Why Is Olaplex So Expensive? Is There Any Secret to it?

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Why is it that almost all salons offer Olaplex as a treatment for damaged hair when it’s so expensive and there are dozens of other hair treatments out there?

What is it that makes Olaplex thick? Is it possible to get the same result from an Olaplex dupe that you would get from the original?

In this Olaplex review, Style Hair Magazine reviewer goes over this hair treatment, what it is, the pros and cons of using it, and why it may be the best for managing hair damage.

What Exactly Is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a hair treatment that comes at a high price, but many people feel that it is worth it for the results. But why does Olaplex cost so much more than other similar products?

Why Is Olaplex So Expensive?

Olaplex works by repairing broken bonds within your hair strands. It also prevents new bonds from breaking as well as increasing the elasticity of your hair.

This hair treatment works with all hair types, but it is especially helpful to those who use heating tools on their hair often. It can be used with color treatments as well for an even greater effect.

The high cost of Olaplex is because the product needs to be mixed per application by a professional stylist. Because of this, the product cannot be sold in large quantities.

The price also includes the cost of adding it to your hair and applying heat for 20 minutes.

This is why the salon visit must include one small vial per application, which costs $15 each. There are three steps total that need to be used, so you will pay an extra $45 for each step of the process.

The price may seem steep, but some people consider it worth paying because it works so well on all types of hair.

If you are considering using Olaplex during your next salon stop, stop by Salon Centric for more information on how to get the best results from this treatment.

Olaplex is very expensive because the product has to be mixed per application by a professional stylist. They also include the cost of adding it to your hair and applying heat for 20 minutes.

The Olaplex Series: From No0 to No8

Olaplex No 0

Olaplex No 0 is the more recent version of the Olaplex product line.

The No2 is an Intensive Bond Building Treatment that Olaplex says will rebuild your bonds, protects and strengthens hair integrity. It’s a take-home product (along with No 3) and the first to be used in a two-part system.

Olaplex No 2 & Olaplex No 3

About Olaplex No3 Hair Perfector

Olaplex No3 is also referred to as Olaplex Hair Perfector.

According to Olaplex, the Hair Perfector is a treatment that helps strengthen hair, improves the look and feel of it while also reducing breakage.

It’s a weekly treatment that you use at home, as against Olaplex no 1 which is mainly used at the salon.

The brand has just released No0, which you can use with the No3 Hair Perfector. The No 3 Hair Perfector can be used on any hair type and is safe for hair color.

About Olaplex No 2 Bond Perfector

Olaplex no 2 is meant to be used after every service.

It’s a Hair Bond Perfector, which helps to alleviate damage through chemical treatment and relaxing/lightening processes.

It contains the same ingredient in Olaplex No1, but it’s not a conditioner or an activator.


Both are designed for damaged hair from heat styling, hair loss, and broken bond.

If you’ve experienced hair breakage as a result of broken bonds in your follicle, these Olaplex products are good options to try out. To be sure, you can ask your hair stylist for the most suitable for your hair.

The Differences Between No2 & No3

The main difference between Olaplex 2 and 3 is that Olaplex 2 is used at the salon and the Olaplex is an aftercare treatment, which means it’s meant to be used at home.

This makes it clear how the two should be used. With Olaplex 3, you can apply it yourself and you don’t need professional knowledge to do so.

But for Olaplex 2, you need to be an expert or let a professional help you apply it. The Olaplex 2 is applied can have an effect on the results.

Some people find No. 2 to be more concentrated than No. 3 and for some reason, maybe cheaper to get per ml than 3. Cost-wise, No2 may be more desirable.

However, a lot of people have noted they get better results with No3 than 2. Aside from that, a lot of people seem to prefer Olaplex 3 because it can be used at home.

If you’re going to the same, all you have to do is follow instructions exactly and you should be alright.

Olaplex No 4 Maintenance Shampoo

This is Olaplex’s proprietary shampoo, great for protecting your hair from everyday stress, including split end, frizz, and damaged hair.

It does that by re-linking your broken bonds in hair strands. It’s color-safe, grease-free, and great for oily hair.

Olaplex No 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

Like the No 4, Olaplex No 5 is the brand’s conditioner, designed to smooth and condition all hair types.

Its main function is to repair damaged hair, add shine to it, and strengthen it. It is safe for colored hair and should be applied after the No.4 shampoo.

This is another hair product that not only helps you repair split ends but can also minimize hair frizz. It can be used on dry hair too.

Olaplex No 6 Bond Smoother

This is a leave-in conditioning creme. It’ll work up to 72 hours, so you can use it overnight but don’t need to use it daily. You can use it on wet or dry hair.

It’s safe for chemically treated hair as well as colored hair. It’s good for turning frizzy hair into a healthy hair.

Olaplex No 7 Bonding Oil

This is suitable for both thick and curly hair. It’s a lightweight, high-concentrated styling oil. This Olaplex product brushes out frizz and flyaways from hair while restoring softness, shine and color vibrancy.

Olaplex No 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask

This is Olaplex Bond Intense Moisture Mask, designed for moisturizing the curl and keeping it strong and shiny.

This one retails for around $28 and is infused with glycerin and jojoba oil. It’s suitable for curly hair.

Is Olaplex Worth it?

The short answer is yes, It’s worth the money.

I’d say that Olaplex is a solid product and has a good value for the money.

Right from the first Olaplex product to the last one, the products are well made and don’t have chemicals that can harm your hair. Unless you use it wrongly.

Also, there are probably thousands of reviews on the Olaplex line and the majority of these are positive and glowing reviews.

If you’re looking for an effective solution for your hair treatment, you should definitely try out Olaplex. If you want to be really, really sure, ask a friend who has used Olaplex before, for their opinion on the product.

Is There Any Other Product Better than Olaplex?

At the moment, there are a few alternatives for Olaplex. But you’ll be hard-pressed to see a superior product.

We’ve reviewed and compared Cureplex, Redken PH Blender, Brazillian Bond, etc., with Olaplex and always find Olaplex to be the better product.

In the case you can’t afford Olaplex, you should definitely try out something like the Redken PH Bonder. It’s also quite good.

Can Olaplex Ruin Your Hair?

It’s rare for Olaplex to cause damage to hair. While the manufacturer spells out how often it should be used (not too often), you’ll have to totally use the product improperly to get your hair damaged.

Some people use it every day and don’t see any negative effects. We believe it’s safer to use it less regularly or follow instructions on the label.

Why Is Olaplex So Good?

Well, that should be left to people who’ve used the product.

The product is effective, no doubt, but your mileage may vary, as they say.

What makes Olaplex good, is being able to repair broken bonds, strengthening them, and making them healthy. That’s the secret to the success of the product.

Another possible reason would be the ingredients. As long as a product has good ingredients, it should work. Or at least do what it promises. That, again, works in favor of Olaplex. 

Where Can I Get Olaplex Cheap? 

There are so many fakes out there now. And you might even come across where dupes are offered for this product. I’d stay clear of those.

If you’re having problems with your hair and want a product that works, I’d say you should get Olaplex from the right source.

Aside from the fact that cheap can be disappointing and not work, it can equally ruin your hair. And then you end up spending more than you’ve budgeted for.

Also, you’ll be helping the brand making the product to continue to make better products by buying at the official price. 

If you’re ready to pick up Olaplex, there are plenty of places you can go. You can shop on the official website of Olaplex. Or you can go to Amazon and pick up one.

Here is a list of all Olaplex products.

Why Is Olaplex So Expensive? Final Thoughts

In case you need to buy it yourself, the product is sold in one-ounce containers for $15. There are three steps total that need to be used, so you will pay an extra $45 for each step of the process.

The price may seem steep but people consider it worth paying because it works well with all types of hair.

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