Is Head and Shoulders a Clarifying Shampoo? SHM Answers!

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We discovered that a lot of people want a quick answer to this question and decided to put out a guide to help people with an answer.

First of all, the Heads & Shoulders shampoo is one of the most popular in the market.

It’s designed for those who are battling dandruff with recurrence of itching and flaking.

The popularity, as well as the effectiveness of the product, has prompted many to want to use it beyond its primary purpose.

Hence, the question, “Is Head and Shoulders a Clarifying Shampoo?

In this article, we’ll be clarifying some of the important points to know about this shampoo and what the best course of action is.

But first, a disclaimer::

When you’re choosing a shampoo, there is one point you should keep at the back of your mind.

Many of these products are not specifically reviewed or endorsed by the FDA (Foods and Drug Administration).

However, most of them follow the applicable guidelines and policies laid down by the commission. And that’s the reason they’re marketed in the first place.

Now, let’s briefly discuss the company:

The Company:: Heads & Shoulders

Heads and Shoulders was established in 1961, under the parent company, Procter & Gamble.

Since then, they’ve garnered a huge following because of their reputation for making highly effective shampoos against dandruff and a clinical solutions range.

Currently, Heads & Shoulders is one of the most tested and trusted dandruff shampoo providers in the industry.

They’re committed to providing the best shampoos to help you eliminate both flakes and itchiness.

Therefore, if you’re experiencing any of that, it’s only natural to want to know more about and possibly purchase shampoo from this brand.

Now that you know the company behind the product, let’s have a cursory look at the shampoo itself:

About the Heads & Shoulder Shampoo

The company’s shampoos are primarily anti-dandruff and non-dandruff based.

They’re aimed towards anyone who wants to make their hair look better. It can blend in nicely with a hair care regime.

The active ingredient in the Head & Shoulders shampoo is Piroctone olamine. This is responsible for preventing mild to moderate cases of dandruff as well as protect the scalp from irritants.

And with that, the company promises its consumers soft, healthy, smooth hair, from itchiness or flakes.

With that, let’s look at the question:

Is Head and Shoulders a Clarifying Shampoo?

Now that you understand some of the most important things to know about the shampoo, can it be considered a clarifying shampoo?

And can you use it for deep-cleansing or detoxing as you would a conventional shampoo?

We already know that anyone who wants to choose a clarifying shampoo is doing so to remove stubborn buildup from the hair.


If you use a lot of beauty products on your hair, you’re bound to get product residues/buildups. And washing alone cannot remove this.


If you look at the descriptions and ingredients of the Heads & Shoulders shampoo, you’ll discover that it’s formulated for a specific purpose: “fighting dandruff”.

A lot of clarifying shampoos are designed to offer a slightly different solution. So, a different approach is employed in making them.

In essence, it may not be effective as a clarifying shampoo.

And that takes us to the next point:

Can You Deep-Cleanse with a Heads and Shoulders Shampoo

Is Head and Shoulders a Clarifying ShampooOnce we discovered many people are not able to decide whether to use the Head and Shoulders shampoo as a clarifying shampoo or not, we thought a small treatise like this might be helpful.

While you may be tempted to want to use it as a clarifying shampoo, there is a tendency it won’t work for you for the reasons stated in the section above.

There are a few people, who after trying it, states that it makes their hair sticky or dries out the hair.

However, there is one reason you may want to try it as a clarifying shampoo. If traditional clarifying shampoos are too harsh for you, you naturally may turn to this.

For that, I say…try it. See what happens.

To further improve the chance of it working, you can follow a routine. You could condition your hair after shampooing.

Where to Buy Head & Shoulders Clarifying Shampoo

There are a couple of places where you can get the Head and Shoulders Classic Clean Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. However, buying online should be more convenient. 

Right now, the shampoo is available on and costs very little.

Buy Head and Shoulders Classic Shampoo on Amazon

Are there other Solutions to Replace this?


There are several options to choose from if you’re looking for a solid clarifying shampoo.

Some popular brands to consider include Neutrogena, Herbal Essence, VO5, Sauve, Paul Mitchell, etc. These brands don’t just make great clarifying shampoos, but they’re also very affordable.

However, it can be tricky deciding which of these brands to go with.

We have an article here that talks about the best clarifying shampoos and how to choose one.

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