Is Mane and Tail Bad for Your Hair? (Should You Use Mane ‘N Tail On Your Hair?)

Mane ‘N Tail is a popular brand bespoke for grooming horses’ hair and tail, thus the name. However, this has also been the topic of most hair enthusiasts because of its supposed beneficial effects on human hair. Although there are countless proofs and testimonials on Mane ‘N Tail’s site, it’s still important to know if … Read more

Is Biolage Good for Your Hair? (One of the Most Popular Haircare Brands)

Biolage is a product brand made by the company called ‘Matrix’. Biolage products are Keratin-based. What that means is that inside every bottle of Biolage shampoo, for example, you will find Keratin protein – one of the most abundant proteins in your hair follicles. Keratin is also found naturally in our skin and nails. Biolage … Read more

Bride Hair Style: Which Style Will You Choose for Your Wedding Hair?

Your wedding day is probably your happiest day. You’re going to make a lot of preparations prior to the d-day. Of all that, choosing a suitable hairstyle is an important one. You’re going to talk to your hairstylist about styling your hair professionally. They’d probably have lots of ideas and a particular style that will … Read more

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