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Most hair trends are essentially a cycle of the same timeless classics, reinvented or refreshed, and made modern. Even those styles that appear to be something totally new are conceived by an inspiration from the past. The updated elements are what makes the style fashionable today. So how can you tell if your hairstyle is dated? Where can you learn about what's new? At Style Hair Magazine, we scope out all the latest in hair fashion for you! Check out our articles and get inspiration for your next hair style.

The Classics

curly hair style
curly hair
bob hair style trend
the bob
mod hairstyle trend
mod styles
vintage hair style
vintage hair

Not sure how a new hairstyle will look on you? We recommend TheHairstyler's virtual hair style program where you can try new hairstyles on your own photo.

More Trends We Love!

Latest Hair Styles (Summary)

Faux Hawk Hair Style

Scene Hair
Surfer Hair

Asymmetric Hair Cut
Emo Hair

Funky Hair Style


What's Hot In Hair Color?

hairstyle with grown out, visible roots
visible hair roots
bright red punky hair color
punk hair color
colored hair extensions in dark hair
colored extensions
highlights and lowlights
hair color trends

The Evolution of Hair Trends

Hair fashion is hugely influenced by celebrities and pop culture.

The current surge of voluptuous but wild 'vampire' hair is no surprise given the popularity of vampire-based novels, films and t.v. shows.

They're sultry and mysterious and powerful... what's not to love?

Professional stylists are the real trendsetters though. The visionaries who make over a high profile celeb or have an inspiration for a movie/television character's look, which is then emulated by the masses.



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