Clinique vs Rodan and Fields: Which Brand is More Effective?

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Did you know that how much the average American woman spends on cosmetics? Don’t answer just yet, the answer might surprise you.

On average we spend quite the amount of money on makeup and various types of cosmetics. A study from Skin Store estimated the average American woman spends around $300,000 during her lifetime on makeup.

That’s approximately $4615.39 annually if a woman would spend that much in a year from the age of 16 to 80. Given the average life span of an American woman is 81.4.

In the united states alone, there are quite some popular brands in the market some of which are Estee Lauder, Loreal, Clinique, Schwarzkopf, LVMH, Wella, Garnier, New Avon, Ultra Beauty just to name a few.

In this article, we are going to go over one of the most popular brands, Clinique, and compare it to Rodan and Fields.

Clinique vs Rodan and Fields: Which Brand is More Effective?

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer

Clinique vs Rodan and Fields
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The Dramatically Different Lotion, on the other hand, is designed for combination oily, dry, or dry combination skin. It’s developed by a dermatologist and can be used as a facial moisturizer that then smoothens and softens the face.

One thing that might set it apart is that it easily absorbs into the skin. You don’t have to wait a lot of time before it absorbs into your skin.

Like many other moisturizers, the Clinique Moisturizer helps in retaining water in your tissues and keeping them moist.

Thanks to the Hyaluronic acid in it, the Clinique Lotion can reduce dry skin as well as eliminate fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

Also, the Dramatically Different Lotion contains cucumber fruit extract, which helps to retain and balance your skin’s moisture levels.

It can also improve the resiliency of the skin, thanks to the barley extract. Fortunately, it’s easy to use and doesn’t take a lot of time to apply, even if you’re using it twice a day.

Clinique Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream

Clinique vs Rodan and Fields
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The Clinique Repairwear Firming Cream is made right in London, UK. Although it may be expensive, it can give you a smooth, wrinkle-free face without annoying side effects.

If you have dry or very dry skin, then this cream is suitable for you. In fact, it’s designed for men and women’s use.

If you’re looking to improve your face elasticity and firmness, then this can help you. It can smooth out the fine lines on the face so you can look better.

You can use it as an oversight or independently. It also provides the well-known SPF 15 protection. Although it might not make you look younger, it can make your face flow and spotless.

Rodan + Fields Redefine Regimen

Clinique vs Rodan and Fields
Rodan + Fields Redefine Regimen

Like many of Rodan + Fields products, the Redefine Regimen is extremely popular. A surprising phenomenon is that it’s equally as expensive.

Compared to many other products I’ll be comparing below, you could be paying up to 200 dollars or more for 2 months of supply. I’m sure many people wouldn’t want to pay that since skincare doesn’t have to be that expensive.

The Redefine Regimen is designed to clear out fine lines, pores, and control blemish. This anti-aging product claims to return your skin to look smoother, firmer, and flawless.

The package includes a Pore Minimizing Toner (125ml), Triple Defense Treatment SPF 30 (30 ml) Daily Cleansing Mask (125ml), and an Overnight Restoration Cream (30ml).

If you’ve never heard about any of these products before, you may be wondering how you’d use them. Here is a primer for you:

Step 1: Cleanser

Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask – This is a kaolin clay-based mask that you apply on your dry skin and allow it to dry before rinsing it off.

It’s used at night and during the day. According to reviews, it doesn’t cause any negative reactions on the face. Instead, it brings a smooth feeling and shouldn’t lead to problems unless you have sensitive skin.

How to Apply

  • You can apply this in the morning and at night before going to bed.
  • Rub the cream on your face evenly and allow it to dry for two minutes.
  • Rinse your face thoroughly and dry with a towel or similar item.

Step 2: Toner

Pore Minimizing Toner – You can use this for tightening and minimizing the appearance of pores on your face. Not everyone will have the pore, so it might not be very useful. So if you don’t, you’ll just skip this step.

Step 3: Triple Defense Treatment (Day)

The TDT is used in the morning so it can absorb into the skin before you get anything else on your skin. Some noted that it’s light on the skin while also drawing moisture to the skin surface.

It also contains SPF (Sun Protection Factor), which serves as a sunscreen and protects the skin from UVB rays.

Overnight Restorative Treatment (Night)

The ORC, on the other hand, is meant to be used at night and much heavier than the Triple Defense Treatment.

It contains glycerin, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid which helps replenish the nutrients on the skin and minimize loss of moisture.

Final Words on Clinique vs Rodan and Fields

As you can see, if you’re looking for creams, serums, moisturizers, and other skincare products, you’ll find them with both brands.

They also have anti-aging products you can try, but that’ll be covered in another article.

I hope you are able to get one product from either of these brands for your facial conditions and skin care problems.

If you have a specific product in mind but don’t know if you should get it, you can ask in the comment. I can help you research the product and give you specific advice.

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