Garnier Olia vs Nutrisse: What to Choose?

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Hair color enthusiasts know that not all dye formulas are created equal. Amongst the array of options, Garnier’s two leading contenders – Olia and Nutrisse – stand out.

Both have amassed loyal followings, but which truly deserves a spot in your beauty arsenal? Let’s dissect their offerings and determine the ultimate hair color champion.

Introducing the Contenders

Garnier Olia

There are already hundreds, if not thousands, of products from Garnier. If you fancy this brand, you probably follow up on their footprints and get their latest products.

One of these is the Olia product line.  As usual, the brand’s products stand out in quality, and Olia is no different.

Olia, a groundbreaking formula, boasts being the first oil-powered hair color.

By replacing traditional water in their formula with oils, Garnier claims a more vibrant, long-lasting color. It promises an improved hair texture post-coloration without the typical ammonia stench.

Garnier Nutrisse

Nutrisse, on the other hand, combines nourishing ingredients like avocado, olive, and shea oils. It’s known for its rich color payoff, alongside an emphasis on keeping hair healthy and shiny.

Nutrisse is similar to Olia in that it offers 100% gray coverage while also helping to improve your hair’s strength (up to two times) and shine (up to three times).

The main difference between Nutrisse and Olia is that Nutrisse offers more color varieties with 44 color options… It also has less plant-based content with its use of avocado and shea oils, and Nutrisse offers a longer-lasting color than Olia.

That’s not all. Here are more distinctions between the two:

Ingredient Composition

Garnier Olia

Olia’s USP is its 60% oil blend, which includes natural flower oils. This composition aids in the colorant’s penetration into hair fibers, ensuring a saturated color from root to tip. Plus, it’s ammonia-free!

Garnier Nutrisse

Nutrisse takes pride in its 3-oil conditioner which is infused in its after-color care. The amalgamation of avocado, olive, and shea oils is crafted to nourish while coloring, keeping hair silky and minimizing damage.

Color Range

Garnier Olia

Olia offers a plethora of shades, spanning from blacks to vivid reds, and even pastels for the more adventurous. Due to its oil-based formula, it claims to provide maximum color performance and visibly improve hair quality.

Garnier Nutrisse

Nutrisse doesn’t skimp on options either. It boasts an extensive palette, including ultra-lightening shades. Thanks to its nourishing formula, colors appear radiant and reflective.

User Experience

Garnier Olia

The oil-infused formula of Olia promises a different experience altogether. Users often report a non-drip consistency and a lack of the harsh ammonia smell commonly associated with hair dyes.

The accompanying applicator bottle is ergonomically designed, making the application smoother. An added bonus? The conditioner provided post-coloration leaves hair feeling substantially soft and manageable.

Garnier Nutrisse

Nutrisse, keeping user experience in mind, offers a creamy formula that’s easy to work with.

The noticeable fruity fragrance, as opposed to the pungent chemical odors of many dyes, makes the coloring process pleasant.

The after-color conditioner, enriched with three oils, ensures hair remains nourished and retains its shine, making it a favorite for many.


Garnier Olia

Thanks to its revolutionary oil-based formula, Olia claims that the color holds longer and fades gracefully. The lack of ammonia also ensures less damage, which, in turn, can contribute to longer-lasting color.

Garnier Nutrisse

Nutrisse stands its ground in the longevity race. Its nourishing formula ensures that the hair shaft is in optimal condition, locking in color. Users often report a gradual fade, which results in a natural-looking transition between touch-ups.

Price Point

Both Olia and Nutrisse hover around a similar price point, making them affordable options for those seeking salon-quality results at home. Widely available, you can find them in most drugstores, supermarkets, and online platforms.


Choosing between Garnier Olia and Nutrisse boils down to personal preference. If an ammonia-free formula and an enhanced application experience are high on your priority list, Olia might just be your pick.

On the other hand, if you value nourishment and a pleasant fragrance during the coloring process, Nutrisse would be hard to beat.


Does Garnier Nutrisse have ammonia?

Yes, Garnier Nutrisse does contain ammonia.

Ammonia is often used in permanent hair dyes, including some formulations of Nutrisse, to open up the hair cuticle so that the dye can penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, leading to a more permanent color result.

If you’re seeking an ammonia-free hair color option from Garnier, you might want to consider Garnier Olia, which is formulated without ammonia and uses an oil delivery system instead.

Always be sure to check the product’s ingredient list or the manufacturer’s claims if you have specific concerns or sensitivities.

Does Garnier Nutrisse have ppd?

Garnier Nutrisse, like many permanent hair dyes, may contain the chemical PPD (p-Phenylenediamine) or its related compounds. PPD is commonly used in hair dyes to achieve darker shades.

Some people can be allergic or sensitive to PPD, leading to skin reactions.

If you have concerns about PPD or have experienced an allergic reaction, it’s crucial to read the ingredient list of any hair dye product carefully.

Additionally, always conduct a patch test, as directed by the product instructions, before applying any dye to your hair, especially if you are using the product for the first time or trying a new brand or shade.

Does Garnier Nutrisse have bleach?

Garnier Nutrisse contains ingredients that have a lightening effect on hair, especially in the shades intended for lightening hair or providing significant color changes.

These ingredients serve a similar purpose to bleach by lifting the natural pigment of the hair to allow the new color to deposit.

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