Redken vs Matrix [Which of the Two Brands Is Best for You?]

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f you’re striving for looking your best to your partner, the first area you’ll want to concentrate on is your hair. It can have a good impression if it looks clean, healthy, and shining.

There are a lot of home remedies that can help you achieve all the gloss you want. However, if you have color-treated hair, you’ll want to look beyond that to keep it in tip-top condition. A good shampoo is key here.


Redken and Matrix are two brands that produce shampoos that can help you maintain the natural look of your hair. And they both have a lot of options to choose from.

This article will go over some of the important aspects of using their products and which one may be better for each situation.

Redken vs Matrix – A Quick Roundup

Here is a quick information on how each brand compares.

The most popular product from Matrix is the Biolage shampoo. It’s a shampoo for color-treated hair. If you have permed or chemically treated hair, you should definitely look at the Colorlast line.

These products can help you strengthen and clean your colored-treated hair. It has low pH, is free from sulfate and is used by thousands of customers and professionals around the world.

Redken shampoos also clean and strengthen the hair. If you’re sensitive and looking for a low-pH shampoo for your hair, go for this.

The difference between Redken and Matrix is the use of chemicals, so I won’t recommend Redken if you’re looking for 100% natural shampoo. Matrix is, therefore, the better choice for you.

Redken vs Matrix Shampoo — Recommendation

So, which shampoo should you buy? How do you determine which one is suitable for your hair? This section will have answers to your question.


Redken is a very popular brand. Not only with users but also with salon professionals. It’s competing with the likes of Kerastase, Nexxus, Nioxin, Wella, Paul Mitchell, Biolage, and other reputable companies.

And as I mentioned before, there are a lot of products from both brands and they all smell differently. The daily conditioning shampoo and condition, for example, smells like tropical candy.

If you do go through a lot of reviews, you’ll find people mentioning different ways it smells to them. As long as it’s not strong, you should be okay.

Also, it’s vital to note that Redken is the first company to apply proteins and moisture to improve weakened hair, thus revolutionizing how beauty products are made.

Also, a lot of the advanced hair treatment products in the industry owe their existence to the pioneering research of Redken.

According to my research, the All Soft Shampoo is the best selling, most popular Redken product, yet. Another best-selling product from Redken is the Extreme Strengthening Shampoo, which has similar functions to the All Soft.

However, it’s more inclined towards cleansing, strengthening and fortifying the weak spots in your hair. And when it’s done, leaves behind a natural shine.


Matrix is a well-known brand and is just as good as Redken. When it comes to conditioning and keeping the hair in good condition, Redken has a lot of good products.

Also, if you have dry hair, you can try out one of the products from Redken, like the Allsoft Shampoo and Conditioner.

Matrix, however, is a strong choice for those who like styling their hair a lot. They have suitable products for detangling the hair. While they offer conditioning products, they’re not as strong as Redken.

However, if you have oily hair but don’t feel like deep conditioning your hair, Matrix shampoo is very good. Their products, like the Biolage Matrix Shampoo and Conditioner, are a good option.

If you have fine, dry hair, you should only use treatment that won’t leave your hair dull, limp, and greasy. For that, Matrix products are good so you should take a look.

Is Matrix a Good Brand?

Yes, Matrix is a good brand. If you’re looking for hair products, it’s one of the most reliable brands out there. This brand offers everything you may need for your hair care and haircolor, ranging from conditioners to shampoos to sprays to masks.

The brand is similar to other popular brands like Redken, Olay, L’Oreal, etc., in terms of notoriety and quality.

Redken vs Matrix — Ingredients

Some of the other ingredients include water, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Coconut Compounds, and Parabens. When you look at most of their shampoos, you’ll find water to be the first ingredient.

This is common with other liquid shampoos. Another one is the Sodium Laureth Sulphate, which is a gentle ingredient and can even be found in baby shampoos.

Parabens are another one, with approval from the FDA to use it in beauty products. Although there are some debates on whether it’s safe to use Parabens or not.

Redken vs Matrix — Application

Redken has a lot of hair products to choose from. Therefore, whether you’re looking for products to use on color-treated hair, natural hair, or want something to maintain your blonde hair, you should be able to get a good product.

And if you’re looking at strengthening your hair, improving the glow, extending the color, or keeping it super soft, you should be able to get a good option from Redken.

Redken vs Matrix Hair Color — Recommendation

After their shampoos, another product worth considering is their hair color line. If you’re interested in choosing either of them, here is some information for you.

Matrix SoColor Hair Color

Redken vs Matrix

The SoColor Hair Color is one of Matrix’s top hair coloring products. It comes with Cera-Oil Conditioning Complex, which the Matrix claims will strengthen the hair even between touch-ups.

This product claims it can give you full coverage while leaving hair that looks smooth and natural. In addition to the Cera-Oil, the formula also includes ceramides, jojoba oil, and soybean.

Jojoba oil acts as a moisturizer and can protect against split ends, breakage, or dryness. This is why it’s added to moisturizers to cushion the effect of dryness from the chemical process.

Soybean can help combat dryness as well as provide adequate nourishment for the hair. It also has vitamin E content, which makes it potent against free radicals.

Redken Chromatics Prismatic Hair Color

Like Matrix, Redken also offers a good hair color product which I think maybe more popular. It’s designed to give 100% gray coverage, smooth and glossy appearance as well as for strengthening hair glands.

If you’re looking for a good color line to condition your hair, this is one to consider. Aside from the great ingredient list, it’s also very affordable. I’ll recommend you go for this if you want an affordable hair color.

I also like that there are a lot of reviews on the Redken Chromatics Prismatic Hair Color compared to that of Matrix.


Choosing a hair care product is easy. But not choosing between two good brands. Fortunately, this article has spelled out the similarities and dissimilarities between these popular brands.

So if you are looking to choose Redken or Matrix, you should have a good yardstick to measure their product and quickly decide which one suits you best.

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