Sunmay vs Foreo: Who Makes Better Brushes?

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If you’re finding it difficult to choose between a Foreo and Sunmay device, then this article is for you. Since both brands have some much varieties of products, it’s difficult to review and compare all of them. 

So, in this article, I’ll be reviewing two similar products from both brands. And I’ll also be looking at both brands in general, how they differ and if there are any similarities between them. 

This includes the effectiveness of the products, ingredients, price, and quality. Now that this is out of the way, what product will I be reviewing and comparing from both Foreo and Sunmay? 

Well, I’ll be looking at the Foreo Issa 2 and the Sunmay Leaf Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush.

Let’s get into the review:

Sunmay vs Foreo: Main Differences

The main difference between Sunmay Cleansing Brush and the Foreo Issa 2 is in the price and performance.

The Sunmay Rechargeable Waterproof Cleansing Brush is waterproof while Foreo Issa 2 isn’t.

Also, the Sunmay brush is a lot cheaper and more portable than the Foreo brush. If you’re traveling or want a water-resistant cleansing brush, I advise you to go for Sunmay as it is better than Foreo in those aspects.

Since Sunmay is more affordable than Foreo, I’ll say it’s the best option if you’re looking to get a cleansing brush on the cheap.

With that said, that doesn’t mean Foreo is not good, especially if you can afford it. Unlike Sunmay, Foreo is a premium brand and so the quality is there.

Sunmay vs Foreo: Which is Better?

Do you know there are dozens of brands out there touting brushes that could make your face look clean, smooth, and clear? Although many of them are effective, choosing one that fulfills its promises will either cost you money or effort sifting through every option. 

Just as there are duds, many brushes exist that do what they’re advertised to do. 

Both Sunmay and Foreo seem to be good, going by the reviews on them. The Foreo Issa 2 and Sunmay Leaf Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush are very good. But how do you pick one? Let’s find out. 

Foreo Issa 2 Electric Cleaning Brush

Sunmay vs ForeoBecause the Foreo Issa 2 offers more than just the basic features of an ordinary brush, you’ll find it more practical. The most obvious feature of the electric toothbrush is its ultra-soft, silicone-made, and polymer bristle.

This design ensures that it not only cleans your teeth but also doesn’t hurt you while going over the gums. Because of the construction, the bristle doesn’t harbor bacteria. Not only will you use it for a long time, but changing the bristle won’t be too frequent. 

The brush is also clean and hygienic most of the time, making it so that when you brush, you get a good clean. 

Another thing worth mentioning is the Sonic Pulse Technology. This includes features like high-intensity pulsations every single minute and hybrid bristles for a better experience. The technology also comes with more than ten adjustable speeds to provide the most personalized experience. 

The battery on the device is very strong, which means it’ll hold power more than regular models. This helps reduce the time you take to charge to full while adding to the service time of the brush. 

Any there Any Drawbacks to this Brush?

The price of the brush is quite high, especially for those looking to buy on a budget. Obvious, this is a solid device that’s worth investing in if you can afford it. 

Unfortunately, there are some reviews on the item that is quite disheartening. Some users complain that the product doesn’t last long. And this seems to be the biggest issue with buying and using this Foreo device. 

Some users also complain that the performance is poor and not really better than regular brushes. Since I’ve reviewed a few other items, I believe there are better options out there, like the Sunmay brush, worth considering. 

If not for the price, it’ll have been a good investment. 

But if you’re on a tight budget, I will advise you to check the Sunmay Leaf Sonic Cleansing Brush. 

Is it better? Let’s find out:

Sunmay Leaf Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

I’ve already compared a couple of cleaning brushes on this site with most of them from popular brands like Foreo.

So, let’s look at what this brush can offer you.

Unlike the Foreo Issa 2, the Sunmay Leaf Facial Cleansing Brush is quite affordable. Since it’s cheaper, you can easily get it if you find the features good. Let’s look there. 

Review of the Sunmay Leaf Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

Sunmay vs Foreo

However, the price of those items will always make you think twice. While there are a lot of less effective models with poor performance, there are certainly outliers. And the Sunmay Cleanser is one of them.

There are lots of high ratings and positive reviews on this device. It seems it’s well-loved by users. Most users claim that it’s effective along with being cheaper than the Foreo brush. It proves that being expensive doesn’t always equal quality. 

Other brands like Philips, Clarisonic, etc., are quite expensive. Due to decades of experience, these brands offer the best options out there. But they can be expensive. 

The Varieties

Because the device comes in a myriad of color options, you’re likely to find your favorite color. And because it’s light and portable, taking it with you on your travels or day-to-day activity will be easy. 

You’re probably going to enjoy the same kind of experience as luxury brands. But the most important thing is the features and if they get the job done, that’s enough. 

Waterproof Design

Another excellent feature of the brush is the IPX5 waterproof design.

The device also comes with the IPX5 waterproof design, which is another excellent feature. 

With this feature, you can safely use it in the shower or if it mistakenly falls into water, it won’t get spoilt. Moreover, the brush has plenty of accessories you may like, some of which don’t come with premium brands. 

This model comes with a brush, USB charging cable, a manual, and even a pouch for safekeeping when you’re on the go.

And don’t forget, the price of buying this and even the new model might not be up to buying a single Foreo cleansing brush.

That’s the fun part if you’re following me. Many people are already anticipating it.

Final Words on Choosing Sunmay or Foreo

Personally, I’ll go for the Sunmay brush because it’s cheaper and has a lot of accessories to help you get things done fast. It’s also cheaper and not as expensive as the Foreo brush. 

Most importantly, it’s effective. The quality of service may be higher with the Foreo brush, but you only enjoy that if you can afford it.

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