How to Shop At CosmoProf Without a License

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CosmoProf is a staple when it comes to professional hair products. The brand is well-known, and numerous salon professionals use the products.

However, for most regular people, it seems impossible to buy from the brand because of the license problem. The brand doesn’t allow anyone to purchase their products without a cosmetology license.

Can you shop at CosmoProf without a license? Are there workarounds for regular people to purchase from this brand?

If you seek answers to these questions and more, this article is for you. We’ll explain everything concerning the brand and answer some frequently asked questions.

Can You Shop At CosmoProf Without a License?

As much as it may sadden you, there’s still no possible means to buy professional hair products from CosmoProf without a cosmetology license. Hopefully, there will be changes in the foreseeable future, but it’s impossible.

The reason is that, unlike other beauty brands, CosmoProf is not a retail store. It’s a distributor that sells exclusively to licensed professionals and businesses. It boasts a wide range of professional-grade products which are only suitable for licensed individuals and companies. It sells directly to licensed professionals such as barbers, beauticians, stylists, and massage therapists.

The brand is reputable for providing unique products and exceptional professional services such as training courses. Hence, if you’re eyeing a hair product from CosmoProf and don’t have a license, it’s high time to look the other way.

Who Can Shop At CosmoProf?

Licensed professionals and business owners in related beauty professions are liable to shop at CosmoProf. These include cosmetologists, barbers, beauticians, and massage therapists. Beauty students who are not working yet can also shop there.

Generally, these people will provide their identification code or copy of their professional or business license when signing up for a CosmoProf account. For students, the student ID, either online or in-store, will work.

CosmoProf provides numerous benefits to professionals and businesses that accept the pricier amount of wholesale commercial items. The benefits include seamless tax prep, access to a wide range of products, exclusive items, and convenient mobile shopping.

The brand’s distributor laws and high price points are designed for businesses considering their standard professional fees and costs. Professionals and companies employ CosmoProf everyday tools. They use a wide range of products on their customers and sell them at retail prices to make a profit.

Can Regular People Shop At CosmoProf?

No, ordinary people can’t shop at CosmoProf. As discussed above, the brand is not a retail store but a distributor selling to licensed businesses and professionals. An average consumer can’t buy from them directly without using a license.

The brand sells commercial-grade beauty products that pose a high risk if misused. Hence, the brand only supplies professionals, not the general public, so these beauty products are safe from the realms of average consumers.

For instance, CosmoProf sells more concentrated products such as dye and hair bleach. If misused, these products can cause extreme damage, irritation, and burns to the skin or hair.

Moreover, the price point would have been a significant turnoff for an average consumer if CosmoProf had availed their product. The prices are incredibly high, and they are available in other places for less.

If you want beauty products, you can get them from retail stores. These are ideal for consumers, unlike CosmoProf products, which trained professionals can only use. You’ll have no difficulty using these products, and they won’t cause you any harm.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Is License Necessary to Shop At CosmoProf?

It’s worth reestablishing that CosmoProf requires a license to buy its products to provide safety for the consumer and community. The license will indicate that you have passed through years of experience, training, and schooling, and you can use salon-grade products safely.

Can You Use Expired License To Shop At CosmoProf?

No, you can’t shop with an expired license at CosmoProf. An expired permit signifies you’re not a cosmetologist anymore. Your license has to be valid and current. CosmoProf won’t accept unlicensed individuals.

Can I Shop With A Friend That Has a License At CosmoProf?

You might be able to shop with your licensed friend at CosmoProf, depending on the shop. It depends on the individual store. While some will let you enter with your friend, others will deny you. In most cases, you might be allowed to buy simple stuff such as hair brushes but prohibited from purchasing anything that has a chemical reaction, such as dye and bleach.

Does CosmoProf Ask For ID?

Yes, you will need your ID to sign up with CosmoProf. When registering for an account, you must provide a copy of your professional license as an individual, business, or student. Only licensed professionals are allowed to shop at CosmoProf.

Can I Use My CosmoProf Credit Card Anywhere?

You can use your account to buy things anywhere, provided your car is accepted. Generally, if you own a card with the logo of one of the brand network providers, you can use your Account to enjoy Cash Advances.

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