Can You Use Jergens Ultra Healing On Your Face?

When it comes to personal hygiene products, we’ve all had moments when we want to multipurpose a product that’s designed for a specific use.

Many times it seems obvious that this can be done safely.

But there’s always a slight level of discomfort that comes with possibly violating the manufacturer’s instructions.

Jergens Ultra Healing cream is one good example of this when it comes to possibly using it for facial cleansing.

There are two sides to the story.

The company’s recommendations, and the experience of various users who try this on their own. So let’s answer the basic question: Can you use Jergens Ultra Healing on your face?

What the Company Says

Not surprisingly, Jergens recommends not doing this.

The answer reveals their logic quite nicely—Jergens says their creams haven’t been tested specifically to be used on facial skin, so instead they recommend a different product, the company’s All-Purpose Face Cream.

This is why the company’s often diversified their product lines. After all, why make money off of just one product if they can make several and recommend each one for a specific purpose?

The User Experience

Now let’s look at the other side of the coin and see what the experiences of various users have been like.

Some have been daring enough to give it a go and use Jergens Ultra Healing cream for facial cleansing, and the vast majority seem none the worse for wear.

In fact, many have had a positive experience that belies Jergens’s recommendations in this area. Older users reported a positive difference in their skin, with the comments including words like “smoother,” “plumper” and “softer.”

The ingredients mixture of three different vitamins—B5, E and C—certainly won’t harm facial skin, and indeed, many of the comments reflect similar or analogous benefits.

This is the reason why it’s not a bad idea to go against a company’s usage recommendations, especially when it pertains to something as innocuous as a face cream.


If what you’ve read here makes you curious enough to try it yourself or read more reviews to get added information, feel free to give it a go—you might just like what you experience.

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