Does Aquaphor Clog Pores?

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Your skin appearance and health should be a priority. It could make or mar your physical appearance.

When you have glowing and radiant skin, your self-love will improve drastically.

When it comes to skincare products, the choice is endless and choosing one could be a bit of a chore.

However, Aquaphor has found its way to the top of the hierarchy, and it’s known among many consumers.

It’s a skin cream and ointment that works for many different purposes, including moisturizing, hydrating, and repairing skin.

It’s often recommended for cracked or dry skin, and it’s best used for eradicating dryness in lips, face, and fingers during winter.

The ointment repairs skin and eliminates sunburn, acne, or cuts.

Aquaphor products work wonders on the skin, irrespective of the type.

Positive reviews of the product are enough testament to its effectiveness.

Aquaphor is similar to Vaseline in texture. They are both thick.

So, people tend to question whether Aquaphor also clogs pores, which ultimately can cause acne.

  • Does it work for pores too?
  • Does Aquaphor clog pores?

Let’s dive deep, starting with the key ingredients and benefits.

Aquaphor Ingredients Review

Aquaphor Healing Ointment is reliable at protecting and healing dry or cracked skin because it contains petrolatum as its main ingredient.

Petrolatum, mostly known as petroleum jelly, combines mineral oils and waxes.

Aquaphor has about 41% mineral oil derived from petroleum jelly. It’s a prevalent ingredient in ointments and creams.

It helps retain water on the surface skin, thus increasing moisture. It’s safe and doesn’t have side effects.

However, if used in large quantities can clog pores.

Other ingredients used in Aquaphor include Lanolin Alcohol, Panthenol, Ceresin, Glycerin, and Bisabolol.

Glycerin is a humectant derived from natural and synthetic sources. It helps attract and keep moisture in the skin.

It’s also safe and effective without any side effects.

Ceresin is used as a thickening agent in Aquaphor ointment.

It’s derived from mineral wax from shale rocks or coal. Bisabolol is present to help soothe the skin.

Lanolin Alcohol gives the skin a soft feel.

It also conditions the skin but can result in itching, redness, or tingling, especially in sensitive skin.

Panthenol is rich in Vitamin B5, and it moisturizes and protects the skin.

Generally, all the ingredients are safe and non-toxic. They also do not irritate and are pretty effective.

Does Aquaphor Clog Pores?

From the ingredient review, it’s evident that Aquaphor is an emollient and non-comedogenic product.

It doesn’t contain any ingredients that can enhance breakout.

Therefore, Aquaphor doesn’t clog pores. It traps water to help retain moisture.

It allows the pores to breathe well, and it’s best suited for the winter period.

Can Aquaphor Cause Face Acne?

There’s no substantial research that proves that Aquaphor can cause acne.

Furthermore, based on the ingredients, there’s little to no chance it will clog pores.

However, Even though Aquaphor doesn’t contain any breakout-inducing ingredient, it can cause clogged pores and acne if not used correctly or adequately.

Some factors can influence whether you’ll get face acne from the product or not.

For instance, using the product can trigger a breakout if you’re prone to acne.

Generally, using the product on dry to normal skin will not cause acne.

However, a handful of breakouts have been recorded with naturally oily skin.

This is because using Aquaphor on this skin type can cause excessive moisture, hindering the pores from breathing well.

As such, dirt could be trapped on the skin, causing the breakout.

If you want to be on a safer consider, consider the few points below before using Aquaphor:

  • Always use it at the right time. Limit usage during hot weather when you sweat a lot. Winter is the best period because it fights dryness excellently.
  • Apply on the recommended skin types ( dry to normal skin types).
  • Always cleanse your face with a cleaner before using the product. The cleaner will clear any makeup, natural oils, or debris that clogs the pores
  • Less is always advisable. Do not overuse at any point

Finally, you can consult the label instruction to understand the product and the usage limit.

Can You Use Aquaphor As a Face Moisturizer?

Aquaphor usually moisturizes and hydrates the skin. However, you shouldn’t substitute Aquaphor for moisturizer.

It doesn’t work effectively the same way a lotion or cream will do because it doesn’t add water but retains moisture on the skin’s surface.

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