Redken Chromatics vs Color Fusion: Which is Better?

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Redken Chromatics vs Color Fusion: What’s the difference? Both products are from Redken and serve the same aim: to give you envious haircolor.

Used properly, any of these two can help you upgrade your looks. And they’re not prohibitively expensive.

Given that both offer similar benefits and features, which would be the better option? That’s what this article is about.

Not only will you learn more about Redken but also how these two products differ so you can make an informed buying decision.

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The Redken Brand

In 1960, Paula Kent and Jheri Redding found Redken. As you can see, the name “Redken” was formed from their names. After about 30 years in operation, the brand was acquired by Cosmair, Inc.

However, it was finally sold to L’Oreal, a french brand, which now owns the company under its Professional Products Division.

If you’ve used L’Oreal before, you’ll know that they have a professional division and the standard one.

The main focus of the former is to attend to high-end customers like salons, hairstylists, and similar. The other has products directed at the ordinary consumer.

As you probably know, the professional segment is very expensive, compared to the other hand. So, any product that falls under this part is naturally expensive.

This is the reason why most people consider Redken’s products to be quite expensive. And that’s what you should keep in mind when looking at their product.

Redken Chromatics vs Color Fusion: What’s the Difference?

The major difference between the Redken Chromatics and Color Fusion is in the technology used in creating them.

While the Chromatics Permanent Haircolor features ODS (Oil Delivery System) and Protein Extract Technology, the Color Fusion has the Uplift ColorBond Technology.

The combination of the ODS²/Protein Extract Technology in the Chromatics allows it to deliver color pigments and hair fortification simultaneously.

The Uplift ColorBond Technology in the Color Fusion gives it superior lifting powers with excellent conditioning.

Redken Chromatics vs Color Fusion: Comparison

Redken Color Fusion

Redken Chromatics vs Color Fusion

The Redken color fusion is a premium collection of hair coloring products that contain rice proteins, which infuses the hair with highlights and shine while adding volume.

It also contains cationic conditioning polymers for conditioning the hair. The collection is an exclusive technology that contains other ingredients like amino acids and plant proteins.

These ingredients help with hair growth and keep the strength in the hair, which is needed after coloring.

Redken color fusion gives excellent results in concealing gray hair and has a fruity scent.

This vital and lasting color is resistant to UV rays and light exposure. Redken color fusion has a creamy texture that allows the color to adhere better to the hair.

Redken color fusion is produced in several series, and each of them has its special shades.

What’s Available

You can find Redken color fusion in the following colors:

  • Dark brown
  • Mocha brown
  • Copper brown
  • Beige-gold
  • Other dark shades.

Advantages of Redken color fusion:

  • Dyes gray hair
  • Has a classic color palette
  • Penetrates the hair structure
  • Long-lasting color
  • Shades do not fade and do not change color.

Verdict on Color Fusion

Redken Color Fusion is a permanent color cream that can deliver multi-dimensional haircolor. It is available in several shades and can provide up to 5 levels of lifts.

You can use it to match your natural haircolor or lighten your hair if you want to be adventurous. Or you can go for a darken/cover gray without losing the modern look.

Depending on your location and preferred method of buying, you can get in a store or from an online retailer like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Finally, this ammonia-free color line has very high pigmentation and guarantees long-lasting hair coloring. 

Redken Chromatics Haircolor

Redken Chromatics vs Color Fusion

Redken Chromatics is a new professional color that 100% covers gray hair and strengthens hair. This professional hair color gives amazing and long-lasting results.

Redken Chromatics contains a palette of 34 colors as well as cool shades for blondes and brunettes. This product contains oil, which makes it the perfect care for damaged hair.

The Chromatics Permanent Haircolor features ODS (Oil Delivery System) and Protein Extract Technology.

The combination of the ODS²/Protein Extract Technology in the Chromatics allows it to deliver color pigments and hair fortification simultaneously.

While it may not have the superior conditioning of the Color Fusion, you can expect a higher quality color with the Chromatics.

What’s Available

  • Splashlights
  • Blonde hair color
  • Brown hair color
  • Red hair color.

Advantages of Redken Chromatics:

  • Recovers hair;
  • 4D coloring effect;
  • Contains nourishing oils that regenerate hair;
  • Persistence – 40 weeks of hair washing;
  • Minimal smell.

Verdict on Chromatics

Redken Chromatics does not contain the amino formula and does not have the odor of ordinary paints. Covers gray hair and provides long-lasting shine. This ammonia-free hair color will give your hair a new look and shine.

It is an ideal product for those who have sensitive and weak hair.

Final Words on Choosing Redken Chromatics or Color Fusion

The two permanent haircolor can give you good results. However, your choice will (or should) be directly influenced by your needs.

The Color Fusion is strong in the hair lift department and should be able to deliver powerful conditioning due to the cationic conditioning polymers.

For stronger colors though, you may rely on the Redken Chromatics to do a good job. If you’re yet to decide, it’ll be better to ask your hairstylist which one might be best for you.

It’s also important to know your hair type and choose the one that’s most suitable.

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