Pureplex vs Olaplex: Which Is Better?

Knockoff products have been a staple of Western capitalism for decades now, and you could make the argument that they go back a lot farther than that.

Given the success that Olaplex has had in the health care world and how expensive it is, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to come up with a duplicate product at a cheaper price.

Enter Pureplex and of course, the Pureplex vs Olaplex debate.

It’s a timeless back and forth about whether the knockoff can equal or outdo the original at a lower cost, so we’ll give you a breakdown and a final verdict to help you make your decision.

Pureplex vs Olaplex: Which Is Better?


The Pureplex name makes no bones about trying to mimic the success of Olaplex at a far lower price. It’s being branded as a “revolutionary hair repair system,” which is basically what Olaplex users consider Olaplex to be.

There are four products to the Pureplex system—a clarifying shampoo, a bond protecting treatment, a bond reconstructing treatment and a conditioner.

It’s designed to mimic Olaplex #4 and #5 by helping to repair chemically-treated hair that needs a resurrection.

So does it work?

Reviews are decidedly mixed, and the results can be summed up as “sort of, maybe, over time.”

It’s a pleasant shampoo and conditioning experience, and at less than half the price of Olaplex, it’s definitely a bargain if your hair care situation isn’t an out-and-out disaster.


Olaplex, meanwhile, stakes its reputation on a single active ingredient—Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate.

It’s designed to support and repair hair bonds that are damaged and broken, and Olaplex has been so successful that it’s inspired dozens of imitators.

The chink in the Olaplex armor is the price, which is what has allowed all these imitators to flourish. If you make a good product and do some great “we’re just like Olaplex!” marketing, you can steal some of Olaplex’s business.

The Decision

If you have a great product that uses a single ingredient to get outstanding results, it stands to reason that the knockoff products that lack that same ingredient won’t be as good.

That hasn’t stopped hopeful buyers from taking a stab at cheaper products like Pureplex, but you get what you pay for, and Olaplex is clearly the better product here, budgetary concerns notwithstanding.

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