Sephora Play vs Ipsy: Who Takes the Cake?

Makeup subscription boxes have been on the market for a few years now. But it’s no secret that Sephora and Ipsy are the beauty queens of the up-and-coming industry.

At nearly identical price points and promises to include high-value products at a fraction of the cost, which box is the best buy for the fashionista in your life? Let’s take a look at Sephora Play vs. Ipsy.

Sephora Play (Luxe)

What You Get

The Sephora Play box–recently renamed the Sephora Luxe box–is priced at a reasonable $10… and promises 6 premium makeup samples.

Sephora claims that the combined value of the samples will be over $65. And brands that have been featured in the past include GLAMGLOW, Laura Mercier, and Yves Saint Laurent.

What We Love

While some were disappointed with the discontinuation of the Play subscription service, Sephora made up for it with the newly launched Luxe box. This box features even larger-sized samples, including luxury brands like Burberry.

What We Don’t

With samples in high-end packaging and a box valued now at over $90, the new Sephora Luxe box is flying off the shelves.

Good luck getting one–the Luxe box is simply for purchase, and not via a subscription service as Play was. Sephora doesn’t score high in the convenience factor for that reason.

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What You Get

Ipsy is well known for its samples featuring both well-known and up-and-coming brands. They have a variety of subscription levels, with some options including all full-size products or luxury samples.

The highlight of Ipsy’s subscription service is the trendy makeup bag that comes with every order, which is often highly sought after by collectors.

What We Love

When it comes to variety, Ipsy reigns supreme. They’ve recently begun testing an option for subscribers to pick their own products–something that Sephora doesn’t offer.

They also have great deals on the full-sized versions of samples you love… and have several established deals with leading makeup companies to debut new products in their bags.

What We Don’t

As with any subscription service, customers may experience issues with duplicate products, damaged items, or billing issues. Ipsy seems to handle these issues quite well, and their business has continued to expand exponentially.

However, in efforts to provide more options to customers, Ipsy upped the charge of their basic glam bag from $10 to $12, prompting outrage from some customers at the unexpected charge.

The Verdict

Both subscription services have their pros and cons. But when it comes down to it in the battle of Sephora Play vs Ipsy, it seems that makeup enthusiasts are big fans of what’s cooking over in Ipsy HQ.

With the ability to customize your profile, receive samples catered to your skin and hair color, and pick which plan works best for you, it can’t be beaten!

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