Mod Hair Style

Classic Trendy Hair Style

A mod hair style is similar to a bob, it's texture and direction that add a mod feel.

A heavy, brow-skimming fringe and blunt lines characterize this cut.

Generous slicing or texturizing will lighten up the bluntness and allow for more movement and separation.

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Mod hair style. Mod hair style.

Mod hair style. Mod hair style.

Mod hair style. Mod hair style.

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Style with a swooping motion, directing the hair around the head or straight toward the face from the crown or a deep side part. Let the bangs veil an eye, if you can stand it, for a sultry, mysterious feel.

Long hair also lends well to this style. This cut is based on the same principles as a basic, short mod hair style, except the back lengths are longer. It's the blunt styling around the face that maintains a mod feel.

Using hair products like waxes, clays, or muds add texture and a bit of grungy-funk to this classic, but trendy style.


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