Remington Vs Wahl: Which Hair Clipper Is Best for You?

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Are you looking for a review on Remington vs Wahl? One that’ll help you select just the right one for your next haircut?

Well then, you’re on the right page.


There are thousands of models out there. And brands too. But a lot of them are garbage. Not worth your time.

If you’re wanting to look good to your partner, you need great haircuts! To get great haircuts, you need a powerful, well-built clipper.

Fortunately, both Remington and Wahl have a ton of that.


How do you pick one? Like other people searching for a solution, you probably find it hard choosing between the two.

This article can help you…choose…the…right…clipper!

Let’s get into it, shall we?

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Why Bother Yourself With Just Remington and Wahl?

Here is the truth:

Owning a pair of quality hair clippers can be the difference between a great looking new do that’s less than fresh.

Simply having the right clippers will go a long way to make your grooming easy and fast.

If you look at online reviews and ratings, you will realize that Remington and Wahl are among the leading hair clipper brands in the market.

Both Remington and Wahl are great hair clipper brands.

But, which one should you go for?

To help you choose right below is detailed information about products produced by both brands.

Remington Vs Wahl: How Do They Compare?

The major difference between Remington and Wahl is that Remington offers a larger pool of hair trimmers while Wahl provides a variety of clippers for different budgets.

Also, Wahl may have more options for you whether you’re looking for premium or budget-friendly clippers. Remington, on the other hand, might not have a variety that can enable you to compare well enough.

Weigh your options before buying. But then, let’s check out a few of their products.

Remington Hair Clippers

Remington Vs Wahl

Here’s the deal:

Other than hair clippers, Remington has earned stripes for producing an array of great personal grooming products.

Remington features five models of hair clippers, with prices that range from $$ to $$$. Their wide array of hair clippers provide customers with an extensive collection to choose from.


Remington started back in the 1800s. There weren’t a lot of innovations then and we don’t much of the luxuries we have now then.

However, this brand has held on with quality workmanship. If you’re already a fan, you know they have an array of excellent trimmers, clippers, and other shaving equipment.

In fact, their clippers are some of the highly rated and reviewed in the industry.

While they make a lot of products, let’s look at some of their best right now.

  • Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro This is one of their lightweight, compact clippers for travel. They’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Not only that, but these are well constructed and the ergonomics helps you handle it easily. It’s been reviewed by thousands and the number of users continues to grow. Fortunately, it comes with great features to satisfy you and the others. The battery is rechargeable but can last up to 40 minutes. The package comes with all the essential you need for the best haircut too.
  • Remington HC4250 Quick Cut Clipper This is another one from Remington. It’s not as popular as the shortcut but comes with daring features too. It is powered by a Lithium battery that last 40 minutes each time so you can get all the cutting done if power were to be cut. It’s also portable so you can carry it anywhere.
  • Remington Rapid Cut HC4250AU — This is another one that’s built to get the job done. It might not be as powerful as others but nothing less an efficient machine if you have thick or long hair. It’s also cordless so you have no boundary limitation when you’re working.

Pros of Remington Clippers

  • The knives do not require any grease to be cleaned effectively
  • A large selection to choose from
  • The clippers have levers to accommodate easy adjustments
  • The clippers are of quality, making them worth the prices
  • Remington clippers make little noise when underuse

Cons of Remington Clippers

  • The clippers have short wires
  • They come with no container for extra storage

Wahl Hair Clippers

Here is a fact for you:

Wahl has been operating for more than 100 years, making it a trustworthy brand to get hair clippers from.

Besides clippers, Wahl also produces other personal grooming products such as trimmers and razors. The brand strives to cater to both those who wish to get their hair cut at home as well as professional barbers.

Their consumer products range from cordless models, rechargeable models, Color Pro models, and the Salon series. The price Wahl hair clippers range from $$ to around $$$, just like Remington.


In my humble opinion, Wahl has a lot more models of clippers, compared to Remington.

Why is that beneficial?

It gets you more options and you can do price comparison much better. Here are some models to look at:

  • Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Trimmer The most important feature of this is versatility. It’s perfect for different cuts and because it’s smooth and precise, you can get a lot of good cut with it. It’s not the best in terms of construction but it should last long non-the-less.
  • Wahl Professionals Clipper This is a corded one. It’s unlike the stainless cordless steel clipper above but it can help you save on power. And hey, it’s durable and should be easy to manage because of all the contours all around.
  • Wahl Lithium Ion All-in-One Although it’s an all-in-one package, it’s the cheapest of the three. If you want an electronic hair clipper that can help you get that nice looking haircut, you should look into this.

Pros of Wahl Clippers

  • There are different models designed to suit both professionals and home users
  • The clippers are of reliable quality
  • Users can choose to buy either cordless or corded clippers. Cordless clippers have lithium-ion batteries that can run up to 90 minutes
  • Made of durable materials
  • The clippers come with 3 different comb guides
  • The advanced models can be used on both dry and wet hair
  • The products come along with attachments such as cleaning brush, scissors, clipper oil, and attachment brush

Cons of Wahl Clippers

  • Wahl clippers vibrate a bit loud
  • The clippers are heavy. Users can have a hard time using


Nothing is absolute; any product has to have pros and cons, and Remington & Wahl clippers are no different. However, choose a clipper with disadvantages that do not make you feel uncomfortable.

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