldn’t experience such a problem.

This is because it comes with a high-powered fan with suction and blowing strength that’s extremely powerful. This should explain why you need to go under the hood with a hairnet

In fact, the manufacturer cautions anyone who’s using it against sitting under it with loose hair. And you’ll certainly not find any professional salon that’ll overlook that.

This shows how powerful the machine is. If you’re fascinated by the power of your hairdryer, this may be what you’re looking for.

What about the motor in the dryer? It’s mighty and robust. That’s why you’ll get a mini net with your purchase of the dryer. Without one, your hair will certainly be drawn up into the fan, which begets an unpleasant experience.

Adjustable Settings on the Pibbs 514 Salon Dryer

Another important feature worth considering is the adjustable setting. This should help you amplify the function of the unit so you can get appropriate performance for your hair type.

The Pibbs 514 Kwik comes with a temp setting of “cool 10 degrees” up to a “scalding hot 70 degree” with 10-degree increments.

There is a timer on the unit so you can take total control of your drying or deep conditioning experience.

Thus, with this model, you can start your drying session with hotter hair, and reduce the heat as your hair dries. However, it’s worth stating that you wouldn’t need to use the 70-degree or even the 60-degree temperature setting.

The 70-degree setting is extremely hot under the hood and you probably won’t last more than a few minutes. 60-degree is also very hot but manageable.

However, if you want moderate to fast results, you can get it below those two settings. While it’ll take a few more minutes, you’ll find it’s generally safer.

So, using the 50-degrees temperature setting is going to be an acceptable and comfortable temperature setting for most people.

Negative Aspects

Obviously, this article would be remiss without a section about this dryer’s negatives.

And though many love this dryer for the performance and quality, there are quite a few negatives associated with it that should be pointed out.

1. The Cost

In today’s economy, this is probably the number one barrier to overcome for those wishing to enjoy the Pibbs Kwik Dri experience. The Pibbs Kwik Dri is quite expensive, most likely because it is intended for commercial use in salons.

With a little research online, you can find reputable dealers and salons that sell the Pibbs for a lot less. You can probably get it under three hundred dollars.

While the price isn’t consistent in the mid-range, it’s wide in both extremes. You can get a five hundred model while there are some that are less than two hundred dollars.

When you’re buying, you need to consider the packaging too. The Pibbs shipment, when analyzed will be very large. That’s why good deals, especially lower-priced models, might not be so great after factoring in the shipping and handling.

But if you’re able to get the Pibbs Kwik Dri, you can expect it to be worth every penny. At least, it will save you money on trips to the salon. And you’re going to get the same results you’re looking for at the salon, right at home.

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want that. Moreover, if you want to become more disciplined over your deep conditioning regimen, this can help.

With everything right at home, getting your deep conditioning sessions is very easy. This unit makes it easy to follow your deep conditioning regimen faithfully.

So, if you’re after an effective piece of machinery, check out this unit.

2. Super-Large Rollers

This is probably not much of a problem for most of us.

But if you prefer to do an entire roller set on the coke-can sized black or dark purple rollers, you may find the hood to be a small fit. You can get a hard fit from a regular tabletop dryer instead.

If you want to go with the Pibbs Kwik Dri, you may want to add a few gray rollers to the set on the sides. This should help you get a good fit under the hood.

You can also lift the hood’s visor when you’re drying. This will provide more space under the hood for drying.

If you’re used to standard gray rollers or smaller sized rollers, you shouldn’t have any problem fitting your head under the hood. In fact, the hood is one of the largest you’ll find on a hairdryer.

3. Storage

The Pibbs Kwik Dryer is a true piece of equipment, and I am stopping just short of calling it a piece of furniture!

If you live in a small apartment, dorm room, or a crowded living area — finding a place to stash your Pibbs might prove challenging.

It’s most recommended for people who have enough real estate to place it. Without good space, you might not be able to exploit the unit to its full potential.

Fortunately, there are a lot of other hair dryers that are smaller. While they may not offer the same level of performance, you’ll find it easier to keep them in a convenient place to use easily.

Frequently Asked Questions on this Dryer

Is the Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri Hair Dryer Good for Deep Conditioning?

Yes. You can use this hair dryer for deep conditioning because it’s a great tool for anything you need to apply heat to. It’s a very powerful, salon-quality hair dryer that many people use to deep condition their hair.

When using it, you have to be careful about the heat setting. You need to be careful of using hotter temperatures like 60 or 70 as it can get very hot and hurt you.

If you want the best result, you should go with the medium heat. It should get your hair dried in 10-20 minutes.

Also, you should use a shower cap on your hair as it protects the hair from the heat. The wind in the unit can blow off the cap from the head, so be careful of that too.

Finally, ensure to use a hairnet over the plastic cap for a secured fit.

How Much Wattage is on this Dryer?

The Pibbs Kwik Dryer comes with 1100 watts as well as a timer control. It also comes with lots of other useful features like a thermostat, control warning light, and flip-top visor. All of these make drying or deep conditioning easy.

Is there a Cold/Cool Setting Option? Yes, the dryer comes with different temperature settings that you can adjust from 0 to 70 with 0 being very cold and 70 scorching hot.

When you’re using it, you’ll need to be systematic. You can’t use the lowest setting as it’ll take a very long time to dry your hair. But you also don’t want to use the highest setting so it doesn’t hurt you.

Is it Really Worth it?

Yes. It’s worth every penny. In fact, many other people want an answer to this question, since like any other problem at this price point, people want to know they can get back their investment’s worth.

It’s a piece of equipment you’re going to use for years. And in a few months’ time, you probably may have forgotten you spend such amount on the dryer.

Will I Have Problems Fitting Flexi Rods Under the Dryer?

You shouldn’t have any problems when fitting your rods under the dryer.

Even if they are 10-inches long, you should be able to fit them in easily, except if you’re a beginner. In that case, you can watch this video showing you how to fit the Flexi rods under the hood.

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The Alternatives

The Pibbs Kwik Dri also comes in another very popular model, the Pibbs 512 EZ Dryer. This machine is very similar in performance to the Pibbs Kwik Dri (514) but is a bit more cost-effective.

There are also other imitation standing/rolling dryers out there that some ladies have used with success, so, for those of you in search of a Pibbs alternative, these dryers might be a promising idea!

Some of the more affordable roll-about brands are the Pebco Pro Tools Dryer, the Hot Tools 1059, and Babyliss Standing Dryer.

Though I have no personal experience with those dryers, I would venture to guess that if they are anywhere near as effective as the Pibbs Kwik Dri-you would be good to go!

If the sole reason you’re looking at other models is the cost, you can also have a little patience until you can afford the Pibbs. Sometimes, just waiting and getting the best is much better. You get a performance upgrade.

The truth, however, is that every product has its pros and cons. As long as you do your homework before making a buying decision, you should be good.

Whether it is a Pibbs Kwik Dri or some other brand, I am sure that once you try a standing, adjustable height dryer, you will never use a tabletop hair dryer again.

Give the Pibbs Kwik Dri a try!

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