Why Did Redken Discontinue Wool Shake? Any Alternatives?

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The Wool Shake by Redken was discontinued by the brand around 8 years ago amidst uproar from diehard fans. Several years after, Redken has been unable to bring back a perfect replacement for the Wool Shake.

As with many other products that have gone the way of the Wool Shake, Redken offered no specific information about why it was discontinued. 

One of the possible explanations for discontinuing could be the product isn’t making enough profit for the brand. This is a product that many people claim to be buying again and again. 

However, looking at the price, it’s easy to see a product that won’t live long. If the price is low and they can’t increase it, then they’ll discontinue it.

And most brands, no matter how big, will not hesitate to stop producing a product if it’s not making them the profit they expected. 

It could also be that part of improving the Redken product line. Or difficulty in getting ingredients at a good price. If any of this should happen, Redken can discontinue the product.

Mind you, there are certainly great reviews for the product so it’s not likely because of bad publicity for the Wool Shake.

The brand only recommended a replacement – albeit – a weak one that many people have rejected or found not to have the same effect as the Wool Shake.

What Does the Wool Shake Texturizer Do?

According to Redken, the product is designed for those looking for extra volume to their hair. A texturizing styling spray, Wool Shake will add texture and hold to the hair with a matte finish. It also has a sophisticated scent to keep your hair smelling nice.

There seem to be a lot of people that fancy that mussed-up look that Wool Shake gives the hair. Truthfully, it may have held the most consistency and texture of all texturizers.

From all the reviews I’ve been reading since writing this article, I’ve not found a single bashing of this product. It’s anyone’s guess why the brand got rid of it.

If you’re reading this, just know that Redken isn’t going to bring back this product. It’s honestly gone forever. So, if you were used to the Wool Shake, you need to find another. And pray it works out for your hair.

If you’re really badly in love with the product, the most you can do is call the brand. You can call their customer line at 1-800-423-5369, Monday through Friday (9 am – 7 pm ET).

The brand promises to lend you an assisting hand in securing a replacement. But don’t be too trusty to get something tangible as several people have noted.

What Are Possible Wool Shake 08 Alternatives?

Redken recommends Aerate 08 All-Over Bodifying Cream-Mousse or Fashion Waves 07 Sea Salt Spray or Mess Around 10 Disrupting Cream-Paste. The brand also has hotlines where you can call in for personalized recommendations based on your hair type.

Why many people wouldn’t value this, I think this is a good thing provided you’re able to get a product that can really get you the result you’re looking for. One that makes the Wool Shake great is that it’s great for all hair types, especially fine hair.

At this time, it’s probably impossible to come across any Wool Shake unless it’s a dupe.

The brand also warned about buying this specific product from unauthorized outlets like eBay. And now that you can’t really find a genuine one through the right dealer, it’ll be better to avoid the product at all costs.

Note: It seems that so many people are bent on finding the perfect replacement for the Wool Shake. So much so that someone spent several years searching and trying dozens of products hoping to find a perfect dupe.

This person eventually came upon the Liquid Putty. You may want to try it too and see if you get the same result as the Wool Shake. I saw at least one person claiming the product is very close to Wool Shake.

If you get it and try it and it works out for you, then tell us in the comment so we know this recommendation is spot on or not. 


I’ve come across several discontinued products like Clairol Clear Luminize and many others. Most times, there isn’t always a good replacement. But as mentioned above, if you keep searching, you may be able to come down on a possible alternative. 

Just try it. 

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