Styling Curly Hair

Take Back Control of Your Natural Curls

Styling curly hair can be challenging. Frustrating... Exasperating.

But when at their best, natural curls are feminine and beautiful... and entirely uncontrived.

Tame frizzy hair into smooth coils or pump up the volume on a wavy hair style.

Curly hair can be finicky. Finding the products and techniques that work for your individual hair texture and curl formation is so important.

This page details some of the best products and a few tricks for styling curly hair.


Long, curly hair style. Try a light silicone glossing liquid for definition and shine.

If your hair is medium to coarse and tends to be fuzzy, coat your hands in hair pomade or glosser.

Environmental humidity can be a nightmare for hair that's prone to frizz. Look for an anti-humectant pomade, which repels moisture from the hair, helping to nix the frizz.

Those with fine hair should use these products very sparingly.

Pick up individual sections of curl throughout the top. Slide your hands down the strand with a slight twisting motion.


Hair that has a tight corkscrew curl tends to shrink to half its length as it dries. Try attaching small metal clips to the ends of a few strands, particularly across the bottom.

The extra weight will be just enough to reduce shrinkage, bestowing to the world the full splendor of your twisted tresses in all their length and glory.


To soften curl, smooth frizz or redirect cowlicks around the face, use a hot air brush to smooth out a small section of bangs.

Be sure to use a small enough brush to maintain some of the curl so these sections blend with the rest of your hair.

Read the page on styling hair with a roundbrush and blowdryer for instructions.


To accentuate the wilder side when styling curly hair, try a wax, clay or sculpting putty.

Coat your hands with product and scrunch it into your hair. Plunge your fingers right in underneath and push the hair up towards your scalp, give it a squeeze and carry on around your head.

Smooth any recurring fuzzy pieces by pinching your fingers around the section and sliding through to the ends.


For added lift and support (especially on fine hair), tilt your head, gently pushing the hair upwards and spray with an aerosol hair spray.

You can make subtle changes in the shape of your hairstyle by doing this.

If you want even more volume, lift sections straight up and spray underneath. Hold the sections up for a few moments to let the hairspray dry.

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