Redken Water Wax Discontinued: Any Alternatives?

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If you’re not into hair shine products or pomades, the Redken Water Wax is another popular pomade.

The product may have seen a surge of popularity over the last few years because it’s less messy than most other available options and now Redken has discontinued the product.

As with any beauty-related discontinuation, there are always concerns that long-time fans of said discontinued item will have to find an alternative.

What is Redken Water Wax?

Is a water-based pomade, designed basically to add shine and a bold texture to your hair. It’s one of Redken’s well-received pomades.

Unfortunately, the brand has put an end to the product, which means you’ll have to now look for alternatives.


  • Little to no mess.
  • Glides easily.
  • The product does not cause irritation, as it is made with natural ingredients. This is a plus for people with sensitive skin.


  • The product is easy to use, but it does require a learning curve before you can apply it correctly. It is not as smooth to apply as the manufacturers would like you to believe.

Is the Redken Water Wax Discontinued?

Yes, the product is no longer available on the company’s website.

The product is also listed as being discontinued on the website, so if you were hoping to find it there, you’re out of luck.

Why Did Redken Discontinue Water Wax?

Although the exact reason for the discontinuation of Redken’s Water Wax is unknown. However, it is likely that the company decided to discontinue the product due:

  1. Low sales or poor customer feedback.
  2. The category of water wax has been under-performing, especially in the second half of 2015.
  3. The category’s performance has been inconsistent in comparison to other categories across the beauty industry.


Purchasing an innovative, quality, and highly effective product will ensure that you get the best bang for your buck.

Redken water wax was one of the best grooming products out there that provided a unique way to add texture to hair.

However, when it comes to innovation, quality, and effectiveness combined with low sales and poor customer feedback, it is unlikely that we will ever see this product again.

This means those who want to avoid negative side effects to try and find an alternative product would be advised to find one quickly.

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