Blondme vs Blondor: Which One Is the Best for Your Hair?

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If you’re looking for great bleaching or powder lighteners, this Blondme vs Blondor article can help you make a decision.

There have been quite a lot of people asking about which of them can help lift dark hair and other colors. Of course, you’ll find that people have their opinion and what may work for one person may not work for another.

Fortunately, there are quite a few factors you can consider when choosing between these two lighteners. This article will go into detail on all these. Please keep reading.

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Blond Me vs Blondor — Highlights:

  • Schwarzkopf Blondme offers up to 9 levels of lift while Wella Blondor is only 7 levels of lift
  • Wella may be more expensive than Schwarzkopf
  • Both Wella and Schwarzkopf are German-based companies
  • Blondor is likely to have a bigger range than BlondMe since Wella (the manufacturer) has been around longer (at least 130 years)
  • The Blond Me may be harsher than Blondor, as many users have noted

Blondme vs Blondor: Product Reviews

If you’re contemplating on Blondor vs Blondme and which one is going to give you the best value for your money, you should definitely read this section.

Here, I’m going to do a side-by-side comparison of Wella Blondor vs Schwarzkopf Blondme. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section.

Schwarzkopf Blondme vs Wella Blondor

In this section, I’m going to look at a few different things while comparing both products. This will border on the price, effectiveness, and most importantly, the ingredients.

At the end of this section, you should be able to see which one might be suitable for you.

What’s the Schwarzkopf Blondme?

Blondme vs Blondor
This is a powder lightener that’s been around for some time. While many refer to it as simply Blondme, the full name of the product is Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me Premium Lift.

It’s available in a 9-15.8 oz package designed for lightening the hair.

If you’ve used Igora in the past, you may be wondering what difference is between the Blondme and Igora. Well, you only get 8 levels of lift with Igora while the Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me gives you up to 9 levels of lift.

It also includes a bonding technology that keeps your hair intact after bleaching and minimizes the risk of damage. It works in similar ways to Olaplex.

The Schwarzkopf Blond Me can work for dark brown hair, blonde, black or natural hair.

If you’re buying this product from outside the US, you may have a little problem with shipping. This applies even if you’re in Europe.

Therefore, this product may be more suitable for those users in the United States.

What’s the Wella Blondor?

Blondme vs Blondor
According to the manufacturer, the Wella Blondor is a powder lightener similar to Schwarzkopf Blond Me that comes with the highest quality ingredients for giving intense and vibrant color results.

One of the distinctive qualities of this product is that you can use any other developers with it. You don’t have to stick to the same product from Wella, even though doing so maybe better.

Some people think that this is a developer and that they may not need any other. However, that isn’t true. This is just a lightener so you’ll need to use a developer with it.

The product is safety sealed, can be used for balayage, and can go with most colors.

One of the great things about the product is that it can be used to bleach your hair to most levels. Also, it can be used for all lightening techniques.

Other than being expensive, a lot of people have used it to bleach their hair successfully. Some with complaints and many without any complaints, which shows that the product works.

Blondme vs Blondor Ingredients

The first thing to mention here is that the Wella Blondor has fewer ingredients than the Schwarzkopf Blondme. There is an inherent advantage here.

Some people are allergic to some ingredients. If that’s you, there is a lower chance of being irritated when the ingredients in the product are smaller.

Therefore, if you’ve ever been allergic to ingredients, you may want to go for the Wella Blondor since it has a lower ingredient list.

Now, let’s talk about some of the ingredients in each product.

Wella Blondor Ingredients:

Blondme vs Blondor

  • Potassium Persulfate: This ingredient is used in developers and hair lighteners to lighten the hair by oxidizing the color in the hair shaft. It’s a bleaching agent also used in hair-coloring preparations and is also found in soaps, dyes, and doesn’t pose an immediate risk to the hair.
  • Sodium Silicate: This is one of the many ingredients used in hair care products. According to Cosmeticsinfo, Sodium Silicate, and similar ingredients like silicone, it is safe for use in personal and cosmetic care formulations.
  • Magnesium Carbonate Hydroxide: Just like many other ingredients, this is also safe for use on the hair. It acts as a humectant, which means that it can increase the moisture retained by the hair. It has moisture absorbing qualities that can help balance pH in the hair.
  • Silica: This is a mineral that helps in strengthening the hair. It’s an essential nutrient that not only repairs damaged hair follicles but also helps the hair retain its elasticity. They’re also used as a tablet for those who are experiencing hair loss and thinning. It has a very low risk for toxicity when ingested so they’re safe for the hair.

Other ingredients include Algin, Disodium Edta, Ci 77007, Ammonium Persulfate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Sodium Stearate, Xanthan Gum, and Oryza Sativa Starch.

Schwarzkopf Blondme Ingredients:

Blondme vs Blondor

  • Succinic Acid: This is a maleic acid that helps in forming bridges/bonds between keratin in the hair. Keeping the keratin bond structure in place helps keep the hair strong and prone to less damage.
  • Arginine: This is a precursor of nitric oxide, which helps in promoting hair growth. It helps supply blood to hair follicles, thus stimulating growth. This makes it a great ingredient for minimizing damages during bleaching.

There are also some ingredients in Schwarzkopf Blondme that are available in Wella Blondor, like Sodium Silicate, Silica, Ci 77007, etc.

There are other ingredients but I won’t be going over all of that since it’ll make this article too long for many to read.

Which One Is Cruelty-Free?

This is a question that most will want an answer to, especially those who are vegans or vegetarians. And this is a valid question.

As such, after researching, here are my findings:

Wella isn’t a cruelty-free brand. This means that they test on animals or finances animal testing.

Unlike brands like Paul Mitchell, you’ll find it difficult to find any Wella product that’s specifically designed for vegan and is cruelty-free.

Schwarzkopf, just like Wella, is also not a cruelty-free brand. It’s owned by Henkel, which tests on animals. And since Schwarzkopf operates under the same policy as the parent brand, it’s classified along the same lines.

Price of Both Products

When looking at the pricing data, I relied on the pricing offered by Amazon and a few other small retailers. Therefore, if you’re not buying from any of them, the price may be a little different for you.

Having said that, the Wella Blondor is much more expensive than the Schwarzkopf Blondme. This means that if you’re looking to get the most affordable one, Schwarzkopf is the best option for you.

Reviews on Both Products

There are currently hundreds of reviews from both with the majority being positive. Whichever haircolor you’re going for, you’ll find both can offer you excellent results.

Levels of Lift Offered

The Wella Blondor only offers you up to 7 levels of lift while Schwarzkopf Blond Me will give you 9 levels of lift. Before choosing any of them, you should think seriously about this.

If you’re to ever need to go above 8 levels, even in the future, you should opt for the Schwarzkopf Blond Me. It’s also affordable, especially if you’re buying it from Amazon.

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