Sebamed vs Cetaphil: Which One Is Best for You?

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Thank you for reading this comprehensive article on Sebamed vs Cetaphil; I’ve written it to help you decide on the right brand for you. 

You don’t need to do further research as this article has everything you need to know about both brands. You’ll learn how both companies compare when it comes to their product offerings.

Fortunately, Sebamed and Cetaphil have moisturizers, facial cleansers, baby and adult products, and more. This comprehensive article looks at each in detail and shows you how to choose the right one in each case. Let’s look at all of these in detail.

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Sebamed vs Cetaphil: Major Differences

There are a couple of differences between Cetaphil and Sebamed that you should consider before buying any of their products. In this section of the Cetaphil vs Sebamed saga, we’ll look at the factors that differentiate them so you can see which one is better:

First, Sebamed is perfumed and foamed, while Cetaphil is not. However, both are very good for the skin. So if you’re looking for less foamy products, you should take a lot at Cetaphil.

Also, Cetaphil has a soap-free formula and cleans the skin without irritating it. Sebamed, on the other hand, has a very high pH level. This can help soothe the skin, and leave it soft, especially if you’re using for baby’s skin.

However, Cetaphil may not lather as much as Sebamed. So, if you want a product with a better lather, you know which one to go for. Another major difference is that Sebamed products are cruelty-free while Cetaphil products are not. Cetaphil tests on animals.

Sebamed vs Cetaphil: The Brands & Products

About Sebamed

Sebamed vs Cetaphil

Sebamed is a very well-known brand, especially with its moisturizers and baby lotions. These products can be used for a baby with sensitive skin.

Also, if you’re looking for products that can help you remove the dirt and oily from the skin or balance the skin pH level, leave it soft and purge it of acne and clogged pores, then consider Sebamed as a good source of that. The brand’s products come in easy packaging and reasonable pricing.

Lastly, Sebamed makes products that are free from harmful chemicals. And has 100% soap-free products for those who’re looking for that. It’s a respectable brand to pick for you and your baby products.

How are Reviews on the Brand?

Sebamed isn’t that bad of a brand. However, you’ll see mixed reviews of their products. The important thing to note when buying any skincare product is to ensure you buy from reputable sources. This applies to Sebamed as well.

Is Sebamed Cruelty-free?

Unfortunately, Sebamed isn’t cruelty-free. Although the brand doesn’t test its products and ingredients on animals. However, the company permits testing by proxy by financing testing in China where its products are sold.  

About Cetaphil

Sebamed vs Cetaphil

The Cetaphil brand is well regarded in the skincare community. This is more so because their products are great. They’re gentle on the skin.

In my opinion, Cetaphil is more popular than Sebamed, as it’s competing with other big named brands like Aveeno, Cerave, J & J when you’re looking at moisturizers, baby lotions, and shampoos.

How Good Are the Reviews on Cetaphil

The majority of reviews on Cetaphil are positive. There are a lot of reviewers who don’t just like it as a brand but also because it makes excellent products.

If you have dry and combination skin, Cetaphil has a good skincare product line for you to choose from. The popular Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion is one of the common moisturizing creams for everyday use.

Lastly, a few users mentioned they’re able to clear their acne using the cream from Cetaphil. So, if you’re having similar problems, check one of the many Cetaphil creams on the market.

Is Cetaphil Cruelty-free?

No. Cetaphil is not cruelty-free. This brand actually conducts animal testing, so if you’re an animal loyalist, you may not want to get products from this brand. Fortunately, there are other brands out there you can try if you’re looking for products that are not cruelty-free.

Sebamed vs Cetaphil Body Wash

Let’s start with the body wash from both brands. Whether you’re looking at killing germs or removing excess oil, sweat, or odor from your skin, a body wash is an essential skin care product. 

In this section, I’m going to compare the body wash from both brands so you can see how they compare and be able to choose the right one. 

Cetaphil Ultra Gentle Body Wash

Sebamed vs Cetaphil
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The Cetaphil Ultra Gentle Body Wash is a body wash designed for adult use. The wash comes in a 16.9 oz bottle and is dermatologist-tested. The wash has a gentle formula, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin.

Moreover, it’s fragrance-free, so if you’re allergic to scent or your skin reacts to the smell of the wash you use, this is a great option for you.

This also means it doesn’t have artificial fragrance, which doesn’t have any benefit to do for your skin.

The product is equally filled with other beneficial ingredients like vitamin B5, aloe vera, and similar ingredients.

If you don’t already know, aloe vera is a potent agent for the treatment of eczema, sunburn, acne and other skin conditions. It also has healing properties and can also moisturize the skin.

As for vitamin B5, it’s responsible for enhancing the healing process of wounds while also moisturizing the skin. If you have dry skin, acne, or other skin concerns, this wash is worth checking.

Sebamed Liquid Face and Body Wash

sebamed vs cetaphil
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The Sebamed Liquid Face and Body Wash claim to be dermatologist tested as well as the best for sensitive skin. One great thing about the body wash, though, is that it lathers very well.

So, you won’t have to use a lot of water just to be able to use it well. Also, it’s hydrating, so if you have dry, sensitive skin, it’s going to work well with your skin type. The product’s main point is that it helps balance the body’s pH level. And is suitable for all body types.

If you’re looking for a face wash, hand wash, and shower gel in one package, then this is your best option. It is paraben-free and can replace all your cleaners.

It not only smells nice but can easily be washed away. The bottle is narrow, which makes it easy to grab and use. The downside is that it’s expensive and has a slightly clinical scent.


Sebamed Liquid Face and Body Wash are more expensive than the Cetaphil Ultra Gentle Body Wash. So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive option, I recommend the Cetaphil body lotion.

If you have sensitive skin, however, the Sebamed Face and Body Wash are specifically designed for that.

If you want a combination of face and body moisturizer, then go for the Sebamed body wash. The Cetaphil Body Wash, on the other hand, is just that: a body wash.

Sebamed vs Cetaphil for Babies

Another great option from both brands is baby lotions. If you’re taking very good care of your own skin, then you can’t forget that of your baby too.

If you don’t have a baby yet, you can overlook this section. However, if you’re looking for quality lotion for your baby, you should read this section for my comparison.

Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft

Sebamed vs Cetaphil
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This is the first baby lotion. As you can see from the title, this is made for making the baby’s body smooth and soft. Also, if your baby is suffering from eczema or has sensitive skin, then this product is a good one to try.

Not only is it a great product for people in the USA, but it has also won accolades overseas. Meaning that many people from overseas have had great results from using the product.

The cream doesn’t have a strong smell to it. I’ll recommend this product for babies (and adults) with dry skin.

It’s one of the best for both adults and babies currently on the market. Don’t let the name of this product fool you, however. It’s also useful for adults, even though it’s designed for babies.

Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion

Sebamed or Cetaphil
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If you’re looking to purchase a new lotion for your baby, I’ll recommend you purchase this Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion. Does this mean that it is better?

Not necessarily but the reasons below are the reason for such recommendation. The Cetaphil Baby Lotion comes with organic calendula.

This ingredient is an extract from a flower and has a host of properties like antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

What that means is that your skin’s protective barrier will be greatly improved and bacterials, germs, are not going to have a spot on the skin.

In addition to organic calendula, the lotion also has sweet almond oil, which will help soothe eczema on your skin as well as heal wounds.

The Cetaphil Baby Lotion, as you can see from the name, is a great lotion for baby skin that’s feeling dry. It has almond oil, which helps with hydrating dry skin. It’s also suitable for adult too, you can uses it or the whole family.


Compared to the Sebamed Baby Cream, the Cetaphil Baby Lotion is a cheaper option. Although the price differential is not by a wide margin.

But if you’re looking to spend as little as possible on your next purchase, then you can see the difference as significant. Along with that, the Cetaphil Baby Lotion contains more beneficial ingredients than the Sebamed Baby Cream.

Sebamed vs Cetaphil for Acne

There are a lot of products for acne. Fortunately, Sebamed and Setaphil both have good products to consider. Let’s look at how they both compare.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser


Sebamed or Cetaphil
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This is another of Cetaphil’s well-known, best selling products. The Daily Facial Moisturizer is designed to be used on normal to oily skin.

As a facial cleanser, it’s formulated for use on the face. It has a gentle and non-irritant ingredient list, which makes it suitable for use on sensitive skin. 

In addition to that, it’s dermatologist-recommended. The formula doesn’t lather too much, which is good since it won’t strip the body of its essential oils. 

It is available on the official website of Cetaphil as well as other stores like Amazon, Ulta, Sephora, Walmart, Target, etc. 

Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel

This gel comes with lots of good ingredients, which are needed for excellent skin. It’s specifically designed for skin that’s prone to a lot of impurities like eczema, pimples, acne, and blackheads.

It’s free from paraben and comes with provitamin b5. This ingredient can help relieve itchiness.

But that’s not all. It can promote your skin elasticity while hydrating it. Aside from these moisturizing benefits, it can also regenerate and heal the face, especially for chronic acne sufferers.


If you’re gunning for the best deals, then I’ll recommend the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser over the Sebamed Gel because it’s cheaper. However, if you’re looking for a slightly better ingredient list, then go for the Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel.

Sebamed vs Cetaphil: Final Thought

As you can see, this article is packed full with information that’ll help you choose between Cetaphil and Sebamed.

It’s also important to know that aside from the wash and lotions covered here, both brands have other products including shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, serums, and many other.

Fortunately, the two brands are great with only a few differences. I like that since you’re not always in a position to choose the two at the same time and such differences make it easy to choose one over the other. 

Whichever of the two you decide to go for, just make sure it’s great for you and your baby’s skin. 

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