Big Hair Backcombing: 6 Great Styling Tips for More Hair Volume

Big hair backcombing is a technique that can help you develop full, lively hair. But you have to do it properly to get the right result.

Fortunately, it’s simple. But there is a problem…and that is:

You may think that your genetics are the key to a head full of big, bouncy hair.

But what you may not know, is there are tried and tested styling tips that can make the limpest of hair look voluminous.

It can seem impossible to achieve a lift at the roots of your hair and especially to maintain it.

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to fine hair such as chemical treatments, styling heat abuse, even stress, and hormonal shifts.

But with the right styling products and techniques, anyone can have bouncy hair. Read ahead for great styling tips for more hair volume.

Tools You’ll Need

Big Hair Backcombing

If you’re styling your own hair, you probably know and have all the tools at home. If you don’t, you may want to purchase some of these before you start.

1. You’ll need a brush. This, you’ll use throughout. You probably have one so there isn’t any need to purchase one.

2.  Get a comb too. It’s not compulsory. But you can use it to put a finishing touch to your newer, bigger hair.

3. Time. Oh! When don’t you need one? Since you’re doing this for yourself, it’s easy to procrastinate. “Not today. I’ll try it tomorrow.” If that thought visits you, shrug it off. If you’re reading this now, let’s get down to it…

Here you go:

Big Hair Backcombing: 6 Great Styling Tips for More Hair Volume

1. Flip Your Head Upside Down for Quick Volume

This is a really easy way to helping your hair maintain a full look. After washing, bend over, flip your hair upside down and blow-dry.

Professional stylists are experts at lifting the roots of the hair with their styling brushes to achieve a full look. But blowing your own hair upside is an easy way to achieve the same results when you aren’t a hair professional.

This technique works so well because your hair roots are naturally lifting up off of your scalp, and drying upside down gets them in the right direction and helps to train them this way.

Gently brush your hair in the downward direction as you dry it to prevent tangles. You can get your hair mostly dry like this, and then use a styling brush to smooth it down and finish it off. Like saving the environment? Then go for eco-friendly brushes and combs.

However, if you have bangs be sure to dry them first, this is one place on your head you don’t want your roots sticking straight up!

2. Break Away from the Natural Spot

This is another easy technique for getting fuller hair.

Most people part their hair in the same place every day for years. This is the natural spot where your hair falls and it’s easy to part. However, parting your hair in the same place for years can cause breakage.

And furthermore, your hair gets trained into that spot and it can begin to look limp or dragged down.

A really simple fix for this is to part your hair on a different side of your head.

You will find this adds volume instantly on your crown. Deep side parts are trendy and they aren’t usually a natural spot for your hair to part.

You can achieve the deep side part look by parting your hair when it’s still wet so that it dries in place.

3. Condition Your Hair the Right Way

If your hair is damaged due to chemical treatments or high-heat styles, you know that you need to condition it. Conditioner is critical in replenishing moisture and reducing tangles.

It also helps to prevent breakage when you comb out your hair. However, conditioner can be very heavy and create extra weight for your hair.

Too much conditioner can make your hair hang limp and lackluster. The key is using just a little bit of conditioner on the ends of your hair.

Perform a thorough rinse of the conditioner after applying it to be sure you remove it completely. Also, look for conditioners specially formulated for fine hair.

These will provide the benefits of conditioning your hair and provide strengthening, without weighing it down.

4. Wear a Bun to Sleep

Give your hair a rest from the damaging heat of the blow dryer and sleep in a bun. Wash your hair at night and apply some texture cream or a volumizing spray.

While it is still damp, pull it into a high and loose bun on the top of your head. You can secure it with a soft hair tie and you may need to add some bobby pins to keep it in place.

When you wake up in the morning, pull out your bun and gently brush it out. This technique will lift the hair from the root, adding instant volume.

You also get the added benefit some loose beachy waves. Sleeping with your hair in a bun also prevents tangles and frizziness which can happen when you toss and turn your head on the pillow all night.

Want more waves? Follow this same technique but place your hair into two high buns and you will wake up with wavy hair, full of volume.

5. Choose the Right Brush

Want a bigger hair? Go with a brush that suits your hair. Yes, you read that right. A voluminous, bouncy look requires a good and careful brushing of the hair. It doesn’t just help you get bigger hair but also prevents causing unintentional damage to your scalp.

If you’re looking for professional results, you should go with a round brush. But what about your hair type? If you have straight hair, use a brush with ceramic bristles.

This should help you slit through the hair faster. But if you’re carrying a coarse, frizzy fur, a better choice will be a brush with boar bristles. This is stronger and will help you keep the roots intact.

What about a comb? Many stylists don’t use them for volume. A brush is better and recommended too.

6. Pat the Big Hair

Once you’re through with all of these, it’s normal that your hair may be stressed and even rough. Maybe now you can use a comb to brush it up. Just run it through the hair to get a smooth, liberal look.

With big hair backcombing, you’re not just getting fuller and more vibrant hair. You’re also learning a valuable skill that’ll stay with you. And you can save some significant money once you start doing these things yourself.

You can even get more fun out of it by teaching your husband some of the techniques you learn and let him do it for you.

Final Words on Big Hair Backcombing

Here is another tip: 

Do you need a shampoo for backcombing?

If you make use of a volumizing shampoo, it can help to add volume to your hair as well as make it bouncy and softer. You can also use a conditioner too, for more effect.

And if you’re going to use any of these two, you should ensure it’s before backcombing.

If you enjoy this article on big hair backcombing and hairstyling tips, don’t forget to share it with friends. The more people hear about it, the more beautiful people we get on earth. So, share the love!

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