Vegamour vs Viviscal: Comparison

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Your hair is one of the most easily noticed parts of your entire body. People can make assumptions based on the state of their hair.

Due to this, it is best that you care about it.

Vegamour and Viviscal are two great haircare brands that can help you to do just that.

They help to make the hair more healthy and thicker than ever before. They also help to prevent hair loss and fight off hair conditions.

However, when it comes to these two, you might not know which of them is right for you.

Especially if you are new to the haircare game, you might not know which of them is better.

Although it all comes down to you, below is the comparison of these two brands. So just read to know which is better.

Vegamour vs Viviscal: Comparison

Viviscal is a haircare brand which offers a lot of hair care products ranging from shampoos to hair growth formulas.

All these products help to make the hair thicker and shinier.

They prevent the hair from shedding prematurely and also make the hair strands thicker. This greatly reduces the amount of hair that is lost daily.

Therefore, Viviscal is a good haircare brand indeed.

On the other hand, Vegamour is a haircare brand which helps to make hair more healthy.

It helps to make the hair more lush and full. It makes use of its unique ingredients to make the hair thicker and less likely to fall out.

In fact, Vegamour is so effective that it can promote hair growth in other parts of the body. Therefore, all these haircare brands help the hair in their own unique way.

Vegamour vs Viviscal: Price

When it comes to Vegamour, the price is a bit high. Most Vegamour haircare products have a price range of about $50.00 – $180.00.

With Viviscal, it depends entirely on the haircare product. It can be gotten from a price range of $30.00 – $60.00.

Pros & Cons of Vegamour and Viviscal

Although these haircare brands may look perfect, they all have their bad sides as well. Therefore, some of the pros and cons of Viviscal are:


  • Works for numerous people
  • No side effects
  • Excellent customer reviews


  • It is not organic
  • Not good for people with shellfish allergies
  • It is slightly expensive

Some of the pros and cons of Vegamour are:


  • Nice discounts
  • Tested and proven
  • 100% organic


  • A little expensive
  • Haircare products are thick and weigh down hair strands
  • It comes in little containers

Despite all their cons, both of these haircare brands still offer amazing services. Therefore, you still need to understand some more before making your decision.

Key Ingredients

Key ingredients are those items in haircare products that make them do what they do. In other words, they are the active ingredients.

Some of the key ingredients in Viviscal are:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most active ingredients in Viviscal haircare products. This vitamin provides the scalp with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong.

A healthy scalp will be able to provide the hair with the support it needs. Therefore, vitamin C helps to enrich the hair and prevent hair loss.


Although it is not commonly known, zinc plays a major role in making the hair strands thicker and stronger.

This is why most Viviscal haircare products contain zinc as an active ingredient.

It helps to improve the strength of the hair strands, making it harder for them to fall out.


This is a protein which is produced naturally by humans. It helps to make the hair stronger and thicker.

If you do not have enough, your hair will become dry and scanty. This is why it is an active ingredient in many Viviscal haircare products.

It helps to make the hair more shiny and moist.

Some of the key ingredients in Vegamour are:

Mung Bean

It turns out that this bean has more important uses aside from being in a salad. This bean contains a lot of copper.

Copper is very important for making hair more rich and healthy. Therefore, this bean aids the hair a lot in giving it its healthy glow.

Circuma Longa

Circuma Longa is a natural ingredient that can be gotten from turmeric.

It helps to stimulate the cells in the scalp and the hair. It helps to increase the length of the hair. Therefore, it helps to make the hair longer than before.


Caffeine is another major part of most Viviscal haircare products. This ingredient helps to make the hair more thick and lush.

Therefore, this is a weird ingredient that is still useful in many haircare products.

Can You use Vegamour and Viviscal Together?

Generally, you can. Vegamour and Viviscal do not have any ingredient which works badly with one another.

Due to this, you can make use of both of them easily.

Mixing the two of them can give you amazing results. However, be sure to only mix the right amount of both.

Is Vegamour worth it?

It all depends on how this haircare brand works for you. However, generally, people have agreed that this haircare brand is truly worth its cost.

All its claims have been proven through a number of tests. This means that it truly helps the hair in many ways and is completely organic.

Is Viviscal worth it?

Viviscal is truly worth it. Although it is not as expensive as Vegamour, it still does its job efficiently. Therefore, you can be sure about your choice.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss may be caused by a lot of things. However, the main artificial causes of it are sulfates and a bad diet.

Sulfates dry up the scalp and hair, making it fall out.

A bad diet will not give the hair the nutrients it needs, therefore, it will fall out.

Vegamour vs Viviscal: Which of the Two is Better?

The case of which is better depends on your experience with each of these haircare brands. However, surveys have shown Vegamour to be slightly better than Viviscal.

Therefore, you now know the comparison between two of the world’s best haircare brands.

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