Why Are Some of My Hair Strands Crinkly?

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Within the hair care industry, hair quality is definitely a controversial issue.

On the one hand, it helps sell products, and identifying genuine problems is one way to create new markets and perform a real service that can lead in turn to increased sales.

But the process of doing this can be a double-edged sword. The popular standard of long, beautiful straight hair is really just a myth that plays into the fears and insecurities of the many women who have crinkled, curly or frizzy hair.

It’s easy to insult the sensibilities of those women, and some companies go well beyond that, using a strategy that can easily backfire.

So let’s take a more extensive look at how this dynamic works, and what some of the solutions are.

We’ll use the example of women with crinkly hair and break down the thought process many of them go through when they choose products and try to answer the basic question of why are some of my hair strands crinkly.

The Approach to Crinkly Hair

A surprising number of women are coming to terms with the fact that they have crinkly hair, and many have actually come to love it as long as issues with hair damage aren’t involved.

But that love comes with a need to find products to help manage and control it, and they definitely take a structured approach to doing this that involves several defined steps.

The first has to do with curls in general. It’s usually a bad idea to brush them dry, and shampooing on a daily basis can lead to problematic results.

Possible Alternatives


So what to use instead? Many women with crinkly hair rely on a moisturizing conditioner that doesn’t have to be washed or rinsed out, and they often find that this helps them get a handle on the problem.

Another way to approach this issue is to increase the amount of conditioner they use once they find the right product. The tough part is to find the right product, and also to avoid hair damage in the search for the best solution.

The composition of the products themselves plays a significant role, too.

Alcohol is a no-no ingredient for many women when they evaluate prospective hair care products, and so is glycerine, although some women have success using glycerine or honey as a DIY hair mask.

Hair Gel

Hair Gel is another possibility for many women, to the point where some will seek out gel products to add to their hair care regimen.

There are definitely other things to avoid as well. These include heat, constantly touching and fiddling with problematic hair, and overdoing it when it comes to oiling.

It’s important to find a basic routine that works, then stick with it, as constant changes can create as many problems as they solve.

Evaluating Brands

Evaluating brands is also an essential part of the process. It’s definitely a jungle out there when it comes to finding the right products for crinkly hair but community forums and bulletin boards can be invaluable when it comes to finding the right product and minimizing the time factor.

The benefit of companies that make these products is that customers often become very loyal. The world of products for frizzy, kinky or crinkly hair is full of cult products, which only intensifies the efforts to develop them.

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