Thinning Shears Ruined My Hair: What Are Solutions?

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Thinning shears are specific hair scissors. Barbers and hair stylists mostly use them to thin out thick curly hairs or sometimes texturize and shape them.

As often seen, these shears can cause damage to the hair. They do more harm than good.

They can ruin the hair and result in long-term damage to the hair strands and roots.

If the thinning shears ruin your hair, you don’t need to beat yourself up. We’ve all been there. Your beautiful hair is gone. What’s next?

In this guide, we’ll offer proven solutions to thinning shears problems so you can grow back your hair and stop beating yourself up.

How To Recover From Bad Hair Caused By Thinning Shears

When the hair has grown too much, a good haircut is an ideal solution. The case is often the same for damaged hair.

A bad haircut is not uncommon. It happens to the best of us.

Thinning shears can ruin the hair. A prevalent problem with a bad hair thinning job is hair breaking off at the ends.

However, what ought to be a long-term problem could be short-term, provided you know the way out.

Generally, hairstylists are always familiar with the different hair thinning techniques, so they can proffer solutions to repair damage caused by thinning shears.

Don’t hesitate to ask your hair stylists for help.

Nevertheless, you have different alternatives to improving your damaged hair.

If you have a terrible thinning session that gives you damaged hair, don’t be too in a hurry to grow it back.

It would be best if you gave your hair the necessary time to grow back stronger and healthier.

Ensure you take the required dose of minerals and vitamins.

While your hair is recovering, you can employ premium shampoos and conditioners to protect the hair. You can also use heat protection products.

However, you need to understand that some factors affect the hair’s health. So, don’t be too hard on your hair. For instance, younger hair will grow faster and thicker.

The hair becomes thinner as we grow older, thus becoming challenging to regrow after damage.

Furthermore, if you use the thinning shears near your hair roots, it will result in short strands, which can be challenging to correct.

As such, you might want to visit the salon so you can explore different short haircut ideas which can shape your hair while growing.

The short haircut will serve as a cover-up for the hair and allow all strands to grow back at the same rate.

On the other hand, going low might not be your style.

In this case, you can seek suggestions on asymmetrical haircuts that can help disguise the short strands.

These methods will help you renew your look distinctively while you allow the hair to grow back.

As such, you can manage your hair with different hair products such as creams, gels, pomades, and waxes to get control over it.

It’s imperative to state that the styling products you use can hugely affect how your hair will turn out, especially in the first three months.

For instance, if you want a wet hair look, using gel is the best deal.

Waxes or pastes will give a shiny and controlled frizz. So, tailor the styling product to align with your preference.

When you can detect noticeable change or are tired of using styling products, there’s a choice to use more nourishing treatment to tame the hair volume.

Keratin treatments, hair lifting, and hair botox are some of the hair treatments to reduce hair volume and regulate frizz.

These methods will help you improve your hair damage by thinning shears.

When Will Your Hair Recover From Thinning Shears?

Damaged hair is not a permanent situation, provided you have the right tip for tackling it. Your predicament won’t last forever.

Generally, hair grows back at about 1 inch per month. After your hair is damaged, it should grow in weeks or months.

In most cases, it will grow back in about 1-3 months, depending on how much of the hair was ruined.

However, as discussed above, specific factors affect your hair growth, and age is a significant one. Younger hair will grow faster, healthier, and thicker.

The general tip is to be patient and give the hair sufficient time to grow back.

Final Note

A thinning shear won’t damage your hair permanently. If you have a bad haircut, it won’t last forever. Follow the tips described above to get your hair back.

To recap, below are ways to improve your hair ruined by thinning shears:

  • Give your hair enough time to grow depending on the health
  • Invest in vitamins and minerals nutrients to improve the recovery phase. Vitamin A-E will help strengthen your hair.
  • Explore premium conditioners and shampoos
  • Keep your body hydrated
  • Use heat protection materials to prevent your hair tips from getting exposed to elements
  • Try a short hairstyle
  • Get suggestions from a stylist

Finally, it’s imperative always to consult your hairdresser to understand the merits and demerits of using thinning shears to cut your hair.

The tool isn’t ideal for all hair types and cuts. For subsequent cuts, talk to your stylist to know if it’s the right fit.

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