Uriage vs Avene: Which is More Effective?

Want a comparison on Uriage vs Avene? Want to learn which of them offers the best micellar water? Then you’re on the right page.

While it’s not as popular as other beauty essentials, micellar water is blowing up.

The good thing about this spring water is that it’s effective at removing dirt on the skin, clearing out makeup, and might even help reduce the appearance of pores on the skin.

Micellar water is also gentle and doesn’t leave behind some of the side effects that many other skincare products are guilty of.

If you’ve been thinking about getting your own to add to your skincare regime, then this article will be useful for you. There are many brands you can choose from and I’ve reviewed a couple of them on this blog.

This article will focus on both Avene and Uriage Micellar water. You’ll be able to see how they work and if there are any drawbacks you should be aware of.

Let’s get into it:

A Quick Comparison of Both Water

The Uriage Eau Thermal Water can be used for moisturizing, soothing, and protecting the skin surface.

However, the Avene Cleanance Micellar Water is more of a face cleanser compared to Uriage water. As you can see, Uriage Water has wider use cases and likely to provide more benefits.

If you’re only focusing on the face and you don’t mind any brand, then you can go with Avene. But if you want multi-purpose water, then your best option is Uriage. Fortunately, the price difference isn’t much.

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Uriage vs Avene Micellar Water: Which is Better?

Uriage Eau Thermale Water

Uriage vs Avene

Uriage Eau Thermale Water was designed to clean skin that is prone to redness. When you have skin that has a tendency to turn red it means that it’s more sensitive and needs extra-special care.

This is where Uriage comes in. No matter how sensitive your skin is, Uriage Eau Thermale Water is gentle enough to remove make-up and dirt without damaging your skin.

Whether your skin is oily and needs cleaning or dray and needs moisture this micellar water from Uriage will work its magic.

You can even use it in the extra sensitive areas around your eyes and mouth. It’s gentle enough for daily use and you can spritz it on in the morning or evening to boost the moisture content in your skin.

There’s no need to rinse it off, just spritz it on and allow the cleansing hydration to work its magic.

As it cleans it adds trace elements that improve your skin’s hydration and appearance leaving you with healthy, soft, glowing skin.

It also aids in adding natural salts back into your skin to improve elasticity. Uriage is so gentle that you can use it on acne-covered skin to help unblock pores and reduce the appearance of breakouts.

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Avene Cleanance Micellar Water

Uriage vs Avene

Avene Cleanance Micellar Water comes in a 200ml transparent bottle. Since it’s hypo-allergic, it’s a good lotion option for people with sensitive skin.

Its scent is soap-like and mild. It’s easy to remove makeup with, and you will definitely love the fact that it doesn’t require any rinsing off your face after that.


The spring water is infused with minerals like Aquaphilus dolomiae, which is an anti-inflammatory microorganism that springs up the body’s defense against irritation, itching, and other body anomalies.

So, if you have rosacea, eczema, or painful psoriasis, this is something you want to try out. If you’re already preparing to buy one, then you’re on the right path.

Another unique feature of the Avene Cleanance Micellar Water is that it’s unadulterated. It’s not like the water you get from the streets. It’s not mixed with chemicals that can get your body in trouble.

Since it’s one of the purest you’ll find, it can do your body a lot of good.


  • It’s a good foundation remover
  • Doesn’t cause skin irritation


  • It leaves skin with a sticky residue (You skin will be a bit unclean)
  • It is not a good option for removing waterproof makeup around the eyes
  • Since it’s scented, it may not be suitable for people who don’t like scents


As you probably already know, this is pure water. It’s misty and cool. And can really moisturize your skin.

However, if you have strong dermatitis or breakouts, this product might not stop that. In order words, this works but it has its limitations. If what you need is soothing cleansing water, then you should consider this.

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