I Stripped My Hair from Black and It Has Gone Orange [What to Do?]

Question: I have glossy black hair and it’s been like that for five years. Desperate to remove it, I used a pre lightener and for some reason, it turns red and later into a bright orange color.

I even went to the hairdresser to strip the orange color but there hasn’t been any change. I want it to be blonde. Is there a semi-permanent dye I can use to achieve that or do I need to strip again, and if so, how?

Answer: This is a common occurrence especially for someone that wants to turn their hair color to blonde.

The changes in the hair will go through certain stages, most likely orange, then ginger, light brown, and finally blonde. The final result depends on how you handle it, though.

Therefore, if you want to achieve blonde, you’ll first need to look at the color of your hair now.

First thing is that if you have stripped your hair and it’s now orange, the next thing you need to look at is if there is moisture in it. If there isn’t, you’ll have to wait till there is enough of it before you do anything else.

Once there is mist in the hair, you should bleach it to blonde. You may need to buy another hair color such as Loreal. Look for the one that has cool blondes since it should help in getting the blonde color.

If you want lighter or medium blonde, you can use the luminize hair lightener, which can be gotten in your local Sally’s shop.

The advantage of using the luminize is to facilitate the return of moisture in your hair. Moreover, it’s gentle on the hair so it should be harsh on the hair.

If you use the ash base one, it will not leave any red tone in your hair. But if you have brittle or frizzy hair, you can use olive oil or go for one of Tresemme leave-in conditioner or Pantene hydrating and repair conditioner.

Here is a good infographic to help you choose the right product: 

I Stripped My Hair from Black and It Has Gone Orange

Tips to Ensure You Don’t Make the Same Mistake Again

Keep in mind

When you’re perming your hair, you should only lighten it. Some people don’t want to be patient for that because it’ll take weeks. But just dying it at once may result in dryness.

Hair perm should be in stages. And if you follow the right steps, it should take you weeks, not even days.

That way, you’ll have fewer problems when you’re changing hair color.

Mistakes to avoid

As mentioned before, your hair has a life to it so you should treat it appropriately. If you know how to do it, you should do a strand test before stripping your hair.

This will give you an idea of what color is the most suitable for your hair. Remember that the underlying pigments in your hair determine the color.

If you keep stripping it, the natural color will fade and your hair will lose any natural semblance of its former self.

If you’re finding it difficult to do this, you’d better leave it to a professional colorist. They’ll know what to do at every stage and probably help you save your hair from so much damage.

I Stripped My Hair from Black and It Has Gone Orange [What to Do?]

As I mentioned somewhere in this article or elsewhere, this is quite common among those who change haircolor. So, if it happens to you, it shouldn’t be surprising.

In that case, learn where you’re at and what steps are necessary to move on.

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