Gold Bond Rough and Bumpy vs Cerave SA: Which One Is Better?

If you’re suffering from keratosis pilaris, you know it’s not a good condition to be in. With acne-like bumps surrounding your skin, you will never be able to look your best.

Unless you find a way to clear it off. Fortunately, there seems to be a lot of creams that can help with it. Amlactin, Cerave, Eucerin, Gold Bond, etc., have all come out with different solutions.

Cerave and Gold Bond, in particular, have received a lot of attention. But do they work? How do you identify the one that is most suitable for your skin?

In this article, I’m going to look at the Gold Bond Rough and Bumpy Cream and Cerave Renewing SA Lotion.

Note: There is nothing wrong with trying both. While it’s always best to know the better one, you’re better off trying two products. Especially if they work together and are affordable enough.

If you can afford both, try them both and see which one your body agrees to.

If, however, you can’t afford the two or just want to stick with one, then continue reading. I’ll go over the pros and cons of both so you can see where and how they differ to help you make your choice.

Before Using The Creams

There are a few things I’ll like to point out before reviewing and comparing the two products.

  • Both Cerave SA and Gold Bond Therapy Creams are effective. However, the result is very much dependent on your skin condition. Contact your health professional if need be. 
  • Many of those who have used both products are seeing results quickly. If you don’t see results after a month, either the product doesn’t work for your skin or you get a bad one. 
  • These creams are specially formulated for Keratosis pilaris. But they can work for other skin conditions. 

Gold Bond Rough and Bumpy vs Cerave SA

Cerave SA Renewing Cream

Cerave SA Renewing Cream for Rough & Bumpy Skin is formulated with niacinamide, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and lactic acid for smoothening and softening rough and dry skin.

When you have dead skin cells on the skin, it becomes rough and scaly, which translates to bumps that make the skin look bad.

This cream contains salicylic acid, which is an exfoliating agent that helps clear out dead skin cells.

The hyaluronic acid, ceramides, niacinamide all combine to improve the skin’s protective barrier so the skin can retain more moisture and stay soft.

The cream is fragrance-free, a good thing for people who are easily offended by scent. According to Cerave, the cream can stay on for a full day, so you don’t need to repeat the application more than once. Moreover, you can use it for the whole body.

Gold Bond Rough & Bumpy Therapy Cream

Similar to Cerave’s SA Cream, the Gold Bond Ultimate Rough & Bumpy Skin Therapy Cream isn’t your ordinary lotion. It is specially formulated to add moisture to the skin and beat down rough patches on the skin.

The cream is dermatologist-tested, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating, providing quick exfoliation and moisturization for the skin.

The cream has all of PHA (polyhydroxy acids), BHA, AHA, and vitamins. Some studies suggest that PHAs can enhance skin regeneration and moisturization.

BHA operates in a similar way to AHA in that they help slide away surface skin for new and even skin cells. Both, being skin exfoliants, can also help remove sebum from the skin, making it feel smooth and fresh.

The cream will stay on for 24hours, releasing moisture the whole time so your skin stays soft and hydrated. Most importantly, it’s a good lotion for keratosis pilaris.

It’s not a miracle cream, but quite a lot of people have used it and seen good results. It’s important to know that the skin type and severity of the user’s condition may affect the effectiveness of the product.


When I checked Amazon, I found that the prices of both products are similar. The Cerave cream is slightly more expensive but also comes in a bigger jar of 12 ounces as opposed to the 8 ounces of the Gold Bond.

Depending on where you’re buying, you’re more likely to get the Gold Bond cheaper than Cerave. So, if you’re out to save money, you can go for Gold Bond.

Fortunately, the price doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the Gold Bond Cream. 


Even though both products claim to be scent-free, you should expect some medicine-like scent when using them, especially Cerave. This is because of the ingredients.

If you’re very sensitive to something like this, you may want to take note. 


The ingredients are similar. For example, both creams come with salicylic acid. However, Cerave has more concentration of exfoliating agents which means you can get more exfoliation with it.

Gold Bond, on the other hand, is filled with more plant extracts. This will prompt more antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory activities (all pointing to skin repair and protection).

Final Thoughts on Both Product

Research on various platforms shows that both the Gold Bond and Cerave creams work. However, there are mixed results for both.

Where one worked for a set of people, it didn’t work for others. And vice versa. With that, it’s clear that a few other factors may come into play aside from your keratosis pilaris.

Your skin condition, the severity of the KP, and whether there are other underlying problems.

While someone with a slight KP condition may use any of the products and have it disappear, it may not be as easy for someone with a more severe condition.

This is why some people would naturally try multiple products before ever finding a solution. In essence, while either brand will be good for some people, others may have to try both.

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