Silver Bullet vs GHD: Which of the Two Brands Is Better?

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Are you looking for a good comparison of Silver Bullet vs GHD? You’re on the right page. Although GHD is very popular and respected, a lot of other reputable brands are cropping up.

One of these is Silver Bullet, although they’ve been around for some time too. In this article, I’ll be looking at those things that make each brand stands out and how they differ from each other.

I’ll also go over the features, pros, and cons of some of their products so you can have a complete picture of how they stack together.

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Silver Bullet vs GHD: Know Your Brand

GHD is a brand that has been around for nearly 2 decades. They’re established and are the go-to for professionals and celebrities. This brand, and Silver Bullet, are our pick.

GHD has never left us short of choice when it comes to quality hair straighteners, but neither has Silver Bullet. The brand–meaning Silver Bullet–has been around for over 15 years in the hair product space.

They’ve been giving us a good dose of high-quality products and as a result, have built up a legion of loyal customers. So, the tough question is, which way to go? GHD or Silver Bullet?

GHD vs Silver Bullet: A Cursory Look at Products

Let’s take a broad look at GHD and Silver Bullet products. While this will include a specific product, many of the points apply to GHD and Silver Bullet hair straighteners in general.

GHD vs Silver Bullet Keratin Hair Straightener


  • Both feature sleep mode turning the device off when left unused for more than 30 minutes.
  • Both feature a round barrel allowing for snag-free, versatile styling.


  • GHD has a maximum heating capacity of 185c where Silver bullet often features a wide range of temperature settings.
  • Silver Bullet has added dual-voltage and surrounds heat technology which gifts longer-lasting flicks and curls. Whereas, GHD features new dual-zone technology, spreading the heat more evenly from root to tip giving a smoother sleeker finish.
  • GHD is made with ceramic while Silver Bullet is made from titanium. This means that the Silver Bullet will heat up much faster but the GHD is safer, especially if you have fine or damaged hair.
  • Many people seem to like the GHD but ultimately a lot didn’t go for it because it’s more expensive than the Silver Bullet.
  • The Silverbullet is also slightly cheaper than the GHD.

Verdict on both brands

The Silver Bullet Keratin Hair Straightener has titanium plates, which makes it glide through the hair smoothly.

This is great because it doesn’t pull or tug your hair when you’re trying to use it. It’s also lightweight and easy to use in smoothening your hair.

If you have coarse hair, you need something that’s fast and can glide through your hair quickly. Otherwise, you’ll waste a lot of time whenever you’re heat styling your hair. However, it definitely doesn’t compare to the GHD, which is a better tool.

Even though the GHD may be more expensive, you should expect it to perform better. It also has an adjustable temperature, which is a plus. However, the plates get hot on the outside, which is bad for convenience.

You can achieve the same sleekness on the Silverbullet as you would on GHD. However, Silverbullet has adjustable temperature and GHD doesn’t.

GHD can give your hair more shine than the Silver Bullet. Overall, the GHD is marginally better than the Silver Bullet. What that means is that they’re very close in their performance, with Silver Bullet have some advantages like better price.

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Silver Bullet vs GHD: Effectiveness

The GHD’s dual-zone technology ensures a great look on more coarse and thick hair by allowing enough heat to reach the hair and then the sensors help regulate the heat in thinner hair.

The Silver Bullet really shines through when you use its adjustable heating preferences to achieve the style you desire for your hair type which can lead to longer-lasting curls and flicks and a faster straighten.

However, this can also lead to more damaged hair since the desire for a faster straighten can lead to neglect for long term hair health.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Which of them is really worth your money? What are the features that can help you decide? Let’s look at some of these things in the following paragraphs:

GHD: The Pros

  • Durable design
  • Heats up fast (25sec)
  • 1 perfect heat for all hair types (less damaging)
  • Dual-zone technology

GHD: The Cons

  • 1 heat setting
  • No travel cases

As you can see, GHD is a solid hair straightener if you’re looking for one. The downside is that it’s quite expensive.

Silver Bullet: The Pros

  • Swivel cord for zero tangles
  • multiple heat settings
  • Heats up fast (20sec)
  • Often come with travel cases

Silver Bullet: The Cons

  • Not very durable
  • Heat can lead to more damaged hair

Silver Bullet is a reliable brand too. And it comes with enviable features. In terms of quality and performance-wise, the GHD is still ahead of it. If you want an affordable model though, you can’t beat Silver Bullet.

Final Thoughts on GHD and Silver Bullet

In conclusion, both brands are fantastic but if you have hair that is prone to breaking or colored then you really want to go for the higher-priced GHD.

The biggest problem people face with GHD straighteners is that there are a lot of fakes out there so beware of who you’re buying yours from.

Silver Bullet flat irons are a great shout for those who have curlier hair but don’t often have the need to straighten their hair, this way causing less potential damage to it.

While Silver Bullet has created some brilliant flat irons they simply aren’t matching up to the GHD products.

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