Surfer Hair: A Hair Trend That’s Not Just For The Beach

Countless men’s hairstyles come and go yet one that has been ageless is the casual and tousled, “Surfer Hair”.

Surfer Hair has looked good on numerous stars ranging from 70s heroes like Led Zeppelin to on-screen character Owen Wilson and many others.

Surfer Hair is the classic summer hairstyle and makes you appear as though you have a place on a sun-kissed seashore with the scent of the sea blowing through your locks.

It is incredible on practically all guys who want a casual look and is entirely simple to keep up as well.

Here’s the Ultimate Guide to Having and Maintaining Great Surfer Hair.

Surfer Hair: The Ultimate Guide for A Quick, Easy Hairstyle

Let It Grow

  • The first thing you’ll have to do is let your hair grow long. If you previously had a longer cut such as a Caesar, this won’t take very long; however, growing out a short fade will take a while. Be patient.
  • Eating a decent, protein and mineral-rich diet will enable your hair to grow as quick as possible
  • If your ends start to split, you can trim the last 1/8”, just to ensure that the hair remains looking great and continue growing.
  • Scalp massages can also invigorate quickened hair development also.
  • Get it over your eyes and past your ears. When your hair is past your ears and over your eyes, you are prepared for Surfer Hair.
  • Try not to rush it as your stylist will trim your hair and cut some length during the procedure. If you will do Surfer Hair, do it right.

Keep It Healthy

Try not to wash daily yet at whatever point you do wash, make sure to use conditioner. You’ll need to keep your hair healthy and strong to facilitate fast growth.

You’ll be enjoying your Surfer Hair in a short time and you’ll need it to appear its best so you might as well put in the effort to achieve that.

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Step By Step Instructions for Doing a Surfer Haircut

Getting the surfer hairdo is simple. Whether you’re employing the help of a professional salon or you’re going at it yourself, it involves only a few steps.

Here are the steps:

  1. Get the tools. To do a surfer hairstyle, you will require a water spritz bottle, hairpin, brush, comb, scissors, and Mousse
  2. Prepare your hair. Spray the hair with water to moisturize it
  3. Comb it. Comb the hair completely to the tips, after parting the hair in the center
  4. Pin it. Hold the whole volume of hair from the neckline to the top with a hairpin
  5. Free/trim the hair. Start releasing the hairs at the base and continue trimming until the scissors arrive at the top layer.
  6. Be inconsistent. Try not to keep up consistency while trimming the hair, rather, pass the scissors in any direction to give the hair a tousled appearance.
  7. Trim the hair. Trim the hairs on the sides and the top shorter than those at the neck area and the base part, to add layers to the hair
  8. Get a new look. Leave ½ inch between layers to give a subtle appearance
  9. Use mousse. Apply a mousse, passing your fingers between the layers and leaving the hair messy to wear an ideal surfer hair men style
  10. Flaunt it. Now, your hair is ready to into the world and dazzle.

Now that you know how the haircut is done, let’s look at some of the styles you can try right now:

How to Style Surfer Hairstyles: 14 Quick, Easy, and Versatile Hairstyles


Surfers had led the crusade to promote and popularize this tousled and easygoing haircut.

And this men surfer hairstyle has a lot to do with the hippie culture, where, in the absence of grooming the hair is reflected in their hairstyles.

The first look of men’s surfer hairstyle is thick, long and normally sun dyed hair. It always seems like the sun and saltwater have doused the hair for a considerable length of time together.

Things have changed now, though.

With an assortment of gels, pomades and styling items being utilized to wear the surfer hairstyles for guys, which was not the case, when this hairstyle actually became commonly known.

The new hairstyles for guys include those with bangs behind the ears, and parting in the middle or on the side.

Check out this short, 30-sec video: 

Surfer Hair1. Long Length Surfer Hair

Long Surfer Hair is the most famous and stylish. When you think about surfers, you regularly imagine long blonde hair.

However, if your hair isn’t naturally blonde and you would prefer not to bleach, feature or color your hair blonde, the famous surfer guy hairstyle isn’t just for the blonde part of the equation.

As long as you grow your hair out and keep it free-flowing, you’re incorporating the heart of the lifestyle.

The amazing thing is that even surfers with long hair do not require much hair maintenance routine. This is because most guys can easily get away with bed head and still look good!

Surfer Hair2. Medium Length Surfer Hair

Medium length surfer hair is another choice as you wait for longer hair growth.

With medium haircuts trending for guys, surfers can allow their hair to grow and tumble down to their shoulders.

This look is entirely adaptable and ageless, enabling you to pull your hair in a braid to get it out of your face.

Or you can part it down the center and sweep it between your eyes.

short style3. Short Surfer Hair

Guys don’t usually consider short surfer hair, yet with the right style, you can pull it off.

The sides should be faded, reduced or undercut, and the hair on top should be thick.

To style a short hairstyle, think about a comb over fade or a shaggy top with a side-swept fringe.

Anyway, you wish to style your surfer cut, make sure to pick a light styling product to guarantee a natural finish.

blonde style

4. Blonde Surfer Hair

If history had to pick a hair color that represents surfers, it would definitely be blonde.

Guys with long blonde hair who are additionally surfers have it simple.

Otherwise, blonde surfer hair can be gotten by bleaching and fading your strands or requesting features from your stylist.

In a similar vein, guys with light dark colored hair regularly end up with sun-kissed hair from being at the beach so much.

undercut style5. Undercut Surfer Hairstyle

Another surfer undercut, however this time with a lot of trendy person “vibes”.

This hairstyle requires the main, bleached lock of hair to be on the head and the sides are almost buzzed.

The shaved lock of hair is what appears to be the surfer hairstyle.

The lock of hair on the head is usually quite long in length which is why it can be moved to either side of the head for styling purpose.

You will need to spend a lot of time sweeping the very long locks of hair out of your face each time you wash out.

6. Wavy Medium Style

A few afros unquestionably fall under the class of surfer hairstyles. This medium to long, super wavy afro is fit for the sea and gives guys that cool look and can also be paired with reflection glasses.

7. Shorter Wavy Style

This wavy style isn’t quite an afro but is definitely close to that. The incredible volume of this look feels very young and masculine, so it will definitely look great on plenty of novice surfers.

8. Messy Surfer Hairstyle

Here’s another shoulder-length style but this time with some curls added at the bottom. This cool look is also pretty flexible and can be used by guys in attending formal events such as weddings or just plain surfing.

9. Messy Curls Lying Around

This hairstyle is the medium length with messy curls around the hair and sure makes for another awesome surfer look. This style looks amazing both wet and dry.

And what’s more? It’s quite easy to maintain.

10. The Surfer Messy Hairstyle

This long and shoulder-length surfer hairstyle is really convenient, requires no styling whatsoever and totally rocks the free-spirited vibes. Here, guys, facial hair adds to the masculine look.

11. Middle Parted Slick

This is the easiest hairstyle in the surfer hair book.

It requires very little effort and quite low maintenance. Just center part the hair and apply some styling product to slick them into position. This style gives an elegant and cool look to guys.

12. Short Hair, Side – Swept Surfer Hair

Considering the name of this style, one would think it requires a lot of effort to achieve but it requires very little in reality. This haircut can be thought of as being very similar to that of Mohawk.

The short hair, side-swept surfer hairstyle is achieved by getting the haircut done in a one-side direction and getting them styled in such a way that they look windswept.

13. Formal Surfer Hair

The surfer hairstyle gives off a very casual and simple vibe.

However, it is not strictly in a casual manner this look is achieved. It can also be styled in a professional manner that can be used for social events.

This look can be achieved by hairstylists by using hair products to slick back the hair sometimes or fix it in a tousled style.

14. Tousled Surfer Hair

To achieve a perfect tousled curl with the surfer hair, a few styling products are necessary. This is to make the hair appear bleached and give a nice texture to it.

This style does not require hair in very long length and can be achieved in both short or long length hair.

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