Bride Hair Style: Which Style Will You Choose for Your Wedding Hair?

Your wedding day is probably your happiest day. You’re going to make a lot of preparations prior to the d-day. Of all that, choosing a suitable hairstyle is an important one.

You’re going to talk to your hairstylist about styling your hair professionally. They’d probably have lots of ideas and a particular style that will fit you.

Of course, you can choose whatever style you want. But because of previous experience, your stylist will be better situated to recommend a beautiful wedding hairstylist that you’ll eventually love.

It’s important they be able to recommend something special for you. If not, you may want to shop for another, and you can go as far as going for one that specializes in bridal hairstyle.

You’ll want to portray a certain theme/feel. It could be funky, romantic, classic, elegant, or sensual, depending on your hair type and what your husband might fancy. You’ll get even more ideas by looking through photos of potential bridal hairstyles.

You may have to pay for the consultation, different from the cost of the wedding hairstyle itself. It’s something that’s worth it unless you have a friend that is good in this stuff who is going to do all of that for free.

Bride Hair Style Considerations

  • Make sure the stylist who does your consultation/trial is the one who will be doing your bride hairstyle on the big day. I’ve seen it happen often that the client is inexplicably switched to another stylist. Prevent this by clarifying it at your trial. Shouldn’t even have to be said, I know, but make a point of mentioning it anyways.
  • Wear good, free-flowing clothing so that it doesn’t restrict your hairdo.
  • Wash your hair the night before and make sure it’s fully dried so you’re ready to go once you arrive.
  • If you want to color your hair, try to have done it some days back and do any pedicure/manicure a day before your wedding.
  • Have your trial hairstyle with you so you don’t get something different since your stylist may have forgotten since she probably would have been through dozens of heads since then.
  • If you already have your dress, you can bring it along so that the stylist can help create something that matches your dress and theme.

Put Your Features into Consideration

Most brides will have their hair pulled back in an elegant bun or chignon. But this isn’t always how it should be.

But it’s sometimes better to make your own style and not go with the crowd. You need something unique to you. Try a style with some height and softness, something that compliments your features and your dress.

If you have an open neck or open back dress, leave some (or all) of the hair down. Planning and brainstorming in the months before your wedding will help ensure you end up with a bridal hairstyle you’ll be thrilled to see in photographs for generations to come.

Add Impact With Accessories

If you want to make a better impact and make your hairstyle more formal for your wedding day, go with some hair accessories. They can really complement your hair.

Having some pins or simple hair sticks, a small decorative comb, a bridal tiara can go a long way in getting you there.

There are several places you can get these, one being, where you’ll find dozens of nice collections. Browse their offerings to find just the right headpiece to top your bridal ensemble.

When choosing your bridal hair accessories, consider both the style of the piece(s) and options for placement in your hair.

Some tiaras are designed to be worn ‘headband’ style, across the top of your head. Others are more ‘crown-like,’ designed to sit centered atop the head.

If you don’t want a tiara, but still want to add a formal touch to your hairstyle, you can go with rhinestone hairpins or pearl. A quality piece can become a family heirloom, passed on to future brides, or cherished privately as a symbol of your special day.

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What’s the Best Hair Style for Wedding

It can be a bit challenging to find the perfect hairstyle, one that not only feels formal but satisfies you. And that’s not even because they’re scarce. It’s choosing the right one and stylist to get it right. Speaking on the number of hairstyles available…

There are dozens of hairstyles you can choose for your wedding. This is good because you have a large option to choose from. Some of these include:

  • Classic Low Chignon
  • Elegant Curls
  • Braided Barrette
  • Pinned Curls
  • Romantic Updos
  • Deep Side Part
  • Glam Long Ponytail
  • Cornrowed Side Bun
  • Colorful Head Wrap
  • Low Layered Tucked Ponytail

What’s more important to choose something that is suitable for your face shape, matches your dressing, trendy, and most importantly beautiful. Part of getting it right is choosing the right stylist and making sure you’re prepared for all the rigor.

How Long to Get it Done?

Well, it shouldn’t take you more than an hour to get your bridal hair done. You’ll have to factor in more time when you consider the person doing it.

If she is is fast, that time shouldn’t exceed that. You definitely want to prepare well days before you go for your hairdo so there isn’t anything to take away more time.

If you have to, make sure to have scheduled a consultation and trial session with your hairstylists some months prior to the event. This way, you’ll not feel pressured, rushed, and will be relaxed.

Best time to Get Hair Done for a Wedding

Set a few hours prior to your event. Ask your stylist how long it usually takes to get everything done, along with your bridesmaids.

That way, you will be able to book enough time for getting the hair done. For one, you should be looking at four to five hours. If your stylist says it’s more than that, you can ask her to cut down the time so that you don’t become too tired after the hairdo.

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