Redken vs Nexxus: Which of the Two Brands Is Best for You?

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A lot of research has gone into writing an article on both brands. That’s because there are many products to consider.

However, the work is done and this guide is a condensed version of the research I did on both brands. At the end of this article, you should know what each brand stands for and how to decide between them.

If you’ve never purchased a shampoo or conditioner before and not sure how to go about it, this article is now going to make it easy for you.

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What Should I Consider When Comparing

When you’re comparing Nexxus to Redken or any other brand, the most important thing is to look at the ingredients, how effective the product is, and if it’s going to suit your hair type.

Many people focus too much on price and thereby miss out on good products.

As long as you’re not paying a fortune for your next hair treatment product, you shouldn’t allow your feeling about price cloud your buying decision. How the product work for your hair is more important.

As for the ingredients, some product contains chemical whilst others are all-natural. Decide which one you want between the two and then consider what kind of product it is.

If you have colored hair, you’ll need to choose a product that’s color-safe. But if you have natural hair, you won’t have much to worry about and the pool to choose from will be large.

Redken vs Nexxus – A Quick Comparison

Redken vs Nexxus

Though they are both great companies releasing premium haircare products under the same group, Redken and Kerastase have notable differences.

Redken happens to be a more popular brand though Nexxus has its share of loyal customers.

Redken products are also a little pricey when compared to some Nexxus shampoos and conditioners.

Nexxus also offer a lot of products for colored and natural hair while Redken doesn’t do much in that regard.

Redken vs Nexxus: A Holistic View of Each Brand

About Nexxus

In fact, this brand is one of the few quality brands that make products for the betterment of your hair. Let’s look at some of their popular products.

Another thing I like about Nexxus is that they have a lot of combo products that work together to give your hair the best treatment. Let’s take the Therappe line as a case study.

The shampoo is sold and can be used along with its moisturizing conditioner for revitalizing hair and making it healthier.

According to the manufacturer, these products come in a silicone and sulfate-free formula so you can use it on your hair for better results.

Nexxus Application

If you’ve used a shampoo or conditioner before, you’ll know that it’s easy to use. You don’t need a manual or extensive instructions to use one properly.

To use Nexxus shampoo or conditioner, you need to first wet your hair and apply a few drops to your hand. Massage it throughout your hair, ensuring that it flows to the root of your hair.

Then leave for 3-5 minutes before rinsing your hair.

After using the product this way, you should see your scalp improve while your hair should develop more shine and better look.

The Humectress for Dry Hair Shampoo is actually designed to help those battling dry scalp. It claims to restore the nutrients that are absent in the scalp so as to return the smoothness and silkiness of the hair.

About Redken

Paula Kent co-founded Redken in 1960 with Jehri Redding.

They both focus at the time at producing low-pH shampoos, and Jehri played a vital role as he was more in charge of the research and development.

They dedicated themselves to making products that are not just suitable for natural but also sensitive hair.

While they co-owned the company at the initial stages, Jehri later pulled out, leaving Paula as the sole owner of the company in 1965.

Redken Products

The company has a few products that are worth looking into if you’re looking for solid shampoos or conditioners.

There are quite a wide range of products from Redken. As a result, you’ll find a myriad of prices starting from a few dollars upwards.

As with any kind of shampoo, you’ll find that Redken shampoos come with different fragrances.

The All Soft Shampoo is their most popular products and many people report it to have a honey/almond scent.

What’s important is that most Redken shampoos smell nice so you shouldn’t have a problem when you’re using them.

The good thing about Redken and their shampoos is that they’re effective. However, the result may vary from one person to another as the state of the hair and type will determine the effect of the shampoo.

Redken Application

Redken has a lot of hair products to choose from. Therefore, whether you’re looking for products to use on color-treated hair, natural hair, or want something to maintain your blonde hair, you should be able to get a good product.

And if you’re looking at strengthening your hair, improving the glow, extending the color or keeping it super soft, you should be able to get a good option from Redken.

Redken vs Nexxus: Concluding Remarks

Looking at the array of products from Redken and Nexxus, there is something for everyone. When you want to maintain healthy hair, Redken has several options available for you.

They also have products that are specially formulated to correct hair issues like extreme dryness and frizz.

They have launched many elegant hair care products that have been hailed by users for softness, strength, and manageability.

Most users are particularly happy about the blissful scents of Redken products.

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