Redken Cat vs Anti Snap: Which One Is Best for Damaged Hair?

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Want to read a rundown on Redken Cat vs Anti Snap so you can choose the best one? You’re on the right page.

If you’re like others, you probably want to know which of these two is better for repairing damaged hair.

Both Redken Cat and Anti Snap are from Redken. And while they might sound similar, they are very different, as you’ll see in the following paragraphs.

So, if you have damaged hair or are experiencing a lot of breakages, you may want to choose one of these two. In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about both products and which one is most suitable for your hair.

You’ll learn all the pros and cons of each one to make it easy for you to choose.

Without mincing words, let’s get into the comparison

Redken Cat vs Anti Snap – Which is Better for You?

Let’s go into a detailed review of each product so you can see what each can do and which one is the most suitable.

Redken Extreme Cat

Redken Cat vs Anti Snap
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This is Redken’s protein reconstructing treatment for treating damaged and distressed hair.

It’s designed to strengthen your hair strands, so they stand straight and do not fall out. It delivers ceramide, protein, and lipids to add internal strength to your hair.

Let’s see if it’s up to the task.

Helps You Maintain Good Hair and Health

The hair is every woman’s currency to win their husband or significant other. If it’s disheveled, then the result is a few raised eyebrows. As a result, everyone wants to keep their hair looking nice and glossy.

The Extreme Cat is a good way of keeping your hair strong, thick, and healthy. Because it penetrates the cortex, it’s able to add more body to your hair, thereby fortifying your hair and eliminating any possibility of falling out.

Although this isn’t a conditioner, it’s a reconstruction product.

What this means is that you can use it to regrow damaged hair or breakage. Many people think it’s a conditioner and so have a little different expectation.

However, this product is a hair strengthening treatment. It’s designed to take protein to the hair core and boost its shine and softness.

Because it’s able to restore the internal strength of the hair, it can help you prevent breakage and split ends.

Great for Post-Chemical Services

If you’re going to perm or color your hair, this product can be used before and after the treatment.

When used before the treatment, it strengthens your hair and helps prevent future damage to the hair. You can also use it after the treatment to keep your hair in good stead.

Great for Hair Fall Out

Do you remember when you have hair fall out? You start seeing hair on your clothing, car seat, cushion, car headrest, and so on.

Whether it’s stress or just after shampooing, you want something that can help you put a stop to that or even reduce it. With this spray, you can reduce the breakage and enjoy hairless clothing and hairless car seat, and so on.

Reasonably Priced

One great thing about this product is that it’s affordable. Compared to other paraben-free, sulfate, and all-natural protein reconstruction products out there, you’re likely getting a good deal.

Aside from being cheap, it’s sold by one of the best brands when it comes to hair care. Redken is a reputable brand and can be trusted.

And if that’s not enough, there are so many people who’ve used and loved the results they got from using this product.

If you’re buying at your local salon, it might be more expensive. However, buying online can save you some bucks. It’s a fact that buying online comes with discounts or you can grab some deals.

So, look around, especially on Amazon, before buying in your salon. This is important if you want to buy at an affordable price.

Great for Treating Breakage

There are a lot of products out there you can try when you need a good keratin product. But not all of them work or may be compatible.

The Redken Reconstructing Treatment, on the other hand, is tried, tested, and trusted. Many people have used it not only to prep their hair for chemical services but also to stop hair breakage.

It can recover your hair, make it feel thick, shiny, and healthy. If you have weakened hair, this is a nice product to try out.


  • It can prep the hair for perming and reduce the chances of future damage
  • Can help in eliminating split ends and breakage
  • It helps to recondition the hair and add the necessary strength that hair needs to boost the shine and softness
  • Lastly, it adds protein to the cortex so the hair becomes stronger


  • It’s poorly designed. This means it can be difficult to use when you have wet hair. This is a spray so getting a good grip when your hand is wet may be a bit uneasy. Before applying it, ensure you dry out your hand. Or if you have an ergonomically designed spray bottle, you can decant it into that and use it.
  • There is another possibility that it may cause damage to your hair. This is especially if you don’t use it according to instructions or it’s not compatible with your hair. The fact is that so many people have benefited and have nothing but rave reviews to write about it. So, ensure you understand what this product does and follow instructions properly when using it.


One of the ingredients of the Redken Reconstructing Treatment is Ceramide. This is an agent that’s known to strengthen the hair fibers.

And that will result in stronger hair that doesn’t fall out easily. It also contains 18-mea, which helps to protect your hair’s natural shine and leave it looking glossy.

No one wants to show dull, limp hair to friends or their significant others. So, if your hair is not making you excited, you may need a good treatment to send the dullness packing.

How Not to Use

Even if you misuse the best protein reconstruction product, it’ll have the opposite intended effect. So, excess use of this product can lead to hair becoming brittle and dry.

It can also cause further breakage if you’re already experiencing fallout. Therefore, it’s absolutely important that you follow instructions if you want to get the best result out of this product.

Also, it should not be used as a leave-in. It should only be used on your hair and left for 5 minutes. No more. It should be rinsed after that, as per the instructions. Doing this will give you the best results.

Redken Anti Snap

Redken Cat vs Anti Snap
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Compared to the Extreme Cat, the Redken Anti Snap is an award-winning leave-in treatment. What does this sound like to you? It means it’s worked for several other people and will likely work for you.

If you have split ends, damaged or limp hair, you might want to try this. It’s also a good treatment for hair that’s been ruined due to brushing.

Just like we did above, let’s look at some of the advantages of using this product.

Can Be Used As a Leave-in

The Redken Extreme Anti-Snap can be used as a leave-in treatment, which is why it’s different from the Extreme Cat.

You don’t have to leave it for a few minutes and quickly wash it off. Instead, it can stay longer, therefore have the chance to work on your cuticle.

Helps Reduces Friction from Brushing

As long as you have hairs that are flowing down your head, you’ll need brushing. And many have found that they can damage their hair from the brush, especially if it’s done in excess.

However, using this product on your hair can help you reduce the friction from brushing.

Delivers a 3D Repair

This leaves your hair elastic and soft as it removes the SS-bindings on the hair, which can prevent your hair from its natural shine.

While many other products may not help your hair, but instead make it dry, this can make it soft. If you have almost jello-like hair, you can use it on your hair and it will make it strong.

This is even great if your hair easily breaks when it’s soft.

What to Avoid

When you’re buying, ensure that you’re buying the real product. There are now a lot of fakes on the market so you need to do your homework before ordering.

Redken Cat vs Anti Snap: Comparison

The Redken Anti Snap will make your hair thicker and healthier, while the Extreme Cat Protein Reconstructing Treatment is great for adding strength to hair prior to a haircolor service.

If you want to prevent your hair breaking or having split ends or need thick and strong hair, go for the Redken Extreme Cat. For dry hair, use the Anti-Snap Treatment.

At the end of the day, choosing between Redken Cat vs Anti Snap is down to your preferences, especially if you don’t mind paying a premium price for any of them.