Shampoo on Dry Hair: Tips for Shampooing the Salon-Style Way

Surprisingly, a lot of people fight tangles every time they wash their hair.

That is not only tiring but soul-crushing as well. It takes time to brush the hair to remove the tangles and get straight hair.

And that’s not all. Oily hair, limp and dry hair is also common.

If you’re experiencing any of these, it may be because of the way you are shampooing your hair.

Learning how to wash your hair properly might be the difference between a smooth, untangled hair and a frazzled, dry hair.

In this article, you’ll learn some valuable tips that’ll help you use shampoo on your dry hair, the right way.

Shampoo on Dry Hair: Tips for Shampooing the Salon-Style Way

Minimize the Use of Shampoo

Using a lot of shampoo on your hair can cause problems. Whether you have fine or thick hair, you should try to use moderate amounts of shampoo on your hair.

Using too much on your hair makes it difficult to rinse, which may leave a film on your hair. This is why hair might become limp and dull, and sometimes flaky.

The right amount will give you a decent lather and you’ll be able to rinse it thoroughly.

Hang Down Your Hair When Shampooing

If you’ve washed Youtube tutorials of people washing their hair, you may have come across those that pile their hair on their head when shampooing.

This is the wrong way of washing the hair.

If you’re guilty of this too, you have to stop. Your hair should hang down your shoulders when you’re washing, so as not to trigger snarls and tangles.

When you position your hair this way, it’s easy to run your hair through the roots and hair ends. This will help minimize tangles.

Also, when toweling your hair, it should be in a similar condition. Just pat your hair with the towel, drying out as much moisture as position.

Don’t rub your hair with the towel, though. Instead, squeeze out the moisture with the towel gently and mildly.

Lather Once, Rinse Twice

This isn’t a rule. But it’s better than following the instructions on the bottle.

You’ll find some manufacturers recommend lathering your hair, rinse and repeating. This isn’t necessary for clean, healthy hair.

Remember washing your hair vigorously might cause it to lose essential oils. So, lather once and rinse as appropriate.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

This is an extension of the point above. The essence of washing your hair is to keep it clean and healthy. But washing it every day can remove the natural oil, thus adding to the hair problem.

Other Tips to Help With Dry Hair

Take Your Bathing Cap With You When You Swim

Swimming can cause a lot of problems for your hair, especially when it’s exposed and under the sun.

Without a protectant like a bathing cap, your hair is exposed to chlorine while swimming.

Naturally, the chlorine will dry your hair as well as the scalp. And if you don’t take proper steps to replenish the moisture, it might cause damages to your hair.

Make Sure You’re Eating a Healthy Diet

Just eating good food alone can have a positive effect on your hair. If you want to minimize hair breakage and dryness, try to eat food that’s rich in protein and fat.

These are two important nutrients for combating dry hair. Getting an adequate dose should further help your hair.

Get a Scalp Massage

When done properly, scalp massage can stimulate the oil glands in your scalp, thus releasing more natural oil.

It’s important to note that gentleness is needed here so as not to cause more hair breakage.

Avoid Bleaching if You Have Dry Hair

Bleaching is not dry-hair friendly. If you’re going to add some highlights to your hair, you can use henna, which is a natural substance.

Bleaching is a strong procedure that can cause extensive breakage for dry hair.

If dyeing your hair is going to cause problems along the line, it’s better to drop it.

While putting shampoo on dry hair is something you can do, you have to ensure you’re doing it properly. This not only helps you maintain healthy hair. It’s also necessary for minimizing breakouts and flyaway.

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