Dermalogica vs Clinique: Which of the Two Brands Is Best for You?

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Do you want a comprehensive review of Dermalogica vs Clinique? Then you’re on the right page.

Though there are many other brands you can choose from, both Dermalogica and Clinique seems to be the better of them. Everyone wants to get the best for their body.

Whether you’re preparing for your wedding and want to look great for your husband. Or you’re trying to reinvigorate your body so you win more love from him, you’re on the right path.

That’s why it’s important to think well before buying any skincare item. Remember…

No skincare product is created equally. Some products are sold at a professional grade and others can be found in drug stores.

Caring about our skin is vital to our health so it’s important to find the best products and brands that fit your preferences. Today we will compare Dermalogica and Clinique.

Where did they come from?

Both Dermalogica and Clinique are manufactured in the United States. Dermalogica was created by a couple named Jane and Ray Wurwand. The company was founded in 1986.

Clinique was founded by Evelyn Lauder, a family member of the Estee Lauder family. She created the brand in 1968.

Where can you find these products?

Dermalogica is a professional brand so you will only see them sold from their website or licensed salon or spa. Many spas use their products for facials.

You can visit their website to see if there is a salon in your area that uses their products.

Clinique is found in high-end stores. You will find them in a Macy’s store or Peebles. You can also order their products online from their website or stores that carry their products.

Dermalogica vs Clinique: What do they sell?

Dermalogica only sells skincare products. They believe in care before beauty. All products are sold to help with skin issues like dryness or acne. You won’t find fun facial masks with rainbow colors.

Clinique sells skincare and make-up. Just like Dermalogica, you will find products to help with skin issues but they also have a make-up line as well. Clinique also has a medical skincare line.

One of Dermalogica’s popular line is their facial, which many people have commended. If you have facial conditions like acne or pimples, you may want to try that out.

Dermalogica vs Clinique: About their products

Dermalogica’s products are cruelty-free and most of their products are vegan. Dermalogica doesn’t add any perfumes, colors, or plastics to their products so they are safe for your skin.

Their packaging is also safe for the environment and by the end of the year, 90% of their packing with be bio-degradable and recyclable.

If you are unsure of what product to use from Dermalogica, you can visit their website and look at their face mapping option to help pick out a product.

Clinique is allergy tested and also contains no perfumes. However, Clinique is not cruelty-free so they do test their products on animals.

They claim they are cruelty-free unless required by law. Some of their products come out of China that requires animal testing.

Dermalogica vs Clinique: Side effects

Every product can have a side effect. Always check the ingredients on the bottle or packaging to see if an ingredient irritates your skin.

Dryness and redness are common side effects. Although both products claim they are perfume-free and allergy-free, there can always be an ingredient that can irritate your skin.

Dermalogica vs Clinique: Which is Cruelty-free?

Dermalogica doesn’t test on animals while Clinique does test on animals. If you’re trying to avoid buying and using companies that test on animals, then Dermalogica straight up wins.

Many people don’t like animal cruelty and will never get an inch to a product from any such brand. If that’s you, then you have your winner.

However, if you’re like most people, you probably don’t mind especially if you’re comfortable with one brand for a specific reason.

Or if you feel like being loyal to the product because it’s great. Or even that you find it easier to buy, is cheaper or works better than competitors.

All of that is annulled if you’ve not bought one though.

Dermalogica vs Clinique: How They Compare

Another great advantage that Dermalogica has over Clinique is that it’s more popular and widely used by professionals and individuals.

If you have a lot of friends that use beauty products, specifically skincare lines, you’ll likely find them recommending Dermalogica over Clinique.

This is also very clear from my research too. If you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, then I’ll recommend you go with Dermalogica because a lot of people who use them are seeing good results.

Clinique may be too drying for the skin, which Dermalogica is gentle and result oriented. Dermalogica is also suitable for sensitive skin and may not have the negative reaction that Clinique may have when used.

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