How Much is a Used Coach Purse Worth?

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Even though it sits below top industry players such as Dior, Gucci, and Chanel, Coach is also considered a designer brand.

The brand represents high-quality, excellent design, and luxury.

Coach produces a wide range of products.

From clothing, footwear, and accessories to handbags, totes, and wallets, the options are almost limitless.

If you seek a quality leather product from Coach without spending heavily on their luxury handbag, the purse is an excellent choice.

The used versions are also way cheaper than the new ones without compromising much quality. However, if you search how much the cost of the used purse, you’ll get different answers.

How much do used Coach purses genuinely worth?

This article will answer this question and discuss everything you need to know about the brand and product.

How Much is a Used Coach Purse?

How Much is a Used Coach Purse Worth?

The amount a used Coach will sell depends on many factors. So, there’s no specific figure to claim.

The most straightforward answer is that the price depends on the purse size/type, design, condition, and materials.

Coach purses come in similar colors and designs to bigger handbags and totes.

So, the prices differ accordingly.

Also, the seller is a major criterion for deciding the worth.

A Coach purse can be worth any figure if someone is interested in paying such an amount.

On average, a used Coach purse will be worth at least $35.

You will find out that some of the purses cost a little less or way more than that, especially the ones made with material like an alligator.

If the purse is highly desirable, it can cost around $500.

Why BUY Used Coach Purses?

How Much is a Used Coach Purse Worth?

Coach was founded in 1941.

The brand has a solid history of developing products with great style and design.

When it was founded, the brand only produced mid-range luxury products.

At its peak of popularity, it started making high-quality luxury handbags and purses.

Coach targets people with high disposable income. The prices are mid to high-level points.

Handbags are the most extensive collection of Coach products, but the brand also produces clothing accessories and footwear.

It is a well-rounded brand with collections that cater to every modern need.

The brand uses a wide selection of leather skins, including pebble leather, snakeskin, lambskin, coated canvas, and denim, to produce its purses.

Do Coach Purses Last Long?

The central selling point for Coach is quality.

Even though the brand has undergone many rebrands since its establishment, it has never compromised the quality of its product.

Coach uses different leather types to produce its purses.

Because of the difference in leather types, the durability of each purse line differs.

For instance, pebble leather is more durable compared to lambskin and snakeskin. Also, softer leather can wear quickly, and more treated leather will last better.

However, Generally, Coach purses last longer.

They are produced with high-quality materials, which makes their durability admirable. A Coach purse or bag can last for years, depending on the maintenance culture.

Do Coach Purses Hold Their Value?

Yes, they do. The purses’ qualities are perfect and flawless, especially when you get one like the Coach Rogue bag.

They offer good value for money and have pretty resale value.

You can buy the purses for mid-level prices, use them for some years and sell them for a reasonable price again.

Besides, you can also get the purses for low prices when Coach goes on sale, offering you more than 50% off.

These purses are a good investment at such prices and provide excellent value.

For a mid-level luxury brand, Coach purses have fair resale value. It is an excellent alternative to luxury brands that offer high-price points.

Popular Coach Purses to Buy

If you check popular online retail stores, you’ll realize that there are many popular Coach purses to buy.

You’ll have to decide which fits your personality and fashion sense before choosing.

Below are some popular Coach bags you can look out for:

  • Coach Beat Saddle Bag
  • Coach Field Tote bag
  • Coach Willow Bag
  • Coach Shay Bag
  • Coach Tabby Bag
  • Coach Tabby Pillow Bag

How to Spot a Real Coach Purse

Like every other designer bag, Coach bags are often replicated.

If you’re seeking to buy a used Coach purse, the ability to discern fake ones is a necessary skill to have, especially since you won’t be buying from the brand’s official website or department store.

You must know Coach specifics such as logos, patterns, and materials to save yourself from wasting hard-earned money.

How Much is a Vintage Coach Purse Worth?

It’s the same value as used Coach bags unless there is some level of uniqueness to it. It may be scarce, have rare items, etc.

In that way, it will cost more.

The more luxurious items it has and the limited number produced in its prime, the better. Make sure you know how to choose the right one.

Below are a few areas to check before buying a Coach purse:

  • Check the leather materials: Coach purses are made with authentic and expensive leather materials. If the bag looks plastic-y and overly smooth or made with different materials, it’s probably a fake.
  • Inspect the pattern: Coach bags have the trademark CC pattern. Both Cs start at the center of the bag front panel, are horizontal, face, and overlap each other. If the bag has a different pattern, you should know it’s a fake.
  • Check the Stitching: Coach bags have clean and even stitches. They are straight and have the same length. You should only see a line of thread and not multiple stitches over each other.
  • Check the zippers: An authentic Coach bag will have a zip made of rings or leather. Sometimes, the bags will have the sign ‘YKK’ engraved into zipper metal.

Finally, if the deal is too good to be true, it could be a sign that it’s a fake Coach bag.

Final Words on Coach Purse Worth

So, how much is a Coach purse worth?

On average, a used Coach purse will be worth at least $35.

You will find out that some of the purses cost a little less or way more than that, especially the ones made with material like an alligator. If the purse is highly desirable, it can cost around $500.

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