Amika vs. Pureology: Which Is Better?

Some people are blessed with good hair.

But for those with unfair hair, the desire for healthy hair isn’t too much.

The correct shampoo can help reverse some negative effects of coloring or dyeing.

If you want to treat your colored hair better, a range of shampoo and conditioning products is necessary.

They are an essential part of a healthy hair routine.

Which product is formulated for cleaning colored hair?

Which product eradicates dryness and frizziness in hair?

And most importantly, which product promotes healthy hair growth?

This article will aim to compare two popular shampoos: Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blond Shampoo.

I’ll be explaining their respective benefits, ingredients, and effectiveness.

Amika vs. Pureology: Overview

Amika vs. Pureology

Amika Bust Your Brass Blond Shampoo is an ultra-violet shampoo that tones unwelcome brassy complexion.

It also helps in promoting 55% less breakage, 86% more repair, and thicker hair.

It’s a purple shampoo suited for all blondes, grays + silvers hair.

The purple shampoo is clinically proven to brighten and tone brassy hues to bring out the brightest shades of color.

The color protection is made possible by the infused ultra-violet ingredients. And a nice dose of avocado oil ensures continuous hydration for a beautiful finish.

On another note…

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo is a concentrated shampoo formula ideal for moisturizing.

The formula gently cleanses and protects the color integrity of dyed hair.

Courtesy of the Antifade complex, this product doesn’t strip color while cleaning the hair.

Formulated specifically for dry, color-treated hair, it also delivers moisture with a blend of hydrating ingredients to nourish hair as it cleanses.


Amika is infused with bond cure technology for healthier, brighter-looking blonde or colored hair.

It has ultraviolet pigments, quinoa protein, avocado oil plant butter, and wild cherry bark extract to enhance softness, shine, and color.

The key ingredient is Sea buckthorn berry packed with Vitamin A and C to reduce breakage.

On the other hand…

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo contains green tea extract, aloe vera, Ylang Ylang, Anise, Bergamot, and Patchouli.

Green tea is packed with vitamins essential for healthy hair. It strengthens the hair root and softens the follicle.

Aloe Vera and Ylang Ylang regulate the sebum production on the hair scalp.

They give the hair enough hydration, leaving it shiny and smooth. Anise, Bergamot, and Patchouli provide the shampoo with a fantastic scent.

Both products are 100% vegan and contain no parabens, sulfate, or gluten.


Pureology Hydrate Shampoo has an intoxicating aromatherapy-inspired fragrance of anise, bergamot, patchouli, and ylang-ylang.

All of these help to immerse you in a lovely smell.

Similarly, the Amika shampoo has a delightful, slightly fruity scent to give that dream hair care.

How to Choose the Best Product

When choosing a hair care product, don’t be fixated on just price.

Most of the time, price alone won’t tell the full story. Instead, focus on your own hair.

What type of hair do you have? Is your hair damaged or does it have product residue? What product do you need to use now?

Because, sometimes if you use the wrong products, you won’t see results even if you spend a lot on a product you think is the best in the market. 

When you can answer these, it becomes easier to choose a product that’ll work for your hair.

After that, you can now compare based on price. 


The Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo are excellent.

They are remarkable hair products at their respective prices.

Both work for color-treated hair to promote hair color while adding shine, moisture, and hydration.

They also repair damaged hair and prevent further breakage.

Even though the Amika Shampoo is designed specifically for blond hair, it works fine for other color-treated hair.

Generally, both are good products, and Amika seems like a cheaper alternative to Pureology.

However, whichever you choose, you’re definitely getting the value for your money.

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