Victoria’s Secret Perfume Discontinued: Why Does It Happen?

While Victoria’s Secret is best known for its clothing line, the brand has a range of products including fragrances, body washes, body spray, perfumes, and a few other products.

Victoria’s Secret perfume line has seen a number of discontinuation since the 1980s. In fact, there are hundreds of discontinued Victoria’s Secret Perfumes.

Here is a list of discontinued Victoria’s Secret perfumes below.

Why Does Victoria’s Secret Discontinue Perfumes?

The most probable reason would be little patronage or low consumer interest. It could also be because of the low-profit margin on the perfumes.

These are often the two biggest reasons brands discontinue products. There may be others but these are stronger. 

The brand also has a long list of discontinued body washes, body sprays, and other products.

Are there Victoria’s Secret Discontinued Perfumes?

Victoria Secret Perfume Discontinued
One of Victoria’s Secret discontinued perfumes

Yes, there are a lot of perfumes/fragrances the brand is no longer producing.

Even though the brand isn’t bringing back these perfumes, the demand for them hasn’t died down.

And it’s not even slowing down even after lots and lots of months.

That tells you a lot of people miss their favorite scents from VS and are still hopeful they can return it.

Whether that is possible or not is not the aim of this article.

What I want to help you with is to identify some of the scents that have been stopped so you can look for alternatives if your favorite one is there. 

Discontinued Victoria’s Secret Perfume List of Scents

  • Original Victoria
  • Heavenly Stardust
  • Vanilla Lace
  • Exotic Bouquet
  • Wild English Garden Romantic Bouquet
  • English Harvest Garden
  • Forget Me Not
  • Romantic Bouquet
  • Freesia
  • Her Majesty’s Rose
  • Body by Victoria
  • Rapture

Which other scent or perfume do you wish the brand would bring back?

How to Know When a Product Is Discontinued

Victoria’s Secret is one of the brands that have a long list of discontinued products.

From their clothing line to perfume to body wash.

There are probably dozens of products already discontinued by this brand.

So, it can sometimes get confusing especially if you can’t find your favorite products. Are they discontinued or just out of stock?

To find out whether a product is still in production or not, here are a few steps to take.

Check the Manufacturer’s Website

Your first source of contact should be the manufacturer’s website when trying to determine the status of a product.

Most times, but not always, the product will be pulled from the official website once production for it has halted.

Some brands will also communicate to their user base on Facebook or Twitter announcing the discontinuation of the product.

No matter what you read or hear elsewhere, the final say is with the maker of the product.

You can also message the brand to confirm whether they are still making a product or not.

Sometimes, people carry rumors of a product’s discontinuation when it’s just out of stock.

Check Specialty Forums

Sometimes, the manufacturer won’t announce, and for a reason, you may not hear back from them or be unable to reach them for confirmation.

In that case, you can make inquiries on forums.

Most times, you’ll find other people who also use the product will have the same difficulties as you.

That way, you’ll be able to confirm if any rumor of discontinuation is true or false.

Check News Sites

You can often find information on some sites, like Style Hair Magazine, about specific products.

These sites are dedicated to informing users of products that are out of stock, or discontinued, as well as alternatives to such products.

Beware though.

Some sites often pose as having the discontinued products in stock. Don’t buy from there.

All you want to confirm is that the product is truly discontinued and then find alternatives on reputable websites.

Final Thoughts on Victoria’s Secret Perfume Discontinuation

When a product you like is discontinued, the best you can do is to look for alternatives. Or if you’re keen, you may contact the brand directly and ask for the product to be brought back. 

I doubt that would work though. I’ve seen some people signing petitions through for certain products to be brought back.

In most cases, that didn’t get anywhere. If a brand can’t justify it, nothing can make them bring back a product.

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