Can You Use Jergens Ultra Healing On Your Face?

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When it comes to personal hygiene products, we’ve all had moments when we want to multipurpose a product that’s designed for a specific use.

Many times it seems obvious that this can be done safely.

But there’s always a slight level of discomfort that comes with possibly violating the manufacturer’s instructions.

Jergens Ultra Healing cream is one good example of this when it comes to possibly using it for facial cleansing.

There are two sides to the story.

The company’s recommendations, and the experience of various users who try this on their own. So let’s answer the basic question:

Can You Use Jergens Ultra Healing On Your Face?

What the Company Says:

Not surprisingly, Jergens recommends not doing this.

The answer reveals their logic quite nicely—Jergens says their creams haven’t been tested specifically to be used on facial skin, so instead they recommend a different product, the company’s All-Purpose Face Cream.

This is why companies often diversify their product lines. After all, why make money off of just one product if they can make several and recommend each one for a specific purpose?

User Experiences:

Now let’s look at the other side of the coin and see what the experiences of various users have been like.

Some have been daring enough to give it a go and use Jergens Ultra Healing cream for facial cleansing, and the vast majority seem none the worse for wear.

In fact, many have had a positive experience that belies Jergens’s recommendations in this area. Older users reported a positive difference in their skin, with the comments including words like “smoother,” “plumper” and “softer.”

The ingredients mixture of three different vitamins—B5, E and C—certainly won’t harm facial skin, and indeed, many of the comments reflect similar or analogous benefits.

This is the reason why it’s not a bad idea to go against a company’s usage recommendations, especially when it pertains to something as innocuous as a face cream.

Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer Review

Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer is marketed as a deep moisturizing solution, specifically designed to heal dry, rough skin.

With ingredients like vitamins C, E, and B5, this lotion claims to penetrate through five layers of the skin’s surface, offering hydration from the inside out. Want to know more Jergens Ultra Healing benefits? Keep reading…


The lotion has a creamy consistency that’s neither too thick nor too runny. It spreads easily on the skin, making it suitable for quick application post-shower or on-the-go.


Jergens Ultra Healing has a subtle, pleasant fragrance that doesn’t overpower. For those sensitive to scents, it’s mild enough not to cause any disturbance.


For most users, the lotion provides noticeable hydration immediately after application.

With consistent use, there’s a visible improvement in skin texture and a reduction in dryness. The product holds up well in colder climates where skin tends to become particularly parched.


The bottle is user-friendly, with a pump dispenser that ensures no wastage and easy application. It’s also travel-friendly and leak-proof.

Price Point

Jergens is known for its affordable price point, and the Ultra Healing Moisturizer is no exception. For the quality and quantity offered, it provides good value for money.


  • Immediate hydration and long-lasting moisture.
  • Affordable.
  • Mild, pleasant scent.
  • Easily available in many stores.


  • Those with extremely sensitive skin might want to patch-test first, as with any product, to ensure no adverse reactions.
  • Contains parabens, which some users might want to avoid.

Final Thoughts

Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer is a reliable choice for those seeking an affordable, effective solution to dry skin.

While it may not have the luxury branding of high-end moisturizers, its performance and consistency make it a favorite among many.

Always consider your skin type and any sensitivities when choosing a skincare product, but for its price point and the results it delivers, Jergens Ultra Healing is worth considering.

Does Jergens Ultra Healing Lighten the Skin?

No, Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer is not formulated to lighten the skin. It’s designed to moisturize and heal dry skin.

If you’re looking for skin lightening or brightening effects, you’d need to seek products specifically designed for that purpose.

Jergens Ultra Healing Fake vs Original

Counterfeit beauty and skincare products are a significant concern worldwide. Using fake products can lead to adverse skin reactions since their ingredients and production processes aren’t regulated.

When it comes to popular products like Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer, it’s essential to know how to differentiate between the authentic and fake versions.

Here are some tips to help you distinguish between the original Jergens Ultra Healing and its counterfeit counterparts:

Packaging & Labeling

Original: The packaging of the authentic product will have clear, high-quality prints with no smudging or typos. The Jergens logo will be consistent with other genuine Jergens products.

Fake: Counterfeit products often have minor errors in the text, misspellings, or blurry printing. The color of the bottle might also be off.

Consistency & Color

Original: Jergens Ultra Healing has a specific texture and color, usually consistent across bottles.

Fake: The texture might be too watery or too thick, and the color may differ from the original.


Original: The genuine product has a distinctive, consistent scent.

Fake: Counterfeit products might have a different fragrance or even an unpleasant or chemical-like odor.


Original: Usually sold at a consistent price range across various reputable stores.

Fake: If a deal seems too good to be true, it often is. Extremely low prices can be a red flag.

Place of Purchase

Original: Buy from reputable sources, official brand stores, or well-known chain drugstores or retailers.

Fake: Be wary of non-reputable online sellers, street vendors, or unfamiliar stores.

Check the Seal

Original: The product usually comes with a safety seal.

Fake: Counterfeit items might lack this seal or have one that’s tampered with.

Product Code & Batch Number

Original: The product will have a batch number that can often be verified with the manufacturer.

Fake: Fake products might have missing batch numbers, or they might not match up when verified.

Check Official Websites & Contact Customer Service: If in doubt, visit the official Jergens website or contact their customer service. They can provide information on packaging, authorized retailers, and other details to help confirm authenticity.

Remember, the risks of using counterfeit skincare products extend beyond financial loss. They can lead to allergic reactions, skin issues, or exposure to harmful chemicals. Always prioritize safety over price and buy from reputable sources.


If what you’ve read here makes you curious enough to try it yourself or read more reviews to get added information, feel free to give it a go—you might just like what you experience.

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