Vanicream vs Aquaphor: Which is the Better Ointment?

Looking for a quick comparison of Vanicream vs Aquaphor? You’re on the right page.

If you have itchy or sensitive skin, you definitely want skincare products that are filled with natural ingredients. Fortunately, Vanicream and Aquaphor have good options you can choose from.


Not only are these products essential in optimizing the health and beauty of your skin. They can also help you soothe chapped lips or cracked feet.


Not all products that are advertised can do this, however. Which is why the excellent ones are crowded. If Aquaphor and Vanicream come up with great products, why wouldn’t anyone want to choose them above any others?

If you’re stuck with both brands but just can’t figure out which one might be suitable for you, then keep reading.


In this article, I’ll be comparing the popular Aquaphor Advanced Healing Ointment with the Vanicream Moisturizing Ointment

Before reviewing both products, let’s compare them in terms of price and function…

Vanicream vs Aquaphor: Which is Better?

Aquaphor Advanced Healing Ointment

Vanicream vs Aquaphor

The Aquaphor Advanced Healing Ointment is a great product for the winter weather and can be used for several medicinal purposes. If you have cracked lips or eczema, you can use the product for it.

Of course, you can use a chapstick or lip balm for cracked lips. However, this is a petroleum-based product while those are wax-based.

This means the ingredient in the ointment can protect your lips from continuing to dry while the wax in those products can continue to dry the lips.

Uses of the Ointment

Aside from that, you can also use it minor burns. This will be to protect as well as soothe them. Other uses included placing on chafed skin or dry skin caused by the winter weather.

The Ointment is non-comedogenic and you can use it as many times as you want. While it can be used anytime, it’s extremely great for use in winter.

It’s also calm and soothing too.


It’s preservatives- and fragrance-free, which means you can use it anywhere on the face (where your nose can easily inhale any scent) and not have yourself choked from heavy fragrance.

It also shouldn’t irritate, so if you have dry sensitive skin, you can use this.

Key Ingredients

The active ingredient in the Aquaphor Ointment is petrolatum, also known as petroleum jelly. As you can see from the name, the product is made from petroleum, which helps in sealing the skin with a moisture-protective barrier.

As a result, it’s able to keep moisture on the skin longer, resulting in supple, soft skin.

Fortunately, the ingredient is gentle on the skin. This makes it ideal for dry sensitive skin. It keeps your skin hydrated and comfortable simultaneously.

Also important to know:

When you choose a product that contains this ingredient, you should expect to see some/all of these benefits depending on your skin type.

Another ingredient in the Aquaphor Healing Ointment is glycerin, which is a moisturizing agent that helps to keep the outermost layer of the skin hydrated.

When used in skincare products, glycerin helps in catching moisture and then draws to the skin.

Also, the package is small and tight so you can travel with it. It’s easily absorbed and doesn’t clog pores according to user reviews.

Scent: doesn’t have a scent, feels heavy and creamy

Benefit: can eliminate dry skin on different parts of the body, it can also be used after injuries or surgery to keep the skin hydrated

Vanicream Ointment: What Is It? Is It Beneficial?

Vanicream vs Aquaphor

Aside from its many moisturizing creams, Vanicream also has an ointment. This is a very expensive one and has a few differences with the Aquaphor Ointment.

The Vanicream Ointment is petroleum-based and can serve as an excellent treatment for dry skin. It’s also dermatologist-recommended.

The ingredients in this version are very similar to that of Vaniply, which is another brand of Vanicream. In fact, they have the same active ingredient – Dimethicone. So, you can expect to get similar results whichever you decide to go for.

The Ointment has the NEA Seal of Acceptance, indicating that it’s safe for individuals with sensitive and dry skin to use it.

Also, if you have dry cracked skin, chafed lips, chapped hands, etc., due to the effect of the weather, this product can help you treat them.

It’s similar to Aquaphor in that it can improve the skin’s moisture retention as well as up its protective barriers.

It also doesn’t contain any irritants so it should be safe for use. The formula is non-greasy, and so is less messy. It spreads easily, gluten-free, and can be used by both adults and children.

While some of the benefits have been mentioned, you can specifically apply Vanicream for the following:

  • Protecting skin from weather conditions
  • Treat cracked or dried feet/hand
  • Soothe chapped lips
  • Reduce chafing from exercises
  • Relieve skin irritation

Final Words on Vanicream vs Aquaphor

As you can see, both have their benefits and downsides too. While Aquaphor is a very good and high-quality brand, it might be too expensive for you. In that case, you can go for Vanicream, which is also a solid brand.

You’ll also find a lot of similarities between them. Therefore, what you want to do is to look carefully at both and see which one will give you the best treatment.

If you have the feeling that Aquaphor may be the best for you, then the price alone shouldn’t make you disqualify it. Go for it! The same thing applies to Vanicream.

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