Is Aussie Cruelty-Free in 2022? SHM Answers!

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Is Aussie cruelty-free? At first glance, the brand does appear to be cruelty-free.

However, upon further investigation, the brand is not cruelty-free. That means this brand engages in one or more of these rules to be cruelty-free:

  • They do animal testing or their suppliers engage in animal testing
  • Third parties engaged in animal testing
  • They test on animals where required by law, or they knowingly sell cosmetics in mainland China.

Aussie isn’t cruelty-free. That means it is also not vegan, sof you’re looking for a vegan or cruelty-free brand, you should look at some other brands. 

About Aussie

Aussie is a drugstore haircare brand. It was founded in 1979.

The brand was sold in Australia prior to 1990 but was phased out during the ’90s. after the phase-out, their products were primarily focused on the British and American markets. They are owned by Proctor and Gamble, a company that is not cruelty-free.

Aussie’s official statement regarding animal testing says that they do not test their products on animals in China. They are certified by PETA as being cruelty-free.

However, due to the fact that they still sell their product in mainland China, there’s a risk of post-market animal testing.

In the US they do not test their finished products on animals, their ingredients on animals, and their suppliers do not test on animals, but it is uncertain if they have third-party animal testing since their brand is sold in China.

Due to the uncertainty regarding the brand, because they sell Aussie products in mainland China, it cannot be 100% certified as cruelty-free.

Final Verdict

By most accounts Aussie appears to be a cruelty-free brand, it is something they celebrate on their website.

They stated they worked with PETA to somehow circumvent the testing policies and laws in China to avoid animal testing.

There’s not much information provided as to how they did this, so it cannot be assumed that they are totally free from animal testing.

It is not uncommon for a brand to hire a third-party company to conduct its testing while stating that they themselves are cruelty-free.

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