Sunsilk vs Dove: Which of the Two Brands Is Better?

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I decided to make a comparison: Sunsilk vs Dove. We have been used to and surrounded by beauty products of these two brands for some time. Are they valid? Are there any nasty surprises around the corner?

Before you choose any of the two brands, you have to first evaluate your hair condition. What exactly would you need and which of them can provide the best of it?

If you’re looking at their shampoo, for example, you need to be concerned about the ingredients. Some of these brands use questionable ingredients. That’s why it’s the responsibility of the user/buyer to research them before buying.

Furthermore, your own condition can determine how effective a product is. If you have severe scalp itchiness, some products might not work well for you.

After considering all of these things, you’re ready to choose the right product for your hair or skin.

Sunsilk vs Dove Shampoo

Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo vs Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture

Sunsilk vs Dove
Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture

dove or sunsilk
Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo

Use the Dove shampoo for dry hair and the Sunsilk shampoo if you want volume. Finally, Dove is less expensive than Sunsilk, although I wouldn’t base my decision solely on that.

Sunsilk is enriched with amla pearl complex, which makes hair shinier and smoother. Sunsilk products leave traces of fragrance, so if you’re sensitive to smell, then it can be a bad thing.

Also, the Sunsilk shampoo penetrates your hair down to the root to nourish it and give it a healthy glow while the Dove Nutritive Shampoo supplies moisture to the hair so it becomes softer and supple.

The Dove shampoo, on the other hand, is infused with pro-moisture complex, which provides deep nourishment for their hair.

Other Products from Sunsilk vs Dove

Both Sunsilk and Dove have a lot of other products aside from their shampoo line. Here are some of them:

From Sunsilk:

Similar to the above, comes Sunsilk’s Co-Creation strong and long with Biotin.

It is supposed to nourish your hair and provide it with healthy natural and chemical elements which they say “blends the power of nature and science” to equip you with healthy, shiny hair with a faster growth rate.

However, there isn’t a lot of reviews on this particular item.


Sunsilk also has the Co-Creations Smooth and Manageable Conditioner. Besides conditioning the hair, it promotes a healthy scalp and faster hair growth.

Reviews from clients are mostly about the unique fragrance of this product, and alongside that, they claim it does its job in conditioning.

From Dove:

I feel like Dove has a more varied product line than Sunsilk, especially for those who’re buying from the United State. Sunsilk isn’t like other brands like Nivea, Head and Shoulders, Kiehl’s, Aveda, etc. All of which has a stronghold in the States.

A Matter of Marketing

You can’t have a proper Sunsilk vs Dove comparison if you don’t take into account a simple fact: the same production company manages the two brands. Unilever is the name of the parent company.

Both brands were launched in the 1960s. What makes them different is their marketing.

Dove was created to sell cleansing and beauty products to women with dry skin. The real promise that Dove products make is to restore the skin to smooth and healthy conditions.

For this reason, the characteristic of almost all Dove products is creaminess. The creaminess serves to suggest a sense of regeneration of dry skin.

Sunsilk has a name that helps anyone understand its message immediately. It deals with hair that becomes beautiful in the sun and we are talking about sumptuous silk-like hair.

It strikes us almost ironically if you think that Dove like Sunsilk sells cheap consumer products (the lowest market of all).

Putting the Products to the Test: Sunsilk vs Dove

Sunsilk vs Dove

The best thing to do is to compare hair products. They help us better understand how the same production company differentiated the two brands. Dove maintains a shampoo line that promises soft and hydrated hair.

Sunsilk launches on the market many different types of shampoos and conditioners for any kind of hair: straight, curly, wavy, colored, fragile, and many others.

For this comparison, I will take two similar products, which allow us to see the differences.

Dove has Nutritive Solutions shampoo. This is a product that is placed in the middle of the various types offered: it promises hydration and softness, as well as to repair damaged hair.

Sunsilk has the Perfect Straight Shampoo. This product promises to make hair smoother, thanks to the release of silk proteins that remain on the hair and allow for improved combability.

The result is quite identical. Dove shampoo leaves hair smooth and soft. Sunsilk shampoo leaves hair soft and invites you to use their after-shampoo cream and oil for a better effect.


Both products give the same clean feeling. Dove shampoo is a slightly more concentrated formula, and can easily irritate the scalp to cause dandruff. It is highly recommended to use little of it.

Sunsilk shampoo leaves your hair with a heat-sensitive patina, so you should be careful when drying your hair so as not to damage it too much because the patina amplifies the effect of heat.

Are there Any Nasty Surprises?

Unfortunately yes. Traces of micro-plastics may sometimes be found in Dove products.

Plastic residues have been reported in all Unilever products that end up in the products and can occasionally end up in your shampoos. Not a danger to our hair, but not good news for the environment.

Sunsilk also has some side effects. You probably have noticed by now that Sunsilk is known for its remarkably strong scent. Strong scents can cause your hair to dry out, as well as irritate your eyes.

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Sunsilk vs Dove: Conclusion

If you’re buying any of Sunsilk or Dove, I’ll advise you to do your homework. This isn’t about just reading a few articles online. If possible, get some samples from both brands and test them.

That way, you’ll know which one you like and that matches your skin type. There are a lot of users who were able to avoid buying the wrong product just by doing this.

Lastly, there are many other products on offer from both brands.

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