Chicco vs Johnson: Which one of them Is Best for You?

When it comes to Chicco vs Johnson, which one should you go for?

When someone mentions Chicco or Johnson, my first association is baby. Both of these brands are very popular and likable all over the world.

For me, I find both brands to be relatively old and very reputable. However, I still find it easier to choose between them because of the subtle differences which I’ll mention later in this article.

Before we look at more information on both brands, let’s compare their baby soaps.

Chicco Baby Moments Soap vs Johnson’s Baby Soap Bar

The Johnson Baby Soap is expensive than the Chicco Baby Soap. However, Johnson’s is easily accessible to users in the States. Johnson’s baby soap is can help protect your baby’s skin from dryness and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Chicco baby soap, on the other hand, can help cleanse and moisturize your baby’s skin. While Chicco baby’s soap is just gathering steam, Johnson baby soap has served hundreds of users, many of whom are happy with their purchase.

I had wanted to review the baby lotion from both brands, but I couldn’t find a good lotion from Chicco. If I’m to guess, then Johnson’s is going to have better accessibility compared to Chicco.

I’ll advise you to go for Johnson if you’re looking to buy a lotion for your baby. This is not because they’re cheaper. But because it should be easier to get them online or locally.

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Chicco vs Johnson: What You Should Know?

Let’s Talk About Johnson

Johnson’s product line consists of baby powder, shampoos, massage oils, wipes, shower gels, and lotions. On the other side, Chicco’s list of products is very long.

So I will mention only some of them: baby oil, diapers, wipers, sun milk spray, shampoos, massage oils, etc.

I remember since I was a kid that beautiful TV commercial for Johnson, and it just said: “Jonson’s pH 5.5.” That is actually the pH of normal healthy skin, but those days I didn’t know the meaning.

I just knew that I liked the commercial very much. I also remember that yellow Johnson’s baby shampoo, which my mother used for us children.

I think that they did a great job with that shampoo, because nowadays I use it for my three-year-old kid, and she really likes the color. And I have to say that is really effective, as it says: its pH is really 5.5. So, no kid complaining during the wash!

This shampoo is also known as “No more tears!”

Now, Let’s Talk About Chicco

Chicco, also a very known brand worldwide, came to my life a little bit later when I became a mother. Many of my friends who already had children, recommended me Chicco for my baby’s skincare.

As I didn’t know anything about babies, I listened to them. I have to say immediately that from all those products, I continued to use only diapers.

All of the rest didn`t fit my kid’s skin, which was very sensitive at the time, have to tell. Which product to use now, so my baby could feel safe and comfortable?

I started to think a little bit, and then I remembered-Johnson!

So, I turned back a little bit and realized that my mother made a very clever choice at the time. I started to use that famous yellow shampoo for my kid, and I took another Johnson’s product for skin wash, so everybody became happier.

Chicco vs Johnson Baby Soap

If you’re in the USA, I’ll advice you to go for Johnson baby soap because it’s more popular in American Chicco baby soap.

From my research, I discovered that Chicco baby soap is more popular in India. This means that getting Chicco may not be easy for users from the US.

However, Johnson should easily be accessible. Also, you can order for it online, on Amazon for example, so that’s a good plus for Johnson.

Chicco vs Johnson Baby Lotion

Again, I found that the baby lotion from Chicco is more popular outside the USA. This is probably because it’s an Italian brand and Johnson is an American brand.

While headquartered in the US, Johnson still has subsidiaries across 175 countries. As you can see, their products should be readily available both inside and outside the American soil.


I think that if we compare the cream, powder, oil, and other products from Johnson and Chicco, we’re going to come down to the same result. So, in terms of accessibility, I think Johnson has an upper hand than Chicco.

Another thing is that Johnson is more of a skincare brand than Chicco. When I first learned about Johnson, I knew it as a baby skincare brand while Chicco as a baby gear brand. See the difference?

Chicco vs Johnson: Verdict

As I tested both of these brands. I have to tell you next: for me, Johnson’s baby shampoo is the safest baby shampoo ever! On the other side, Chicco skincare products for my child didn’t give the results I’ve expected.

It had a lot of side effects, starting with red and scratchy kid’s skin, and all those irritations. Since now, I didn’t notice any side effects with Johnson.

So, if anybody asks me, I would always rather recommend Johnson than Chicco. The only thing you have to do is to test it on your child’s skin and see the results. You should always have in mind the sensitivity of the baby’s skin.

So, choose wisely!

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