Vegamour vs. Prose Hair Growth: Which Is Better?

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Most people suffer from hair loss, which makes growing a decent hair length feel like an impossible task.

But seriously, it’s never too much to seek healthy hair growth.

During the search for remedies to speed up the growth process, you might have come across different hair product brands that you’re unsure of their functionality.

You’ve likely come across Vegamour and Prose in your pursuit.

They are two top brands whose names go hand in hand with hair loss remedies.

They have products and supplement that promotes hair growth and appearance.

Which of them is the key to faster hair growth?

Which can you spend your bucks on while being fully confident of its value?

This article will demystify these two brands as we seek to establish their effectiveness.

Let’s get started.

Vegamour Vs. Prose: About The Brands

Vegamour is a hair growth brand that makes a wide range of products to help solve problems of balding, thinning hair, and slow growth.

Rather than using hormones as active ingredients, the company prides itself on using all-natural, hormone-free methods to develop its products.

They have a broad range of products to enhance hair growth(GRO line and GRO+ Advanced line), each line having products including serums, foams, conditioners, and shampoo.

Prose stands out in its approach to combat hair loss.

It’s an online-based company that aims to minimize the industry noise of purchasing misfires.

They seek to understand individual problems through an in-depth online quiz that feels like a personal hair consultation.

From the information gathered, they develop products formulated according to individual needs.

They consider certain things like hair care routine, lifestyle, diet, and environmental conditions.

They tailored their products or supplements to end hair loss, improve hair appearance and promote hair growth.

Which Products Work?

Both brands have proven themselves to make successful hair growth products.

In the case of Vegamour, the company emphasized scalp health.

They believe that a healthy scalp is the basis of healthy hair.

So, their products assist in eradicating buildup within the hair scalp and strengthen the follicles, courtesy of the natural ingredients.

Consequently, the hair gains more resistance against shedding or falling, thus enhancing healthy hair.

By intending to understand individual lifestyle, nutritional diet, hair care routine, and the likes, Prose makes clinically proven products to accelerate hair growth.

Each product is designed according to individual needs, thus making it an efficient practice.

Vegamour Vs. Prose: Ingredients

Vegamour makes its products in an all-natural method.

Their products include some key ingredients such as Red Clover, Turmeric, Mung bean, Caffeine, Hemp Oil, and Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate.

Red Clover is an ingredient that works against hormones that cause hair thinning and hair loss.

Mung bean is packed with nutrients like Vitamin B, zinc, and calcium to act on the hair follicles and strengthen them.

Turmeric limits the pre-production of hair loss-inducing hormones.

Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate in their shampoo ensures a gentle lather that assists in clearing buildup on the hair scalp, one of the primary reasons for hair loss.

Prose hair products contain natural ingredients such as Biotin, green tea, hibiscus, jojoba oil, Grape seed extract, wheat oil, saffron extract, and horsetail extract.

All-natural products are proven to work by science and anecdotal research.

Biotin is the key ingredient as being scientifically proven to be effective for hair loss and hair quality.

EGCG in green tea was effective in a test-tube study for human hair growth enhancement.

Jojoba oil is a natural conditioning agent.

It protects hair thread and maximizes resistance to breakage. Hibiscus enlarges the follicular size of hair.

Vegamour vs. Prose: Which Is Better?

Beyond the ingredients, hype, and customer reviews, both products have gone way above regular length to prove the effectiveness of their products.

According to a double-blind clinical trial, Vegamour products reduce hair shedding by up to 76% and maximize hair density by up to 52% in customers that have used them.

A medical trial published in the Cosmetic Dermatology journal proves that Prose ingredients improved hair condition and minimized hair density in the telogen phase–a hair cycle phase related to hair loss in the future.

Both brands are a complete package, offering quality hair growth products.

Vegamour has a slight advantage over Prose with its offline presence.

If your Prose products finish now, you can’t quickly visit a nearby store to get one as the products are only available online.

Vegamour is also less pricey.

The significant advantage of Prose is that there’s less risk of buying misfires since the regimen is specially designed for you.

However, whichever brands you patronize, you’ll be getting the excellent quality that will promote your hair growth.

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