Is Bare Minerals Cruelty-Free in 2022? SHM Answers!

Bare Minerals is a cruelty-free make-up brand.

They are 100% cruelty-free meaning they do not test their finished products on animals, their ingredients on animals and neither do their suppliers or any third parties they are involved with.

They do not sell their products where animal testing is required. While Bare Minerals is considered cruelty-free, unfortunately, their parent company, Shiseido, is not.

About Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals is a mid-level makeup brand. Their products are found in Canada, the US, and the UK/Europe.

This company is certified by PETA. Along with being cruelty-free, this makeup brand has also ventured into vegan makeup.

They offer a large variety of makeup that does not contain any animal-derived ingredients and they have an entire vegan skincare line.

Bare Minerals adheres to a strict testing policy to ensure its brand remains cruelty-free.

They do not test their finished products on animals. They ensure the ingredients they use in their finished products not be tested on animals. Their suppliers do not test on animals either.

They also do not employ any sort of third parties to test their products on animals on their behalf. They will not sell their products in stores where it is required to test them on animals, like in China.

Cruelty-free products are still available to everyone online. Bare Minerals sells its products in the US, UK/Europe, and Canada in stores.

While they are cruelty-free, it is worth noting that some of their makeup brushes do contain goat and pony hair.

No animals are harmed in the process of producing those brushes. If you are uncomfortable with natural brushes, then they do offer a large variety of synthetic brushes.

Overall, the company is aware of the ethical impact animal testing can have and has chosen to forgo it all together with its makeup brand.


The truth is that not all skincare brands will be cruelty-free. It’s very difficult to be one especially since testing this way was the backbone of the first generation of companies in the industry. Having said that, some companies are unfortunate.

They have a sweet line of vegan, cruelty-free products and try as much as possible to not test on animals. However, they are under the umbrella of a bigger brand that tests on animals or finances third-party testing. There are many cases like this.

Fortunately, many others have held their ground. They continue to make excellent products without depending on this practice and are doing quite well. Because brands like this are plenty, you shouldn’t be in want of options if you decide to stick with cruelty-free products. 

To help in this course, we are continually reviewing these brands; both the cruelty-free ones and the not so cruelty-free ones.

So, if you have a particular brand in mind that hasn’t be covered before, let us know and we’ll research them and cover them. The more of these brands are put in the limelight, the easier it is to avoid the ones that continue to engage in animal cruelty.

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