Clairol Clear Luminize Discontinuing: What Will Be the Replacement?

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When many learned that Clairol Clear Luminize is discontinuing, they couldn’t take it. How could a product they cherished so much be discontinued?

Aside from announcing the discontinuation on their official website, the manufacturer also clearly stated on Twitter that there wouldn’t be a true replacement.

If that’s the case, what can you do?

Should you hunt for other products from the company to replace it? Or go out searching for alternatives?

There must be a way to go about this. Let’s look at other recommendations if you miss Luminize…

Clairol Luminize Clear Replacement

Clairol Luminize Clear is an excellent product. While it’s possible that a perfect replacement may not be available, there are still options out there that can actually replace it.

Before going into other specifics, here are some substitutes you can look at.

You can go for these alternatives:

John Frieda Lightening Conditioner

clairol luminize clear replacement
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clairol luminize clear substitute
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Many Have Enjoyed Luminize Clear for Many Years

One thing is quite clear, everyone loves Luminize Clear. In fact, there are quite a few people who’ve used it for severy years and are longing for it to come back.

However, if you’re among those who want it to come back, you should give up.

Although several people want to be that, the manufacturer has clearly stated it’s not coming back.

The major claim of the company is that the sales of the product didn’t get to the level they wanted. Even though it’s widely adopted, the interest has been dwindling over time.

Also, if you so love this product, you probably may want to still get it. In fact, some sales threads may be found on eBay.

However, you shouldn’t get those because the product you’ll find there will be passed the shelf life as stated by Clairol (the manufacturer). It’s discontinued since 2010, so there are likely to be only fake products on there anyway.

According to Official Page announcing the discontinuation (the page is now down), Clairol will be offering the Creme Demi-Permanent Color Clear Mix Tones and 10/20 vol Developer as a replacement.

However, many people really don’t like it. One of the complaints is that it didn’t leave quite the shine you’ll get with Luminize Clear.

From that, you can be sure that nothing else works quite like it. However, the company now hosts dozens of products on their website.

But this can make it even difficult as you’ll now have to identify a product that matches. Especially if you’re an old user of Luminize Clear.

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So, What Can You Do?

If you really want a replacement, you can get in touch directly with the Clairol. Depending on what you’re using the product for in the past, they might be able to get a replacement for you.

Again, this product has been discontinued for the last 9 years, which is quite a long time. However, the name still remains as the product was quite unique and very effective.


If you’re still looking for this product, you should give up now. And here are two scenarios to help you.

If you’ve never used Luminize Clear

There are many other conditioners out there now that can help you soften your hair and lighten the color.

And fortunately, they’re not more expensive than Luminize Clear. And quite a lot of people are getting good results with them.

If you want still like Clairol, you can try the Clairol Shimmer Lights 16 oz. Shampoo + 16 oz. Conditioner. It’s a combination of both shampoo and conditioner.

If you don’t want that, there are quite a few options you can find on their website here.

If you’ve spent several years using it

In this case, you need a solid replacement. At least, some other products that can achieve the same or similar results.

According to my research earlier, there hasn’t been a very good match from the Clairol. This can present a problem but not enough to obliterate further research.

One thing you can do is to contact the company and see which of their line of conditioners/shampoo can get the job done for you.

If you are not able to do that, you can browse Amazon for similar items that you can try out.

I found the Clairol Shimmer Lights 16 oz. Shampoo + 16 oz. Conditioner from Clairol that many people are getting results with. However, there is no guarantee that will give you results of Luminize Clear.

Final Thoughts on Clairol Clear Luminize Discontinuing

If you’re sad this favorite product of yours has now discontinued, consider that there are many others out there. There might even be other products that are better than Luminize Clear you aren’t aware of.

It’s also a great thing to always try out new hair products, although that might be difficult if you already like a brand and it’s giving you what you want.

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