Nioxin vs Viviscal: Which Brand Is Best For You?

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There are plenty of hair growth shampoos and systems out there. However, many of them are expensive and some are not even effective. Two of the most popular are Nioxin and Viviscal. Do they work? Are they worth the investment?

In this article, you’ll learn whether they’re both effective or not, which will help you decide on the best one to choose.

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Nioxin vs Viviscal Comparison

The main difference between Nioxin and Viviscal is that the active ingredient in Nioxin is Pyrithione Zinc and green tea extract while the active ingredient in Viviscal is AminoMar C marine complex.

Also, Viviscal Hair Growth Program can be used by both men and females.

Nioxin vs Viviscal Product Reviews

Viviscal Hair Growth Program

Nioxin vs Viviscal

There are a lot of hair growth products out there that promise to restore hair loss to its natural state. Unfortunately, not many are able to fulfill this promise.

If you visit the review pages for some of these products, you’ll see people complaining about the effectiveness of the products after paying a lot of money.

One of the most popular hair growth products out there is Viviscal. It’s so popular it’s mentioned on popular sites like Healthline.

About Viviscal Hair Growth

Viviscal is a hair growth system that promises to make thinning hair thicker and help prevent excessive breakage. The supplement has a lot of active ingredients including vitamin C, silica, biotin, zinc, calcium, iron, collage.

Most hair growth products, including Viviscal, has proprietory ingredients that they use in their products. Some are FDA-approved and some are not.

According to their website, Viviscal isn’t approved by the FDA but the brand claims it’s in conformity with the rules set by the agency.

Nioxin vs Viviscal
Effectiveness of Viviscal Hair Growth

As you would expect with a product like this, a few studies have been carried out testing the product. In a few of the tests, it’s confirmed that Viviscal does have a positive impact on hair growth. However, a few other studies have slightly different or opposite results.

A few experts recommend the product but not directly. Some reviewers and previous users of the product have also found the product to be effective just as there are plenty more who haven’t found it to work as they expected.

One thing that’s important to point out is that Viviscal is one of the few hair growth systems that actually have some evidence of promoting hair growth.

Most of the other products we see are either charlatans promoting snake oil, not effective, and in some cases having an adverse effect on users. There is no clinical evidence that shows this product has any side effect on the hair or health.

One downside is that the Viviscal hair growth is expensive, which is not surprising since other systems like Monat, Rogaine, etc., are equally expensive. Some are even more expensive than Viviscal.

Moreover, it’s not FDA-approved and is not vegan or organic.

You can find the product on Amazon, Ulta, Target, Dermstore, and many other retailer storefronts, online or offline.


If you’re looking for an effective product that plenty of others has found useful for treating their hair loss, you should try out Viviscal.

It’s not as popular as the likes of Nioxin, Rogaine, Monat, etc. But the fact speaks in favor of it. It’s been tested in studies and found to have a correlation with hair growth for those who used it. If you can afford it, then the Viviscal Hair Growth System is something to try out. 

Nioxin Scalp Recovery Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Nioxin vs Viviscal

This Nioxin Recovery System is formulated for clearing the hair of dandruff and restoring it to its natural state. The treatment contains a cleanser, conditioner, and serum.

If you have scalp-related issues like flaky/itchy, dry scalp, dandruff, or seborrheic dermatitis, then this system is worth trying out.

The cleanser is medicated, which means it’s treated with a drug that’ll flush away dryness and itchiness in the scalp.

The recovery cleanser contains green tea polyphenols, which are responsible for boosting the hair’s moisture content as well as calming the scalp.

1% pyrithione zinc content helps relieve and prevent symptoms of dandruff. It can be used on virgin and colored-treated hair that’s experiencing scalp irritation and other problems.

Benefits of the Cleanser

The cleanser will help relieve the scalp from itching and flaking while also restoring its natural balance. It’ll also combat and remove dandruff from the hair. According to the maker, you can see results from the first use.

Benefits of the Conditioner

The main benefit of the conditioner is to condition and moisturize the hair. It’ll also operate with the cleanser to minimize dandruff and promote evenness and smoothness in the scalp.

The benefit of the Serum

As obvious from the soothing serum, it’ll provide a cooling effect on the scalp, which will reduce the itchiness caused by dandruff.

Other Benefits

When used, the system helps provide a 100% reduction in visible flakes. You’ll need to use it regularly to benefit from this. It’ll also reduce hair breakage as a result of the scalp itching.

While it’s mainly used for recovering failing hair, it can also serve as continuous protection for the scalp and hair from further damage.


The system is designed for all hair types.

As long as you’re experiencing some levels of thinning or scalp dryness, you can benefit from the treatment. The treatment is infused with ZPT-NIODerma technology, which contains green tea extract and pyrithione zinc.

According to Nioxin, you should use the treatment three times a week to see the best result.

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