Wella vs Redken: Which of the Two Brands Is Best for You?

Are you looking for a good article on Wella vs Redken? You’re on the right page.

In this series, we help you understand these brands better and make it easy for you to choose one out of them.

To help you navigate the awesome list of hair care products on the market, we research these brands and bring you their pros and cons.

If you’re looking for a good shampoo or conditioner, you know there a lot to choose from. But now that you’re down to only two it becomes easier to choose one.

As a consumer, it can feel really overwhelming to try to sort through the noise and decide on a shampoo product that actually works.

We’re here to help you narrow down your options to two of the most popular and highly rated brands: Wella and Redken.

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Wella vs Redken: A Brief History

When you’re selecting a product as simple as a shampoo, why learn about the history of the brands you’re buying from? It lets you understand if it’s a brand you want to buy from.

Also, you’ll be able to recognize the brand when you see them again. And if you’ve benefited or already loved their product, you can easily become a loyal fan.

So, I write this history to help you do both of that.


Wella is a professional haircare brand that was founded by Franz Ströher in the 1880s. They’ve been on the scene for decades and are favorably competing with the likes of Redken.

The first product from this company is the Tullemoid Waterproof, a method that allows the scalp enough breathing space so that it stays healthy and clean.

As of 2016, they’ve won a couple of awards, which shows they’re also one of the good brands you can stick to. They don’t just have hair care products.

But also have styling, hair color products that have been used and recommended by salon professionals. While a German company, many of its products can be obtained on American soil.


Redken is an American owned haircare brand. It is a subsidiary of the L’Oreal company. The name Redken is coined from its founder; Jheri Redding and Paul Kent, it was established in 1960.

The Redken brand produces different hair care products such as shampoo.

The difference between this brand and Wella is that it’s an American brand. So, if you don’t like using any brand that originates from other countries, you may want to choose Redken over Wella.

Wella vs Redken: A Quick Comparison

Wella has shampoo and conditioners combos for a variety of hair types and many of their shampoos are safe for relaxed hair.

However, their products are expensive. Redken, an American brand, offers individual shampoo and conditioners at affordable prices. 

Wella has a lot of positive reviews. So, I’ll highly recommend them. But if you’re looking to stick with an American brand, then go for Redken.

Wella vs Redken: Ranking and Review of Products

Let’s look at some of the products from both brands and how they work. You don’t need to know all of their products. There are a lot of them, so going over them might convolute these pages.

First Wella:

Wella Enrich Shampoo

This is a moisturizing shampoo for cleaning the hair. Like many other shampoos of this nature, you can expect to see a cleaner, bouncier and hydrated hair.

It contains Dimethicone, which helps to lock in hair moisture so your hair can retain adequate moisture. It can also fight frizz and help your hair shine nicely.

One of the great things I like about this shampoo is how well it’s made. That explains why so many people are singing its praise.

Aside from the fact that it’s widely accepted household product, many salons also recommend it as a good shampoo for hair care.

If you’re looking to treat a flaky scalp, you can try this product. It has minimal reside drop and feels nice after shampooing so your scalp is going to stay just the way it was before.


One of the important aspects I look at when reviewing these shampoos is how good they work. In most cases, they work for the specific thing they’re designed for.

At other times, they don’t probably because of many factors like the hair type and manner of usage.

For the Wella brand, you get a brand that’s well-received among users. Their products are rated as having moisturizing effect, softness and good scent, three of which makes or breaks a good brand.

Also, when you use the Wella shampoo, it allows your hair to become softer and easier to finger through.

There are a lot of other brands like Kerastase, Joico, American Crew, etc., that don’t have as much as a good review like this. For a selection of shampoo and conditioner, I’ll recommend this brand.

Is Wella Really for You?

Also, if you have permed hair, you’ll find a lot of products from Wella. They also have shampoos and conditioners for different hair types. So, if you’re sporting coarse or fine hair, you’ll find something suitable here.

Most of their products are expensive, compared to other regular brands. But I’ve found they have some of the top-rated products across a number of popular brands I’ve reviewed.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your next purchase, Wella isn’t the brand for you. When reviewing the price, I’ve discovered that most of their products are for a combo of shampoos and conditioners.

This is a good thing especially for those who have dry, flaky scalp. Many people complain of experiencing dryness after shampooing.

To combat that phenomenon, Wella brings a combo of shampoo and conditioners to the market. This is a nice initiative, one I’ve not seen with many other brands.

Now, Redken:

Redken Products

Redken’s hair care products, especially the Redken shampoo line, are manufactured with certain components and ingredients.

These include aqua, EAU, sodium Laurate, sulfate, coco-betaine, sodium chloride, cetyl alcohol, fragrance, cocamide, and salicylic acid.

Effectiveness of the Redken hair care product; shampoo

  • The shampoo helps to recover damaged hair such as hair breakage.
  • It has Anti-snap leave-in treatment which helps to restore hair surface damage.
  • The shampoo contains amino-ions which helps to maintain various hair color.
  • It helps to moisturize dry hair and also serves as a styling agent.

Scent: The Redken shampoo has a natural floral scent which leaves the hair smelling very fresh, soft and clean.

Redken Shampoo

Redken is a good shampoo hair care product that is used for frizzy and unruly hair types. The shampoo is very lightweight and helps to improve the strength and shine of the hair.

It contains an ultra-violet filter and also an antioxidant that is enriched with vitamin E and this helps to nourish the hair while fighting dandruff and other hair infections.

The shampoo also protects the hair from sun damage. It also helps to preserve the hair color, vibrancy and provides anti-fade protection to keep the hair shiny and silky all day.

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